Will you still love me, after everything?

sequel to Will you still love me?
Amber is Niall Horans sister and Calum hoods fiancé.
As she becomes more known to the public there are a few bumps in the road.
With the stresses of life, her music, her fans, and her family, she has to find her way around everything.


3. On my way

The rest of the camping trip was pretty un-entertaining, but a good few days of relaxation and isolation from the rest of the world. We didn't do much, so I decided just to write some lyrics. Niall had brought his guitar, so I would borrow it and just write.

Today was exhausting, everyone was rushing around packing up the site, just to try and get home faster. We had just left the site and we were on our way home. I was in Nialls car and the other boys were in the other car.The ride home was quite, with little talking, and just music filling the space. While Niall was driving I was messaging Cal now that I actually had reception.

C- cant wait to see you ;)

A-me neither, tomorrow ok xoxo

C- I'm so excited xxx

A- me too

C- see you in a few hours baby xoxo

A- xxxooo

My flight is leaves at about 10:30am, so I have to pack and get ready today, for tomorrow.


When we get home I take my bag full of dirty clothes and take them inside and put them in the washing machine.

"no hello?" mum asks arm wide and a grin on her face. I smile and give her a hug, I try to pull away but she doesn't let go. "you only just got home and your going to be leaving again" she whines before letting me go.

"I'm sorry mu-" I begin before she cuts me off.

"its fine, I know you, and I know you cant leave him for long." she smiles. "young love" she smiles before walking away humming some random song.

I smile at the thought of seeing him. I cant wait.

I rush upstairs and begin packing.


"bye mum" I wrap my arms around her, and she does the same. "I'm going to miss you guys" I look up a smile at Niall. He smiles and wraps his arms around both of us.

We were at the airport waiting at the gate. I wanted to leave, but I didn't at the same time.

She wipes a tear from her eye "just be safe please"

"i will don't wor-"

"use protection" she interrupts me.

I choke on my spit. "what?"

"be safe"

"oh my god mum" I whine in embarrassment.

"what?" she laughs innocently. "i'm just saying, your engaged now, and a grown wom-" I cut her off

"oh my gawd, just stop" I give them both a hug goodbye. "I'm gonna go now"

"Love you" she kisses my cheek and I walk threw the gate and onto the plane.

This is going to be a long flight. I sigh. 

I sit down in the seat next to the window and focus on the runway. I'm about to take off.


Calum's pov:

She'll be here in a few hours I cant wait. The boys and I have been cleaning up the place just for her, it took us a while but eventually we did an ok job.

"When she going to be here?" luke asks as he and mikey play the PS4.

"a few hours" I reply and he nods slowly. 

I sit there watching them, my leg bouncing up and down nervously.

"dude, calm down" Ashton laughs and shakes his head.

"I'm trying" I nervously laugh holding my leg down so it doesn't bounce.

"well try harder" Michael says seriously "your putting me off"

I roll my eyes "shut up, everything 'puts you off'" i laugh and stand up, walking to our small in house 'gym'. I was already in shorts so I just took my shirt off and began a workout. I needed to get rid of the nervous energy.


When I was done I went up to my room and took a shower in the bathroom that's attached.

I was extremely sweaty due to the killer workout I competed. It took me 2 and a half hours to feel so sore I couldn't go on.

When I got out of the long shower I took, I put on some grey trackies and went downstairs. 

"Cal you hungry?!" I hear Luke yell from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and saw the boys eating some pizza. i quickly sat down with them and began eating too.

"what's the time?" I ask anyone, after finishing my third slice.

"6:30" Ash replies checking his phone.

Oh my god, she's gonna be here soon. I quickly pull out my phone and see that I had two messages.


The plane has landed, just waiting for them to let us leave xoxo


Fiance- cant wait to see you, the driver said its not too long now xoxo

I cant believe I didn't turn my phone off silent after I finished working out. The last message was sent 18 minutes ago, she should be here any second.

I jump up and race to the door, peaking out the glass waiting for her arrival. The boys laughing at my eagerness.













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