A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


2. Chapter 1

On the verge of the Firefox tribes land, there were a big town, connecting the trade with the other tribes and the Firefox tribe’s trade. In the city, there were a small inn. The inn were a peaceful little one. The logo of the inn was a sleeping fox, the name were Sleeping Foxes. Fitting name as a used name for the travelers were foxes. And this inn had an incredibly amount of travelers coming in every month. In a roof room, a young lad laid. He had yet to notice the time of day and thus were still asleep. His fox ears and tail twitched slightly as a fly landed on him. Little by little, the sun shone over more and more of his face before finally hitting his eyes. He squished his eyes for a second before slowly opening them. As he looked up on the roof with its wood boards running across the room he remembered his old home. And thought to himself, It’s amazing how it’s already 7 years since that accident. Mom, dad are you watching over me agin today? The boy slowly rouse to his feet. Yawned and went to go down stairs. Em would probably blabber about him sleeping too much agin, but he couldn’t care less. Today he had nothing to do anyways. The job in the city were done faster than he thought. As he passed the door, a big katana fell. Oh, yeah better get that with me. He thought, picking it up like a boy picking a stick half the length of his arm up. Swung it around a few times before shedding it in the shed from his right shoulder to his left thigh.

As he already had predicted Em, the innkeeper, yelled at him for sleeping too much. “You said you were done with your work yesterday, but you have no rights what so ever to order breakfast if you’re not gone eat till noon.” She yelled at him. “Would you just shut up, the sun aren’t even that high up yet, I’d say its max 9:30.” “AND THAT’S STILL TOO LATE!!!” Em yelled throwing him a piece of bread and strawberry jam. A smile formed on his lips. “You know what Em you’re rather cute when you do that,” he said in a joking matter. “And you know James that you’re a pain in the ass when you’re like this? “She smartly replied. This weren’t James first visit at Sleeping Foxes inn, and it wouldn’t be the last either.

No matter who you asked, travelers from all around the island enjoyed staying here. As long as you had some work to do in the city, Em would let you sleep free. However, that had it limits. To keep up with the still increasing number of travelers coming to stay at the inn, no one was allowed to stay for more than 3 days. No one complained. The beds were good, and so were the rooms. At the evenings, she even gave the first round on the house for every travelers liking. She were all around the island know as: The innkeeper with beautiful black curly hair, slightly red skin, and beautiful clear green eyes, moreover were the fact that she were also known for her cat ears and tail, making her look rather cute. Her selling point though was that she had a mild clairvoyance meaning she could see around 3 days into the future if she focused really hard. However, she weren’t precise and mostly saw people sitting in their group at the campfire at night. Nothing new nor surprising. If it weren’t because that the first time she ever had anything different were with James. He travelled alone and had done since what he called, the accident. No one knew where he were from, but all knew he weren’t a demon. His s’ weren’t snaky enough. However he were well liked with the other travelers because of his young age. A boy age 15 shouldn’t be traveling around slaying monsters for cash, but he didn’t mind. He never minded when things got hard, no matter what they might be. He was just that kind of person.

The first couple of years he had been traveling with a party of travelers, but their camp had been ambushed by monsters in the night, only he survived. Not by wielding his short sword, but by taking the nearest dead body’s katana. With a few slashes he had killed the first monster. From then on, it had been monster killing every day. “A good and profitable job for a young man” as most travelers said. Never did anybody mention his young age nor anything else, they just kept pushing him to get better. And some even tried to pursue him into joining their party. But he weren’t interested in that sort of thing. For all he knew it was troublesome being the youngest in a party, and didn’t want to face the hardships agin. Which were pretty reasonable.

Yet Em tried to get him to do something else with his life. Being a traveler were more than dangerous it was deadly. Monster nests were all over the place, and even though he were strong facing a thousand monsters whilst being sleepy were something he should never consider, nor think off. However, James refused and said “If I were to die before the day I avenge the people I love I’m a failure and don’t deserve peace. Let me do this or drop it” and thus she had to stop.

However strawberry jam weren’t cheap and James knew that. So for her to throw some to him at was like saying Here you deserve this. “Hey Em, is this for keeping your do I have to give it back?” James asked, the look on Ems face said it all. This weren’t for keeping, and if he stole it he should be happy to be allowed here agin. Putting his hand up as an excuse James began making the bread, before leaving the inn. “Hey Em,” he said and waved, “Till next time, and see if you can keep that roof room clear at that time, ok?” Em waved “No promises.” She coldly responded. James happily shook his head. Figured that much, he thought before leaving the inn, and thus settling for his next journey.


As James walked this dirt road, as he had so often done, he thought about where to go now. A few cities popped to mind, but none was worth it for now. All he wanted were to relax for a while, so why not just walk the road until he found something interesting. The plan were set, now it were just going. Being a traveler were just as easy as this. Walking all day thinking about what to do next, doing what you wanted until the day you got tired of it and would settle down somewhere. For James that day would be long out in the future. And for now this human contact 24/7 were a bit boring. And the dirt road lead to places he haven’t yet so far been seeing too much. Perhaps he might even get caught in something interesting. Yeah this is how to live James thought, no difficulties others than what you get yourself into.


It’s a beautiful night. The music of the locusts and the chipping of the last birds were a nice theme setter. As James saw at the landscape, he got more and more captured. It was beautiful and reminded him of home. What home? Akata destroyed it years ago. James sadly thought. A few months ago James had heard of a sorcerer known as Akata. Akata had apparently worked with his father at some point, and never forgave him for selling him out to the authorities. It was no hard guess to who would burn down James home. It was Akata. At first James had almost ran off to kill Akata singlehandedly, but in last second remembered that he was no match for a sorcerer who had been around for a longer time than he had. Still James burned with hatred.


“Can anybody help me? “a frail voice suddenly asked near James. As James turned around to see a figured half hidden figure behind a tree. “Of course. What’s the problem?” he asked. “I’m kind of… lost and need a place to… to… sleep for tomorrow” a girl slowly appeared from behind the tree. She were around James age. As she stepped into the light he could see she had red hair which looked really good on her. Her clear green eyes were like small emeralds put into human hands to control. For a second James sat awkwardly silent and just stared. Suddenly he remembered his manners and spoke again. “Sure come sit over near the fire” The girl awkwardly walked slowly to the fire. “Got anything to eat?” James asked. The girl just shook her head. “Do you mind jerky?” James asked her. She firstly looked at him with confusion but quickly shook her head. James found a piece of jerky in a bag attached to his shed and tossed it over to her. She quickly began eating. James weren’t quite sure whether or not to trust her. Some monsters did similar things to distract a lone traveler so they could ambush him or her. “Say it’s not recently you got lost is it?” James asked. She just shook her head again. “Hey you have to say something otherwise I wont believe you actually got lost, but instead think you are usage by monsters” James said rather directly. The girl looked shocked for a second before speaking. “I’m… very… shy” she said where after she looked like she had been stepped on. “I’m… not that go-… good with people.” She said shortly after, trying to hide herself between her shoulders. “That’s all?” all James asked. “I thought perhaps you were bait but even monsters aren’t dumb enough to try to lure travelers out with one so shy girl” As James turned to face the girl he didn’t know exactly how to react. At some degree it looked like she felt hurt by what he said, on another it looked like she were glad that it all worked out.

“You want something to drink?” James asked the girl. “Yes… please” she said still looking like she didn’t know what to do with herself. James drank a bit of the light wine and threw the rest to her. “Drink up if you want” James said and kept staring at the scenery before him. Around the place, more campfires had been made and it almost looked like a swarm of giant fireflies had landed on the fields. As James thought this, he broke into laughter. The girl was surprised, but asked, “What are you laughing at” “Just thought that it almost looked like giant fireflies had landed on the field, since there are so many campfires out” the girl, giggled. “You’re a weird one huh?” and sat down next to James. “That’s what most say. Feeling any less shy or something?” he asked because even though she was pretty she was sitting right next to him. Practically touching his hand. The girl looked at him for a second with blurred eyes. Then shook the flask as to signal something. “You don’t hold your liquor well do you?” he asked. She didn’t even have to answer what she did next answered it all. Before James got to do anything she collapsed unto his shoulder. Small snoring noises came from the weird girl. Well it was as he said. He would get into something interesting.


The girl were still there the next morning, but she looked like she weren’t feeling well. “Do you have any place to go?” James asked. The girl nodded. “Where?” As the girl spoke she sounded like her throat was dry “Yolland city, Sleeping Foxes” “You need help” James said not as a question but as an order. “Well I have nothing better to do at the moment, so I will escort you.” The girl looked shocked but quickly seem to realize that was probably for the best. “Think you can stand?” he asked the girl. She nodded. She slowly rouse to her feet. If this was how the day was gonna go he wouldn’t look forward to it.

Back in Yolland and in the Sleeping Foxes people stared at James like if thinking, “What is he doing here? He already knows that he needs to wait at least a month before coming agin” but as soon as James pulled the girl into the inn Ems facial expression changed. “What did you do to Charlotte!?!?!?” she asked angry. James quickly raised his hands “Nothing, the only thing I did was to help the poor girl. She came in the evening and asked if she could sleep in my camp because she was lost” Em stared suspiciously at James “And for what price I may ask?” “Only a coward takes a price for helping another person in need in the evening or night. Needless to say only a demon would with a girl” The just made Em look so much more suspiciously at James. Charlotte ended their discussion with a frail “It’s OK Em he didn’t do anything. I just drank a little” Never had anybody seen Em with that expression and never agin should any. “Charlotte you big idiot you know you don’t hold your liquor very well. What we call a little is like a flask of the strongest liquor in my shop is to a child.” “She drank a whole flask of thinned wine though,” James said. This just made Em look so much funnier. ”You did what? Ok that’s it boys clear the room. Anybody not going are either going to lose their room, not going to get a room here for a year or both. UNDERSTOOD?!” Em more or less shouted. Everyone knew that Em meant it and quickly cleared the room.

James might as well stay in the city now that he were here anyways. And since this Charlotte knew Em on that level he would like to know a bit more about her. Em were friendly but not THAT friendly. What were their relationship? James were for a long time wondering this until Em got back out and announced that the inn were open agin. Every traveler in the area rushed back in the inn. James found himself a place to sit. With no place left to sit as she were the last Charlotte sat next to James. “Can I ask something? “ James asked her. She nodded. “What’s your relationship with Em? I mean she’s a nice person and all that but normally she aren’t like that, so I was wandering what your relationship is.” Charlotte took a little time to gather some courage before finally speaking, “She’s my best friend” such a short and honest sentence but to everyone who could hear it, it was like having the truth of the world thrown in your face. Em was friend with all travelers but best friends weren’t a thing neither she nor travelers did in, if they were moving around a lot. “Excuse me what?” James just replied. “Your best friend, but she hardly has near friends between us travelers,” he said. Charlotte looked at him with her crystal clear eyes “Ever since we were small we’ve been best friends. So I think that’s why” she replied a bit less shy than normal. Was she opening up to James? In the next Charlotte doze of showing, she was drunk again. That’s one special girl, James thought. “Em, Charlotte went down again” James called out. Em just gave a shrug like That’s so typical of her. Well either way Em carried Charlotte up to her room.

When she came back down James couldn’t resist saying “She’s one special girl to be your best friend and like that.” Em sighed and shook her head. “You’re right, but that’s why she’s my best friend though. I’ve always like that side of her and probably always will” Em responded. “Just wish she would join a party or something. I’m quite worried about her you know” Em said. Then her face lit she had just gotten the best idea ever. “Why don’t you make a party with her?” James face spelled one word: Shock. “Huh? Em listen you know I’m not much for parties. And if she’s not going to talk more I might as well get a pet instead” James responded. But there were no escaping it. Em already had the idea and whether or not James liked it he would have to go through with it if he were to ever sleep at Sleeping Foxes agin. But he weren’t unhappy thought, rather he was surprisingly pleased.


James had only once slept in the party rooms at Sleeping Foxes and had honestly forgotten how the place looked. But even though it was clear this exact room had been empty for some time Em had made it quite nice looking. “I need to thank her for this it’s amazing,” James said to himself quietly whilst looking around. The beds were nicely done and there weren’t even cobwebs in the ceiling. But the feeling of home that James so strongly felt from the roof room weren’t here. Still it was an amazing room. A few minutes later Em came in with Charlotte. Charlotte still being slightly drunk weren’t quite sure what was going on. “Em you sure on this? If she wakes up all of sudden and wakes up the whole city I’m not going to take responsibility for it.” “I know you aren’t and I’ve already tried to tell her what’s going on 10 times, I’m giving up ok.” James just grinned, “That’s so you Em. That’s so you.” A confused Em walked out of the room, leaving Charlotte in James care. Is this really ok? James thought. Is it all right for me to sleep alone in the same room as a girl? This would be his first time and thus he wouldn’t want to mess up, especially after Em had just made them form a party. And really for every Traveler going against Em ideas were a bad choice. So far, James had only been able because he had support, but now that another solo traveler were available, and it was a girl, the other travelers were on Em side. If James were to refuse, he would have more than one person to worry about. But it weren’t as if he didn’t like Charlotte which where the problem. James weren’t sure but he thought he might more than like Charlotte. Even though she was such a weird girl he didn’t want to part with her and he wanted to support her. He loved the way her eyes shined as Emeralds and her red hair were just amazing. It felt like a flame far suppressing a hatred towards someone.

After a long amount of time Charlotte said something. “Wha-wha-what’s your name?” She said ever so shyly. James guessed that she weren’t drunk anymore. And the fact that she turned her head to avoid looking him in the eyes made it so much more clear. “My names Jason Marcusson” “I-I-I’m Charlotte Quortete” She replied. Well it’s not much but it’s a start James thought. At least now we are officially presented to each other. “So anything you want to talk about?” James asked. “No” she just said.

It’s weird how sleeping in the same room with a person makes the room so much smaller. It’s sort of like splitting a thing in two, but the pieces looks like 3rd parts of it and not halves. How a centimeter looks so much smaller than two do. Or how a day seem so much longer than a night. But yeah. The size of a room shrinks a lot. Still James couldn’t fall asleep. It was like as if something was holding him back from it. “Are you still awake?” Charlotte said from the other side of the room. “Yeah” James responded. “You seem like a nice guy” she said. “Thanks… I guess” James responded. “I’m looking forward to traveling with you” she said and turned around so she was facing him. He did the same “Straight over” James replied. For a second James could have sworn she was smiling. “Want to talk some more if I have the courage tomorrow?” she asked. “Yeah” James replied. And with those simple words a heavy atmosphere lifted from the room allowing the sounds of the nearby nature into the room. It almost felt like magic how those few words changed so much. Charlotte quickly fell asleep, but James still couldn’t sleep. A few hours passed and James almost fell asleep. Until he saw over at Charlotte agin. The Silver moonlight hit her face revealing every detail of her face. Her cute little nose, her soft breathing, and her hair looked like silvered flames dancing through the night. It was almost like out of a fairy tale. James were astonished to know he felt a feeling he had never felt before. A feeling with only one possible name. Love. And with that thought James fell asleep dreaming of him and Charlotte and how they would travel together forever.

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