Your enjoying a good sleep and something start's tickling your nose when you wake up your met with a handsome boy that has brown curly hair and wild green eyes.

“I’m Harry Styles” “Wow. That great and I’m Destiny Hamilton but I believe we have already done introductions but now I would like to introduce you to my door and if that doesn’t work, maybe my fist” He looks at me shocked “I know, I don’t look like the type of girl that would punch you and that can come as a surprise but I liv-“ “His Harry Styles, you know a part of that boy band that the girl are crazy for, he dated Taylor swift, has had over one million fan fiction's written about him and he worked in a bakery with good ole Barba ”

What is he doing in your apartment ?
well his hiding....


8. 8. This Is What I Would Do

“Now for desert”

“No harry I don’t think I can eat anymore, my tummy is about to explode” I make a pouting face feeling like I’m about to hurl

He pouts back “well than you are going to have to admit that I won” he smiles cheekily

“You ate two more pizza slices than me”

“You can’t tell me that doesn’t count, our bet was to see who could eat the most pizza, and I ate two more slices than you so ,I win”

“I’m never going to admit to you winning, NEVER, N.E.V.E.R”

“You just did, Destiny” he chuckles

I get up and cross my arms and stop my foot walking off to my room and closing the door behind me, I get dressed in my PJ’s and take my hair out. I brush it quickly and walk out to see Harry putting the notebook in the DVD player

“You cheated anyway” I tell him


“I had lunch and my tummy was fuller than yours”

He laughs and walks into the kitchen, I sit down on the couch and get on my phone and start reading my notifications, I have a friend request from a Harold_the_great17 I click on the profile and start checking it out. The smell of popcorn wafts through the lounge room and soon I am joined by harry and a BIG bowl of popcorn

“You know you’re going to be the only one eating that right?”

“Meh, it just means more for me”

I roll my eyes and smile “did you send me a friend request on wattpad?”

“What makes you ask that?”

“Because you like to call yourself Harold and I remember the 17BLACK tattoo you were telling me about”

“Wow your good”

“So you made your own wattpad account?”

“Yea well, I can’t stay on your account forever there is still another 5.5 billion other fanfics for me to read”

“Harry you are really start to take me by surprise”

He just looks at me and smiles I go to return to smile back but popcorn is shoved in my face only a quarter of it landing in my slightly opened mouth and the other half landing on my lap and all over the couch

“shut up Destiny the movie is about to start”

This boy is going to be the death of me

“The movie is really touching, I almost feel violated”

Harry bursts out laughing, and pulls me in for a small hug, still chuckling as he hugs me.

“At least in the end they we together”

I nod, trying to suppress myself from crying again 

“Which on is better the movie or the book?”

“Harry you did not just ask me that question” I look at him ashamed

“What?” he asks confused, his face all scrunched up and adorable looking

“We are not friends for the next five minutes” I turn on my heels and walk to my room closing the door behind me trying not to laugh

“What did I do wrong? I’m confused”

Can’t he just search it up on google or something, as if reading my mind Harry adds in “will Dr.Google be able to tell me how to fix this? Tell me what I did wrong?”

I stay quiet and I hear no reply for about 2 minutes and tell all of a sudden Harrys booming laughter fills the room, I get up and walk out to see Harry one the ground laughing with tear’s coming out of his eyes. I see his phone in his hand and I snatch it and see that Harry is in yahoo questions

Q: My girl won’t talk to me and I don’t really understand what I have done wrong?

A: Bro, don’t worry she’s probably PMSing or something

“What so funny about that, Harry?” I say annoyed

“I just … I ….” He chuckles and gets up of the ground, to see my storming off to my bedroom and slamming the door. I turn my lamp on and lay in bed staring at the ceiling. A few minutes later there is a knock on the door and Harry walk in with his head hung low and the playful glint in his forest green eyes gone

“I’m sorry Destiny”

“No, Harry it’s not funny, us girls can’t control getting that thing that reminds us that were not pregnant and I don’t really understand why boys have to be so rude and disrespectful about it!” I yell and when he doesn’t say anything, I soften my voice and add “what are you going to do when you get a girlfriend and she PMS’s, are you going to laugh at her because I’m telling you now if you do it sure as hell isn’t going to last long” I tell him

He eyes darken “you want to know what I will do to my future girlfriend if she ever gets her period?” I stay quiet and look away from him “I would get her some Panadol and water and tell her to take it and then after that I would pick her up and I would take her to bed. Then I would do this”

I look at him to see him taking his boots off and walking over to the other side of my double bed and he gets in and wraps his arm around my waist and snuggles his head into my shoulder. Then he whispers “and I would hold her like this until she gets better”


TO CC14 I thought I would update while you were sleeping so when you wake up and come home from school it will be all done and ready :)

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