Will you still love me, after everything?

sequel to Will you still love me?
Amber is Niall Horans sister and Calum hoods fiancé.
As she becomes more known to the public there are a few bumps in the road.
With the stresses of life, her music, her fans, and her family, she has to find her way around everything.


4. First day

**Calums pov****

I saw the black jeep that went to pick Amber up slowly drive into the driveway.

At this moment my heart was beating out of my chest, and the moment I saw her open the door to the car I froze. She looked beautiful. She had her ripped jeans, singlet and grey cardigan on, her hair was perfect as always, and the same with her makeup. She is Gorgeous.

I watched as she slid out of the car and shut the door, heading to the boot to get her bags.

"is she here!" one of the boys asked from the kitchen. I didn't reply. Suddenly loud and fast footsteps made there way to where I was.

Mikey opened the door dramatically and ran over to her, the boys following him. I walked out, towards them.

She was laughing and giving them all hugs.

"wher-" she stopped once she saw me. The smile on her face grew and she began getting teary. "Cal..." she whispered. I smiled at how cute she was being.

She ran to me and jumped, wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my torso. I held her legs in place and rested my head in the crook of her neck.

"ive missed you so much" I whisper and peck her neck.

"ive missed you more" she leans back a bit so she can look at my face.

"impossible" she smiled and pecked my lips. 

"lets get inside before the paps come" Ashton warns, walking inside.

Her legs were still around me, so I just carried her in.

When we get inside I let her down and give her a real hug.

"come on, i'll show you your room" I kiss her cheek and take one her suitcases.

"Cant we just share a room?" she asks innocently.

"ohhh" I raise my eyebrows "feisty"

she shakes her head and I smile. We head upstairs and I take her to our room. I had already planned it that she would be in my room. I wanted to be with her as much as possible. I want her to be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning, I love her, more than anything or anyone.

I put her bag down and let her walk around the room.

"were sharing the room" I smile when she looks back at me "don't be getting any ideas" she rolls her eyes. I take her hand and pull her to the wardrobe. It was a walk in wardrobe, the size of a small nursery.

"i don't think I brought enough clothes to fill this" she smiles walking around inspecting the area.

"don't worry, you did" I laugh. she brought three big suitcases and a big travel case full of makeup. She ignored me and continued looking around. she walked threw another attached door and found the ensuite. I followed her in.

"woow" she breathed out.

"what do you want to do?" I ask sitting on the bath edge. she was going to be here with us for a few months, as we write for our next album, and her possible doing her own writing.

"uhhh. well I need to unpack" she suggests.

I mentally groan. "i'll get the rest of the bags" I smile.

I was able to bring up the other bags without taking too long. By the time I brought the bag of makeup up she had already started putting away the stuff from one of the bags.

"can you put some music on?!" she asks from the closet. I reply to her then Bluetooth my phone, good charlotte began playing.

I walk the closet and see her humming to the music while hanging some shirts up on the coat hangers. I make my way over to her and wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her cheek.

I let go and go to help her. "why don't you put the shoes away" she suggests

"where are they?" I ask politely

"the red bag" she answers.

I open the bag and see it half full of shoes. "its...very full"

She laughs and my heart melts. I love her laugh. 

I take a pair of shoes at a time and begin stacking them on the shelf, designated for shoes. My shoes took up the top rack, and I'm guessing hers will take up the rest. I was laughing softly to myself.


An hour later I hear her groan. "can we finish this later?" she asks me.

My eyes go wide and I smile. "yes" I blurt out "I mean, if you want to" I add calmly.

she shakes her head and laughs "movies?" she knows exactly what I want.

I nod and take her hand, taking her to the bedroom. "avengers?" she agrees and climbs under the blankets. I get the movie and put it in the player, then making my way to the bed. She holds the blanket out for me then puts it over me when I'm next to her.

I pull her close to me and she rests her head on my chest. She looks so beautiful. I begin playing with her hair, brushing it with my fingers.

A few minutes I hear slight snores coming from Amber. She must have been really tired. I laid back, so that both of us were lying down. I slowly fell asleep to the sound of my Fiancé's cute snoring. 













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