Will you still love me, after everything?

sequel to Will you still love me?
Amber is Niall Horans sister and Calum hoods fiancé.
As she becomes more known to the public there are a few bumps in the road.
With the stresses of life, her music, her fans, and her family, she has to find her way around everything.


2. Camping

One week.
There was only one week until I get to see Cal, and I was ecstatic. These past few weeks have been such a dramatic change. When you’re with people 24/7 you become really close, and now, we hardly see each other, it’s just weird.
“Amber hurry up!” he yells from downstairs.

We were going camping with the boys.

I rushed downstairs in my trackies and a jumper, and my hair was tied up in a ponytail. I had my bags in my hand, when I got downstairs I gave them to him and he carried them.

We walked out to his car. We both slid into our seats, then he began to drive.

He was tapping his hand on the wheel, to the beat of the music the whole way there. We drive on a dirt road until we reach an area surrounded by trees. We see their car and park next to them.They were beginning to unpack.

We got out of the car, I took the bags of clothes and piled them in the spot with all the other bags.
When we were done Liam and Harry went to get stuff for the fire, and Niall, Louis and Zayn began setting up the tents.
It took us about 45 minutes to get everything set up, when we were done we were all around the fire.
“its nice to just be away from everything sometimes” Liam sighs.

“yeah, fans and paps can get crazy sometimes” zayn agrees.

I lay down on the the ground moving my phone around trying to get reception. I gave up after 10 minutes, the best I could do was sos only.
When I zone back into the conversation they were talking about the proposal. 
“amber!, Amber?” liam caught my attention.

“What were you thinking when Cal proposed?” he asked as everyone had their eyes on me waiting for my answer.
“The moment he proposed?”
“The whole proposal, everything” he states.

“I was so confused.” I admit. It was true. When he asked me to go for a walk to show me something, I was confused. I would of never guessed that he would propose. We walked down a flowered path until we reached a very nicely decorated grassy area. It was one of the most beautiful thinks that I have ever seen.

“that was it, just confused?”  liam asked

“it was weird, I never would’ve guessed in a million years that Cal would propose. It was just so sudden.”
“it was so cold that night” louis complained.

“yeah, it felt like it was going to snow” zayn added.

“how long were you guys hiding there?” I ask them.
Niall looked up at me. “30-45 minutes”

My mouth dropped. “why that long?”

“Cal didn’t know if he could actually ask you. He was super nervous.” Louis answerd.
“how long was he planning this?”

“it took him a few weeks for him to plan the proposal, but he was looking at rings for a while now.” Louis seemed to know everything. “You actually heard them when you were sneaking around.

“ohhh, was that what they were talking about?” I ask remembering that that was the day luke tried to keep me busy, but when I was ‘asleep’ he left and I followed him. I over heard the boys talking about which –what I’m guessing was rings – they liked better.

He just nodded and sat down humming the beats to some songs.
I checked the time. 11:30.

“I’m gonna go to bed, which ones mine?” I ask not knowing which tent was mine.
Niall pointed over to the tent on the middle of the others, I smiled and took my bags of clothes there.
I zipped the tent open and then back close when I got inside.

I laid out my sleeping blanket and slid in trying to get warm. I pulled out my phone going threw all the photos of Cal and i. slowly my eyes shut and I fell asleep.
My eyes slowly blink open as I hear my tent being zipped open. I look and see harry crawling in.

“what are you doing?” I ask tiredly.

“I n-need to talk t-to you” he slurred.

“are you drunk?”
“no, are you?” he replied. He was drunk.

“get out harry” I sighed closing my eyes trying to get back to sleep.

He started shaking my thigh. “I need to t-talk to you”
“no harry, I don’t want to talk, now leave”
“Amber, I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you.”
I sighed with frustration. “then why did you try to break us up?”
“I didn’t, I just wanted you to know that you had other options”
“like what, you?”
“yeah, me”
I sighed. “harry, cant we just be friends?”
“We can” he smiles. “but I want to be more”
“But I don’t” I reply.
“your too young, I don’t understand why you too are getting married anyway” he scoffs throwing his arms in the air.
“Because we love each other” I reply.
He sighs and shakes his head. “alright, but that dosn’t mean you should get married to him.”
“You don’t get to plan my life harry, I do. Can you please go now”
“Can we stop ignoring each other now?” he completely ignores me.
“I’ll think about it” I sigh before turning around and lying back down.
“Goodnight” he sighs.
“bye” I reply sleepily.
I wake up hearing the boys talking around the fire.

I slide out of bed and unzip my tent, walking out and sitting next to Louis. “hey”
He laughs “you look like shit”.

I roll my eyes. “why, thanks”. He smiles in return.

“here” Niall hands me a bowl of cereal in a plastic bowl.
“thanks” I take it and start eating.

When I finish eating  I put the bowl away and scrolled threw my phone. I hated having no reception.
“missing Cal?” Louis whispered to me.

“yeah, heaps, and its only been like two days”  I reply putting my phone away.
He laughs. “I get that feeling too”

“love” I sigh “its nice, but annoying”

He laughs “yeah” we stay silent for a while before he says. “I was going to tell the boys we need more water, so I can talk to Eleanor, did you want to come and talk to Cal?” he whispers.

My eyes shoot open and he laughs. “yes, omg, will they believe you?”
“I’ve been emptying the bottles at night when everyone’s asleep” he admits awkwardly.

I laugh and all the boys stare at me. “nothing to see here” I tell them. They go back to what they were doing and I turn to him. “I’m in” I whisper.

He stands up and walks around our camp area then goes to the area with the food and drinks. He gives me a thumbs up. “Guys, were out of water” he catches the attention of all of the boys.
“How can we be out of water, we’ve only been here a day?” Liam asks standing up and walking over, checking for himself.

“Two bottles? Really? Who drank all the water?” he asks.
Everyone was silent.
“It must have been Niall” Zayn jokes. “He’s the reason we had to buy more food last time”
“Don’t blame me!” Niall rolls his eyes.
“Guys its fine. I’ll just go to the shops to get some” Louis suggests
“Thanks man” Liam walks back over to where he were sitting before.
“I’ll help you” I add standing up and walk over to him. We walk for a few minutes until we reach our cars. He slides in the driver’s seat and I sit in the passenger.
“We did it” he laughs
“Thank god”
 I pull out my phone and see that I already have one bar. I quickly text him.
Getting reception, pick up when I call :)  love you
He replied quickly
I promise xoxo
I smiled and waited until we got to a small shopping centre, it was quite early, so not many people were here, mostly middle aged women.

We quickly found the bottles of water and brought them. We carried them to the car then sat inside.

We had parked the car right in the corner, so that less people are walking past and less people see us.
I pulled out my phone and he did the same, both of us calling our significant other. He answered as soon as I rang.

“How’s camping?”
“It’s alright, a bit boring, but it’s so peaceful” I sigh
“That’s what being away from everything does to you”
“Yeah I guess”
“I’ve missed talking to you” he says, I could hear him smiling threw the phone.
“yeah, me too”
“how did you get reception?” he asked
I laugh. “louis has been wasting water, just so he can leave and buy more and call Eleanor.”
“so you left with him?”
“Yeah. It was funny, they blamed Niall for wasting the water”
He laughed. “It is always Nialls fault though”
I agreed with him.
“I can’t wait to see you”
“Me neither, got any more surprises for me?” I joke.
“Only the best for you” he jokes as well.
“How are the other boys?” I ask
“Annoying as ever” he answers seriously, but I could tell he was joking.
“Hey! You’re the annoying one” Michael screams at Cal.
Cal laughs. “how are the boys there?” he was still laughing “How’s Harry?” his tone changes to serious.
“Uh- Harry kind of came into my tent last night drunk”
“WHAT?!” he yells. I hear the boys trying to calm him down.
“CAL!” I try and get his attention. “He just explained and apologised”
“I thought you weren’t going to talk to him” he still sounded agrovated.
“I was half asleep, and he didn’t listen to me when I told him to get out” I answer him.
“did he try anything on you?”
“no, cal. Nothing like that.”
He sighed.
“cal he just explained. Just like last time. He said he wanted to be more than friends, but I said, no, never. Ok?”
He groaned. “I hate that your soo far away”
 I laugh at how the mood changed.
“Amber, we have to go” Louis reminded me. I nodded.

“you have to go?” Cal sighed
“yeah” I say sadly
“I love you”
“I love you more”
“two more days until we come back to society, talk to you then”
“alright, love you, bye” He made kiss noises.
“gayyyy!” one of the boys yell
I laugh “I love you, bye” I reply then hang up.

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