Your enjoying a good sleep and something start's tickling your nose when you wake up your met with a handsome boy that has brown curly hair and wild green eyes.

“I’m Harry Styles” “Wow. That great and I’m Destiny Hamilton but I believe we have already done introductions but now I would like to introduce you to my door and if that doesn’t work, maybe my fist” He looks at me shocked “I know, I don’t look like the type of girl that would punch you and that can come as a surprise but I liv-“ “His Harry Styles, you know a part of that boy band that the girl are crazy for, he dated Taylor swift, has had over one million fan fiction's written about him and he worked in a bakery with good ole Barba ”

What is he doing in your apartment ?
well his hiding....


3. 3. Mattie Peirce

“You look nice” matt tells me as we walk and take our seats in the small yet packed restaurant

“Thank you” I say quietly

“So how has everything been after I moved?”

“Good, I passed my senior year and mum went along with her side of the deal and brought me a small apartment like she did to Eli when he left senior year. I now have a job starting to get money to go to university next year, how are you?”

“Good. Mum has moved on and met and nice man her treats her and Zac well and I’m happy for her, as for me I’m a bit confused were I am going and I missed this place so I thought I would come back for a while”

I smile up at him “how long is a while?”

“A couple of months”

A person comes and takes our order, me and Matt sit and talk for hours, and he tells me funny stories that have my stomach hurting yet asking for more. After two and a half hour of non-stop talking and laughing me and matt decide it was time to leave.

“That was fun we should do it again sometime” he tells me as he walks me to my door

“Yeah” I start to open my door

“Destiney” I turn to see his face only inches from mine he thumb creasing my jaw line and works his way up to my bottom lip. I look up at him and see his eyes filled with a hungry desire.

His lips met mine and I don’t pull away instead I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer. His hands find their way to my way to my waist and he holds me tightly, our tongues meet and I start to feel light headed. I feel his smile as he moves one hand up to my chin to hold it as he kisses me, I try and wrap my arms tighter around his neck, my boy demanding to be closer to his. In response his hands grab my thighs and he lifts me off the floor, the door opens and he walks inside still kissing me fiercely,

"What the actual bollocks!"


I pull away from Matt and hit my head on the wall "ow"I whine as I start rubbing my head

"Oh, so this is the guy you got all dressed up for" Harry says smirking pointing at matt

I look at Matt and see he looks confused "who is he?" matt asks in a deep voice

I start to speak but I get cut off by harry "Horald's the name, nice to meet you Destiny's friend” he emphasises the word friend

"Are you guys together?"

"No matt I only me-"

Harry cuts me off AGAIN "I’m a friend of her brother's, dating her would be over stepping the bro code"

“Then why are you here?” Matt asks shooting glares Harry’s way and I try not to giggle.

I would step in but harry seem to be on the roll “I’m here because...” he shoots me a look asking for help

“He is here because him and my brother got into an argument and he came over before I went out with you, he would go back to my brothers apartment but seeing as Eli kicked him out he need somewhere to stay and someone to talk to, so I told him it was cool for him to chill here for a few”

“What was the fight about?” Matt asks being nosy “did you over step the bro code?”

Harry shoots Matt a cheeky grins and walks away. I grab Matt’s hand leading him to the front door

“Did you see that smile? It’s clear he like you, I can tell by the way he looked at yo-“

I cut him off by giving him a small kiss and relief washes over his face and he smiles “I’ll text you, goodnight matt”

He smiles at me and walks towards his car giving a wave before reversing out

I walk back inside and see Harry siting on the couch looking at his phone “Mattie pierce, nice”

“How do you know him, he didn’t even go to the same school as you and my brother?”

He shakes his head “I don’t, I just stalked your Facebook profile and he was the only Mattie on their beside a girl but he doesn’t look like a girl, I mean he acts like one” he chuckles

“Well alright Harold, I will be in the kitchen”

“You might want to updated you relationship status because what I just witnessed did not look like ‘friends’” he yells

“Shut up, Harold” I yell


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