A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


11. Chapter 10

It took months to pass the rest of the land and reach the mountains, but finally they were here. The Mountains of the north could be seen at their best now. The miles high rocks were covered witt snow and ice on the top. And even here miles away the snowstorms could be seen. Avalanches could be seen and heard from here as they thundered down the mountainsides. Lower down on the mountains they were covered in green forest and fields. Clean water rushed down the sides forming crystal clear lakes. Wildlife would roam these forests and lakes, and would prove essential for the small villages around the roots of the mountains. These small villages still held what they needed to survive. An inn, a leatherworker, a carpenter and a butcher. Without the travelers going to cross these forces of nature, the villages would die out and Saijei would be impossible to get to and from. So would the rest of the north. James were the first to get over the last hill before they could truly see the mountains. But now James looked different, he were higher and wider. He were more muscular and his eyes looked filled with experience. Today would mark the day of his 16th birthday and that alone filled him with a pleasant thought. He could spend it with his friends. Next came Emily who had grown to a size near Charlotte. Her form had hardly changed but she looked more wolf like now than before. She had gotten small fangs and her nails were sharper than normal. Charles came next, he had hardly changed and he had a painful look on his face and were harder to get to. Last but not least came Charlotte; she had grown to be even more beautiful than ever before, she had gotten a nice hourglass shape and her eyes and hair complimented each other more than ever. She had almost outgrown her armor and when they reached Saijei, they would need to buy her some new armor. To no surprise the hair on them, all would soon need to be cut. James hair went over his eyes and he constantly complained. Charles were the same story, and Charlotte and Emily had simply stopped trying to make their hair look nice. As the whole group got over the hill, they watched the mountains in amazement.

“I think we are going to be sleeping good tonight,” James suddenly said. The rest just nodded. The group hadn’t eaten well nor slept because they ran into a food shortage. They had to get to the villages quickly so they gave it their all exhausting themselves in the progress. “Let’s get down there shall we,” Emily suddenly asked. Even before anybody answered, she started walking and the rest did the same. They knew why she asked and knew that if they stood still for much longer they wouldn’t be able to move for some time.

In the small village nearest them, they got a room in the inn. They would all have loved to celebrate James birthday however, they were all so tired that even though it was the middle of the day they slept until late the next day. Exhaustion had taken its toll.

The next day they walked around in the small village. “Sorry about yesterday,” Charlotte said with a sad look on her face. “Don’t worry about it,” James said and petted her head, something he had never done before. Her hair were soft and smooth and James felt slightly jealous of it, however when Charlotte looked up at him he just smiled and played it off. “We were even going to sing you a birthday song,” Charles interrupted them. James laughed silently “I’m sure you were. But hey it’s ok I’m not going to remember it as a bad thing. After all I were the one to say that we shouldn’t sleep,” he then responded. Emily looked as if she either needed more sleep or had slept badly that night and sleepily said, “And I’m going to point out that I proposed we got just some sleep.” Before yawning. James didn’t know whether or not to feel annoyed or just displeased by the comment. Truly Emily had suggested they “power napped” whatever that meant but James refused as he meant that they had only a short amount of time left to reach the city before they would run completely out of food. Neither James nor Emily wanted that to happen so eventually she gave up. Now James were sure to hear for it for long. “We’re here and that’s all that matters now,” Charlotte said pointed at Emily with a sharp voice. Emily looked as if burned for a second before shaking her head and following the rest.

The first stop in the city were the butcher. Already before they told him what they wanted he presented them with more than a bagful of jerky. “It’s 1 and a half gold,” he said before leaving the room. A few seconds later, the sound of a cleaver hitting fresh meat could be heard. James laid two golds on the table and left the store with the others. Next, up where the leatherworker, he asked what they wanted but already before James finished the leatherworker asked, “Are you going to cross the mountain?” James just nodded, “Wait a second then young lad,” the worker said and left the room, A few minutes later he walked in with a tent, some wool, a thick carpet, and sleeping bags for them all, and a set of hot clothes for each one. Since James, Charlotte and Emily already had warm clothes only Charles needed some. The price was only a mere three golds and James happily paid that price. Now all they needed was actually just to get going, but since they had just walked for some months they weren’t interested in going over the mountains just yet. The trip could take anything from days to months and could be potentially lethal. The dessert trip would be the longest in the land but it had saved them some time. “What do you guys say to that we stay here a few days. I want to be able to feel my legs again,” James said. The others were quick to agree.

While walking back to the inn they saw a somewhat familiar figure. “Is that the weapon merchant from Haelgri?” James asked Charlotte. She nodded. The man once again had this weird high hat on and sold weapons to whoever wanted them. “Charles how are you’re blades?” James asked. Charles inspected them for a second before revealing some rust on them. James took a quick look at Emily’s knives. They were still the same from back in Waterville but they wouldn’t be of much use in a battle anymore. James found a purse like bag and counted the coins. He only had around 100 coins and that were actually his own, Charlottes and Charles’ coins. “Both Charles and Emily need new weapons but I don’t have enough to pay for a decent set for each of you,” James said sad. Emily looked displeased but Charles took the purse and counted the coins himself, “James do you know the average knife price?” James shook his head and looked at Charles puzzled. Charles then walked over to the man and discussed weapons. When he got back, they still had around half the coins back. “How?” James asked. “It’s a cheap weapon,” Charles explained and gave Emily a set. Suddenly a tall black hat rolled in front of the group revealing why Charlie had it on. He were most likely embarrassed by his tall rabbit ears.

The next few days went with relative ease and the group mostly slept in their room, however one night James woke up with an uneasy feeling. When he looked out the window of the small inn, he couldn’t believe what he saw. For him he looked like a complete stranger. His hair had grown the length of his neck and were no more chestnut like in color but a more fox like red. His eyes had a flame in them he had never seen before and his teeth looked more like fangs. Slowly all colors seized to exist in him and only the red color of his eyes were visible. “James?” a voice asked. When James turned around scared, he saw that it was just Charlotte. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “It’s nothing, go back to sleep,” James said and petted her head once again. Both James and Charlotte got mildly embarrassed. “I like these small moments,” Charlotte said and looked at James with eyes shining like never before. “I do too,” he said. “I know I already said I would wait for you, but why wait James? You know I love you and I know you love me. Why should we suffer?” Charlotte then asked. James were surprised and didn’t know what to say. “I only want for you to have a future to look forward to. That’s all,” he then said. Even though she knew, James might wouldn’t like it Charlotte just had to do something drastic. The last few months she had felt a distance between her and James that could ruin their feelings. She had to do this otherwise, she knew he would have already lost the feelings they harbored for each other. She almost leapt forward and kissed James. James were taken with surprise but kissed her back the best he could. When they were done, kissing Charlotte looked at James with a face he would never forget, “I love you. I really do love you,” she said. James were silent for a few seconds before responding, “I wish I had more money. That way I could feel good about being together with you. That way I would be able to support you with my pure everything. I love you,” he said and kissed her again.


The journey up to the mountains had been peaceful. They could see the villagers work in their small fields and hear the children play. They saw beautiful butterflies and magic like creatures. The woods on the mountain where filled with deer and other animals and they could often here a hunter or two out there. Little did they know of the danger that laid ahead. The danger that many travelers had and would fall for.

The snow blew easy in the start. James had taken on his warm leather jacket and furred pants on. He had also taken a special pair of shoes on. Charlotte had taken her own fur jacket on and looked like a small noble. Emily looked like a child at the first day of snow. Charles looked like he felt guilty about something but would never admit it. James had a bad feeling about it. Could it be that Charles had something he hadn’t told them yet? Something that would make the fight with Akata harder or more difficult? Or perhaps was it just the guilt of having killed so many people. What would happen once they found Akata? Would Charles finally stand up to himself or just fall behind as he used to. The first day on the mountain went without trouble. Actually, nothing in particular happened and they all slept well in the night. However, the next morning they woke up to blinding snow. After a while, they could see somewhat again and began walking again. But at some point they had to stop. The only thing they saw were withe, even when looking up. It were first when they accidently bumped into each other that they realized that something was off. Emily were the first to get an idea and tried to make some sort of eye patch to make up for the fact that she constantly saw snow. It worked. Now that she didn’t see snow on one eye it slowly returned to normal and she could see with it again. She made the fabric thinner and realized that even this would help. She told the others to do the same and helped them making eye patches. Apparently looking at snow directly for hours can blind you and with nothing but snow to make up the landscape in the mountains travelers were bound to be blinded by it. No wonder people fell from cliffs.

They got on until night. However, just before they set up the tent they saw something horrifying. It looked like a giant dragon like creature with blue scales. It flew through the sky and a giant roar could be heard all over the mountains. Multiple avalanches could be heard from close by and far away and it felt like the roar shook the mountain. Before the ground stop moving the dragon like thing breathed fire showing that it was indeed dragon. The group knew better off than to just stay here and sleep. If a creature of myth laid here then it would surely be trouble. When the dragon disappeared from their point of view, the group quickly ran. A few minutes after they heard the dragon yell out again. However, this time James seemed to be hearing something that the others didn’t. The dragon sounded both sad and angry with somebody. Moreover, it almost sounded like a voice yelled, I’m doing my best wait, back at it. What was it with those weird feelings that couldn’t be real? Was James going insane? Or was he just unlucky or something else.

After having walked and running for most of the night the group almost collapsed. They had to set up the tent otherwise they would freeze to death but they were almost too tired to do even that. It didn’t take long for them to set it up and they slept until the sun were high in the sky again. James were scared by himself after the night. What did he hear that the others didn’t and what did he see back in the village? Something was off. Something that might kill James. James had been standing still in thought and Emily yelled back at him “James get a move on. We can’t have you dying.” James were taken out of his thoughts and walked back up to the rest. Charlotte looked at James with eyes filled with worry.

The rest of the trip were the hardest. The group encountered a snowstorm of much similarity to the sandstorms in the dessert and for the first time James doubted he had done the right thing when he said he would take Charlotte to Saijei. What if they all died here? A thought sounding nothing like his normal thought cut through to him “So what if you die out here. Don’t you have more things to think about? Akata is near and the girl will be in danger. Can you protect her on your own?” the thought asked. Of course, I can. Otherwise she would die. James said back with a sharp voice. The presence James had felt more pleased and returned to wherever it came from. “Let’s get a move on and get out of this storm!" James yelled to the others and began walking faster. A confused face revealed the thoughts of the others, but they followed him.

Second night in the snowstorm were the most horrifying in James life. In the night, the storm finally stopped and James walked out to watch the stars and relieve himself. Then out of a sudden, the snow began flying. Winds could be felt throughout the area and suddenly a creature could be seen. First, it was cloudy then it were clear. The dragon from a few nights ago landed right next to him. James wanted to run but his feet where like clued to the ground. His body wouldn’t react to anything. A deep thought like voice came from the dragon’s mouth. The voice were old and deep. Yet noble and strong. “You promised me something Prominence. Do you remember it?” the voice asked. James wanted to be quite and not say anything to provoke the beast however; his mouth opened and revealed a new voice. A voice sounding as a thought. Younger than the dragon yet just as noble and even more nimble. “Of course I remember Grain. I know you’ve yearned for a mate for millennia. However to break my curse I need to kill Akata. I’ve already asked you this but I will ask again. Will you assist?” the voice coming from James mouth had a weird s sound. It almost sounded like a snake. Then James realized something that would torment him forever. Inside him were a demon. This were not reality but not a dream. This was facts. “You’ve asked many times and many times I’ve told you my answer. It hasn’t changed. I will not help you.” The dragon said and flew away. “I do demand you something. After you’ve gotten you’re revenge leave me and my mate be. I will never see your face again Prominence.” The dragon said before flying into the distance.

James woke up sweating and breathing heavily. Instantly he felt the cold from the air around them. Accidently he woke up Charlotte who slept beside him. “James?” she mumbled. “Did I wake you?” he asked. Charlotte shook her head but it were clear that he had woken her up. “Charlotte if I ever were used to do evil thing would you still love me?” James asked. “Of course,” Charlotte said sleepily. James nodded a couple of time before petting her head. “Go back to sleep Char. It was just a nightmare.”  He said before going to lay down. “It’s been a long time since you called me that,” Charlotte said and fell asleep. “I know,” James said before sleeping a dreamless sleep.

The snowstorm had disappeared and a new layer of snow painted the surroundings with a glistering layer of crystals. They walked without any problems and quickly came to the mountains end. Under and above them were spruce wood and they couldn’t see the city. “We’re soon there,” James said looking at Charlotte. Her face lit up and James did too. This trip had taken around a year but it had been a good year. It surely had.

One last hill before the city could be seen. Not many meters left until finally their dream would be visualized. Not much time until Charlotte could see the mystical city. Not much time until they all could relax until they needed money again. And this time they would get the best out of it. James could almost see above the hill now and moved that bit faster. He stopped at the top and waited for the rest of the group to come up to him. Or that was what they thought. When they got up the hill what met them was not a city. It was a giant black shiny castle. The castle were made with such detail that even up here miles away they could see the fine details in the class like material used to make it. “What is that?” Emily asked. Charlotte and James watched in misbelieve at what they saw and Charles looked more shocked than they did all together. “Akata’s castle?” he asked in misbelieve. Emily, Charlotte and James looked over at Charles, “What?” they asked as if one voice. “It’s Akata’s castle. I thought it were located in the dessert but apparently not,” he said and were looking baffled at the class castle. It felt unreal for them to stand so close to the castle of their enemy. This day he would die. Or he would have claimed another four victims.

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