A travelers story

The story is about the the 15 year old James and the friends he meets on his journeys. James carries a big burden and a big hate, which eventually will lead him and his friends to a battle whit the strongest of demons.


9. Chaper 8

James were lost in thought and tactic. What to do? What to do? He kept thinking. The monster kept attacking him and he kept evading. A stupid idea formed in James idea. A stupid one but still one that might save his life. James stood still once again. The monster attacked him like he had predicted. However, instead of stepping back and run away James spun around and cut a deep wound into the side of the monsters wrist. Or well not that deep because there didn’t even come blood out of the wound. It’s a beginning, James thought. He did this a number of times before the monster stopped attacking him that way. Now it swept the area instead and James had even harder avoiding the sharp claws of the beast. What James needed now weren’t his own strength but instead the strength of being in a party. James slipped on a slippery rock and almost fell. The stone in his pocket hit annoyingly hard on his leg. James had yet so far not put the stone into the sword despite the fact that it fitted perfectly. However now he needed to avoid damaging himself. He didn’t want to throw the stone away so while he ran he put the stone into a hole where it fitted. The blade instantly went from a blueish color to a more purple color. The weapon vibrated slightly in James hand before the blade began shining so powerfully that even the monster king had to cover it’s eyes. When the light stopped, the weapon felt stronger in James hands. He didn’t get time to think over it though as the monster attacked him yet again. Out of time to evade James did what he would have done if the monsters claws were a weapon instead, he defended. A clean sound like a note from a harp was heard. Then a sound of something hard-hitting stone was heard. James who had closed his eyes opened them again to see that right next to the where he stood laid the claws of the monster king. In anger, the monster king tried hitting James again. James evaded and once again hit the monster over the wrist. This time however the sword went multiple centimeters into the flesh and all the way through. James didn’t know what were going on. How were the tachi suddenly this sharp? The monster screamed once again but this time James took the chance and ran towards the heels of the beast. He cut right over the heels like had it been the pure air he swung through. The monster screamed even louder now and lost balance. It fell over and James wasted no second cutting the throat. Every monster laid down upon seeing their strongest fall that “easily”. James had collapsed if it weren’t because of he had the tachi to hold onto. With heavy breathing James heard the voice of hundreds of throats cut at the same time a few times. He then collapsed onto the floor unconscious.

“What happened with your tachi?” Charlotte and Emily asked in the evening when James felt better and had been through the thanking from everybody who saw him, the praise from multiple travelers and the general and pretty much everything else that belonged to a honoring. “I don’t know,” James, said, “I just put in the stone and suddenly it got a lot stronger. I could feel the power pulsate through it after the light disappeared.” James said. Right after they had gone back to their room James had tried multiple times to pull the stone out of the hole in the guard but it didn’t work. The stone might as well have been painted on as a detail unto the guard as it were a separate piece. They kept chatting about the tachi until they went to bed. James felt as if he had forgotten something but weren’t sure on what before he suddenly felt Charlottes hand touching his own. Oh yeah I were going to tell her how I feel about her if I survived, James thought. “James you said you had something to tell me if you survived,” Charlotte said. James turned his head so he watched her. Once again, the beauty in front of him shook his heart. Again, the moonlight fell on her face making her every detail look so much clearer than usual. Even if he had tried to lie to Charlotte, he couldn’t after seeing her sitting next to his bed with the moonlight falling upon her face. “Charlotte I wanted to tell you how I feel for you,” James started. Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat, “And I wanted to tell you that I love you. But if you don’t feel the same way about me please don’t let this get in-between the friendship we have.” James said. He then sat up in the bed and continued, “If you don’t want to be with me anymore after I’ve told you this then I would get so sad. I don’t love you because of how you look but more because of how you are as a person.” James said. He got no further as Charlotte jumped into his bed and hugged him tightly. “I love you too,” she said happily. When James saw her face, he saw a smile he wished he could make her do every day. The two of them made a quick smile and then they kissed shortly.

James were in a completely new level of happiness the next day. He had no way to try to make a description of words to this level of happiness. Charlotte had accepted his love and he had accepted hers. That made them a couple more or less. This thought however made a setback to James happiness after all what could he possibly offer Charlotte but love? James had his voice and his strength but knew that both meant nothing if he couldn’t use them. Charlotte deserved someone who could give her a home and take care of her. James knew just as well as any other traveler that the need to travel and the want for it would disappear someday. If James couldn’t give Charlotte anything by them what should he do? They couldn’t travel forever and even though James didn’t want to think it, Charlotte might find someone who could take better care of her by that time. It were still early in the morning. Charlotte had slept in James bed. They had only talked all night getting to know each other better. “Char, do you think you could love me even if we had nothing?” James asked. Charlotte just hugged him and spoke with soft words “Of course. I came from having nothing to meet you. Now I feel like I have everything I need,” and hugged him. Emily were asleep and didn’t hear a thing. “Perhaps we should wait with getting together,” James said. Charlotte gave him a shocked look. “Why?” she then asked, “Because I want to be able to give you something to look forward to the day we stop traveling,” James answered. James then did something he himself knew were dumb but he felt like he had to do it. “Charlotte let’s kill Akata. Until then let’s not get together. I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to be hurt by you, but I also want to give you something even if it’s just a small cabin with some fields around it,” James said heartbroken. Charlotte were shocked by what James had said. He would put both his and her happiness aside for a while until they had killed Akata. Then he might leave her because he didn’t feel like he had anything to offer her. “You’re all I need,” she said. James kissed her forehead, “And you’re all I ever need to be happy. However, even if it’s a life in hard work I would like to give you another life than being a traveler till the day we die. I want to give you a future to look forward to,” he said and hugged her tight. “Let’s wait till then ok? I don’t want to see you being old and still traveling because I can’t get the money to buy a small house,” James said almost crying. Charlotte almost cried when she answered him “I’ll wait for as long as I need. Just we get each other,” sitting there in each other’s arms, they cried their tears of sad love. “I’ll wait forever if I have to,” Charlotte said once more.


Emily were in a good mood that day. They left the city early in the morning, as they feared that the citizens might attack James again. Before they left entirely they paid the general a visit. They got their payment, but since they hadn’t found another stone James got the appointed amount of gold coins. Emily hadn’t heard that James and Charlotte had agreed on not getting together before they had killed Akata and/or James had a future to give Charlotte. However, she could clearly sense that the air between them were tense. “What’s the matter?” she asked around noon, when she finally got enough of the tense feeling in the air. When neither James nor Charlotte answered Emily completely forgot that she had to keep silent about having hear their conversation the night before. “I thought you two got together last night,” she said in a shocked voice. She then covered her mouth as if trying to take what she had just said back. But it were too late both James and Charlotte had heard it. “You were eavesdropping on us?” Charlotte asked. Having sold herself out Emily nodded. James understood why she were so confused “We won’t get together before we have defeated Akata and I either can give her a better future than I ever could now or we will wait till I surely can give her a better future.” James said. Emily were shocked with surprise. “But you two love each other so much. Why wait?” she asked, “Because I don’t want to see Charlotte getting old together with me if I can’t give her anything. I don’t want us to grow old and freeze because I can’t afford a home when I’m young and have Charlotte by my side. She deserves better,” James said. Still baffled Emily dropped the subject.

The next day led nothing new to it. Well nothing new except the feeling of being watched. And this feeling continued for more than one day. On the third day it weren’t just a feeling anymore. Now it were clear that they were being followed. They could hear someone walking on the tree branches above them. They could sense the presence of another person following them from morning to night and even after they had started their campfire. The presence grew stronger and stronger all night long and neither of them slept a wink all night. This feeling eventually ended up getting James so much on the nerves that he leapt up and cut the surrounding treetops. He almost killed a squirrel but otherwise found nothing. Had James had Emily’s fine sense of smelling and her vision he would have noticed the dark figure sitting near the trunk a few centimeters from his blade. At midday the trio had reached a clearing in the forest and James were slightly going crazy with this annoying feeling stalking them. Then they heard it. The sound of someone jumping down to the ground. It were silent but they all knew from where it was. However, before they got close the exact same noise came from a tree near. And with shorter and shorter intervals the sound of someone jumping from branch to branch for in the end jumping to the ground could be heard. How many were there? Was it bandits? Then James noticed something. It were always trees in front of them that someone jumped down from. The sound could be very fast or very slow and something always sounded wrong when they heard it the first time. Suddenly James realized what where going on drew his sword and in the same motion aimed his blade at the person behind them. The blade were right at the throat and one wrong move would mean death. The sounds stopped the second James did this motion. A nice looking 25-year-old man stood with a stone in his hand. He were about to throw it when James had turned his blade on him. He then stepped half a step back and said, “I’m surprised you found out my little trick. Normally people falls for it,” it were quite clear that the only reason he praised them were to have another chance to survive. James took a half step forward showing the man that he would kill if he had too. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Charles Gregson and I were about to steal most of your luggage but I guess that’s out of the question now.” The man said. “Before you kill me could you at least tell me your name?” Charles said. James had no reason to not tell Charles his name “My name is James Marcusson these are my companions Charlotte and Emily. Tell me why did you think it were a good idea to attack a group of three when the two of us need reflexes and strength to use our weapons?” James asked. The man noticed he had a way to save face and life so he answered a little too arrogantly “Because I’m the best thief in the land,” which led to him having a single droplet of blood down his throat.

James weren’t at all afraid of going too far with Charles. Charles had admitted he wanted to steal from them and he did so because he were “the best thief in the land”, well perhaps the world would be a better place without an arrogant bastard like that. James thought and just as he were about to press his blade further into Charles’s throat, Charles yelled up “Is that a powerstone!?” he asked eagerly. “I’ve been looking for another of those,” the man said. James, Charlotte and Emily were baffled “Is what a what?” James asked. Charles looked like he had heard a bad joke “Don’t tell me that you don’t know what power you have in your weapon guard,” he said with a sad voice. James were honest and nodded. “That stone in you guard is called a powerstone. It possesses great power and can multiply the strength of weapons and the keeper of those weapons. Only three time in known history people have awakened the strength of these stones and now it’s been four.” Charles said thrilled, he then began going through his pockets until he took out a small stone of similar size to the one in James tachi. But instead of being red and shining with a flame inside, this one were green like an emerald and shone like the sun through a treetop. However, the stone weren’t any less beautiful because of that. The stone called out to James. “What’s up with that grey stone?” Emily asked. Charles then threw the stone to James who caught it with his free hand. A few seconds later, a bright light filled the air around them blinding all four of them. When they could finally see, again the stone shone even brighter than the ruby like one in James tachi. Charles almost jumped in joy, but were stopped by the tachi near his throat. James had a feeling of great power in his hand and put the stone into the hole in the guard, next to the ruby like powerstone. The tachi began shining even more powerful than the stone had done when James had touched it and when they could finally see again the blades purplish color had changed into a shifting green and red, the colors bore a faint look of the bluish metal of the blade itself. James lowered the blade and could feel the power run through the tachi. Charles almost couldn’t control himself. He jumped high into the air with joy. “I’ve dreamt of watching this moment for my whole life. I can now die without regret” he said and laid down with a happy look on his face. “I can help you with that,” James said and even though he wanted to stop right before Charles’ face he had to force the blade to the left. The blade cut through the air like it were nothing, felt so light that James had trouble even feeling the weight of the tachi in his hand. “Instead of trying the power out on me try a tree instead,” Charles said scared. James took up on the offer and tried cutting into a tree. The blade cut through so easily James thought that he hadn’t hit it. Firstly, when the tree began sliding to one side before tilting over James knew he had hit the tree. But it couldn’t be true. James had cut right through it like a hot knife through butter. Charles couldn’t contain his joy anymore and hugged James. “You are a man to follow and remember,” he said “and you need to do something good for the world with this power otherwise no one could do anything against you,” Charles added. James had always been righteous. He knew that with this power he could give Charlotte a future worthy of a queen. But he couldn’t get himself to use the power that way. “So what are you going to do with the powerstones?” Charles asked. “I’m gonna use this power to kill Akata,” James said with a fire burning through his eyes. He had the power right here in his blade. He could finally get revenge for his parents after all these years.

James hadn’t forgotten what Charles were about to do to him and his friends, but he also wanted to know more about the powerstones, and Charles knew more about them than James could ever imagine learning on his own. With a sad heart he knew he had to ask Charles to come with them so Charles could learn James about the powerstones. “Charles would you mind traveling with us and teach me about the powerstones?” James asked. Charles looked at the first time in all this. He then whispered something into James ear and James gave him with a weird look.

“WHY DO I HAVE TO ASK HIM?!” Emily yelled rather annoyed. She didn’t like Charles and his arrogance and neither could James nor Charlotte. “Because we need knowledge on the powerstones and I can only read simple words. Even if there are books about the powerstones I’m in no position to tell whether or not I can read them,” James answered. Charlotte added “And if we know more about them perhaps we could kill Akata soon.” She had completely forgotten the promise with James when she said that and had forgotten how much pressure that would put James in. For the first time James weren’t sure whether or not he really wanted to kill Akata. After all, when he did he had to take care of Charlotte and he needed to give her a future to look forward to. “And he demanded I asked him for what reason?” Emily asked with a frown face. She clearly didn’t like the idea of talking to Charles in private as he had said she needed to if he were to come with. “Beats me,” James answered. Emily sighed, “Fine, I’ll do it” she said with her ears low. She then walked over to where Charles would be standing.

Emily had a lot of thoughts running through her head. She had seen that arrogant fool once before when she lived in the forest. He hadn’t seen her but she saw how mean and disgusting he were. He killed animals just to eat their meat but didn’t care about their bones, heads or intestines. He could hardly kill an animal himself and the only thing he were good at were killing people with those scary knives he had. A day he found her shelter and took everything in it. Emily had hated the man ever since. One of the things he had taken were a stone Emily had around her neck when she were small. The stone itself weren’t worth anything to her, but it meant so much she cried when she noticed it were gone. After five minutes’ walk, she came to where Charles stood. “So what brings the honors?” Charles asked with a stupid smile and soft voice. Emily breathed in “Would you like to travel with James, Charlotte and I?” she asked being as formal as she could. Charles smiled “If you ask nicely I might,” he said with an arrogant smile on his lips. “I’ve asked you as formal as I possibly can, I won’t repeat myself for the likes of you,” she said. Charles’s smile got wider and bigger “Then what about a kiss instead?” “I’M SO MOST DEFINETLY NOT GONNA KISS YOU!!!” Emily yelled at him. “Just a small kiss?” Charles asked. SMACK. Emily had slapped Charles so hard that it could be heard all the way back to James and Charlotte like it happened right next to them. Charles said one last sentence before falling unconscious “Ok I’ll travel with you.”

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