Your enjoying a good sleep and something start's tickling your nose when you wake up your met with a handsome boy that has brown curly hair and wild green eyes.

“I’m Harry Styles” “Wow. That great and I’m Destiny Hamilton but I believe we have already done introductions but now I would like to introduce you to my door and if that doesn’t work, maybe my fist” He looks at me shocked “I know, I don’t look like the type of girl that would punch you and that can come as a surprise but I liv-“ “His Harry Styles, you know a part of that boy band that the girl are crazy for, he dated Taylor swift, has had over one million fan fiction's written about him and he worked in a bakery with good ole Barba ”

What is he doing in your apartment ?
well his hiding....


9. 9. Brie's Suprise Arrivial

I wake up and turn to my side and my eyes are met with forest green eyes staring back at me

“Do you forgive me?” he whispers

I nod

“Does that mean I can sleep in your bed more?”

I wipe the under part of my eyes, rubbing some of my sleepiness away, I sit up and get out of bed. I walk out of my room and towards the kitchen and start making myself a milo

“Why aren’t you talking to me?” harry asks

“Why did you do that?”

He smirks “do what?”

I shoot him a glare “you know get in my bed and hug me”

He takes a step closer to me trapping me, with my back leaning on the counter “you asked me a question and I answered”

“H-harry what are you doing?” I ask, when his face inches close to mine

“I’m grabbing my phone off the charger, no need to get flustered” he says stepping back

“You annoy me” I tell him walking out of the kitchen into the lounge room, I sit on the couch and turn on the TV

“How do I annoy you, Destiny?” I turn towards him “Is it because I didn’t do this?”

He inches closer and I look into his eyes, he brings his hand up to my face and he slowly cresses my cheek. I feel his cool minty breath on my lips and it finally hits me that Harry Styles is about to kiss me but not before this happens

“You’re hiding something from me Destiny Clara Hamilton, and I know that for a fact!”

Harry and I pull apart and it takes me a while to realise that Brie is standing two meters away for the door way with a shocked expression. She start slowly walking towards me and Harry on the couch, she stops in front of harry and starts poking his face and pulling his cheeks. Then gets down on her knees and puts her head up against his chest, she quickly stands up and backs away almost falling over the coffee table

“It…..Harry….He has a heartbeat and I …” she just stands there staring at him

I turn me head toward Harry “you understand why I didn’t want you to meet her?”

“Oh, you must be Brie I have heard so much about you” he says in that brooding thick accent “ I take it you already know who I am, so no need for introductions”

“oh crap, Mackenzie is going to flip when she hears about this” Brie mutters

I giggle “you think you’re going to be telling a thirteen year old girl that has every sort of social media possible that Harry is here you can think again, not happening”

“Destiny, Harry bloody Styles is in your house and your acting like it nothing you know how much Kensie loves him, and you kept this from me” she says with a hurtful expression on her face

Harry buts in “you knew who I was this whole time?”

“No, she knew of you and I think she saw like three or two posters of you cause of Kensie and I know,- WAIT how do you know him?”

“I’m friends with her brother”

“You’re a liar, you kept this from me to”

“Well what was I supposed to say when you asked how I have been ‘oh you know the usual just pulling in famous guys with dark brown curly hair that possibly dated Taylor Swift into my house, you?”

She huffs

“How did you know I was lying anyway?”

“Did you seriously think I was that dumb, asking the person on the phone how they got your number and then telling me it was you brother, I know you haven’t changed numbers do you think I am dumb?”

“Smooth going, Destiny”

I push Harry and get up grabbing Brie’s hand and pulling her into my room, I close the door and lie down on my bed

“Holy Mc Nugget brown fudge with ducklings to the side that is Harry Styles”

“Yep in the flesh”

“So how has it been? What’s it like?”

“He is annoying and I want him to go away and NEVER come back”

“Really, I’ll adopt him”

I laugh “His not that bad, his nice company”

“Of course he is his Harry Styles”

“Stop saying that”

“Harry styles”

I roll my eyes and get off the bed walking to the kitchen to find Harry on the phone, he has a concerned look on his face and I walk out minding my own business me and Brie start deciding on movies to watch and we both agree on Captain America. I pop it into to the DVD player and me and Brie just sit back and start chilling, Harry soon comes over and takes a seat next to me

“So, Destiny, have you met the other boys?”

“Yeah they were here not that long ago”

“Like here in this house?”

“Yes Brie, One Direction was in my house”

Harry chuckles “we have a fan girl, next you will be asking me for my autograph”

“Wait, so you mean to tell me that Louis Tomlinson sat in this couch?” She asks ignoring Harry remark

“Yeah, and all the other boys”

Harry and I laugh as Brie continues to go on about how much she loves Louie

“Brie just please remember in a couple of months you will be getting married so just hold your horses” 

“Who’s the lucky guy” Harry asks

“His name is Mike, we met in high school we had the same job and I always knew how I felt about him from the day he walk into work and I guess he also felt the same way about me”

“Sounds like a love story” Harry smiles cheekily

I gently hit him upside of the head “Taylor Swift really?”

Harry laughs

“So tell me what’s going on here?” Brie wiggles her eyebrows

“What are you talking about?”

“Destiny, you need to take lying lesson. I saw the two of you about to kiss I mean dayum, I ship it”

“oh would you look at that, Brie you have that thing you need to go to” I grab her arm and drag her towards the front door

“I don’t have that th-“

“Yes you do, goodbye!” I yell pushing her out the door and closing it in her face

I take a seat back on the couch with Harry and try to continue watching Captain America but my eyes always find their way back to him

“Harry what was that phone call about?”

“Nothing don’t worry about it”

I choose to let it slide

“What would you have done if Brie never walked in the door?”

“You really want to know?”

I nod and before I know it his lips are crashing to mine 






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