Your enjoying a good sleep and something start's tickling your nose when you wake up your met with a handsome boy that has brown curly hair and wild green eyes.

“I’m Harry Styles” “Wow. That great and I’m Destiny Hamilton but I believe we have already done introductions but now I would like to introduce you to my door and if that doesn’t work, maybe my fist” He looks at me shocked “I know, I don’t look like the type of girl that would punch you and that can come as a surprise but I liv-“ “His Harry Styles, you know a part of that boy band that the girl are crazy for, he dated Taylor swift, has had over one million fan fiction's written about him and he worked in a bakery with good ole Barba ”

What is he doing in your apartment ?
well his hiding....


12. 12. Hazza

“You good?” Harry asks me in the car on the way to my parent’s house with Eli’s car trailing behind us

The kiss all of a sudden had popped into my head “yes, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Look Destiny, I was stupid to kiss you but we are going to have to talk about this sooner or later. I know right now that this is the last thing you want to talk about but me and you right now are just going to have to face the facts”

I concentrate on my driving but still taken in every word that Harry has said, nearing my parent’s house I turn on the blinker and turn the corner “What facts Harry?”

He smirks “Irresistible you are, Destiny”

I give him an ‘and’ look

“I live with you so it is just going to make everything harder on you, I mean I don’t have a problem being around you, I know you have a problem with me cause ever since I kissed you all you seem to be doing is running from me, going to work and avoiding me in every way possible.”

We arrive at me parents I take my seatbelt off and look at Harry who is pulling the hoodie up to cover his face and grabbing the sunnies of the dashboard

“We both know I would kick you out in an instance, Styles” I say opening up my door and getting up of the car. Harry walks around to my side and Eli’s car pulls up next to were me and Harry are standing

Eli and Bec get out of there car and walk towards us

“Ready?” I ask Eli

He nervously smiles “ready”

All four of us walk up to the door and I ring the doorbell

“Why ring the doorbell when you can just walk in?” Eli say turning the nob to open the door 

I roll me eyes but follow him anyway

“Mum its Eli, Destiny and I have come for a visit with some friends”

“Eli, Destiny, How have my lovely children been?” she rounds the corner and her smile instantly drops when she sees Harry

“Harry, what are you doing here? I thought you had gone missing?”

Harrys smile and looks at me “no ma’am I’m just only one a little holiday that’s all”

“Well welcome home, and who is this have you found yourself a keeper?” mum asks and looks at Bec and then back at Harry

Harry chuckles “ma’am I’ll let Eli do the introductions”

Mum’s eyes widen “Eli who is this beautiful girl?”

“Mother I would like you to meet Bec, Bec is my … uh… mum she’s my girlfriend”

“Darling that’s wonderful, Why don’t you all come out back were you father is and we can all sit out there”

Eli grabs Bec’s hand and leads her out back Harry, mum and I follow behind

Dad stands off his chair when he sees us his eye quickly find me and he pulls me in for one of his warm embraces “I missed you squirt, how ya been?”

“I’ve been better” I look up at Harry and give him a playful stare 

Dad notices Harry and Bec

“And who is this lovely looking lady?”

“This is my girlfriend dad, Bec”

“Nice to meet you Bec” Dad says with a big toothy grin, probably proud that his only son has finally got a girl

“Hi, nice to meet you, you have a lovely place”

“Darling that’s only a quarter of the house wait until, you see the whole thing” mum butts in

“I could show you, Bec?” Eli offers “mum is that alright with you?”

“Sure go ahead, when you get to the kitchen there some drinks in there, knock yourself out”

“Okay” Eli and Bec reply at the same time, then they walk back into the house

“Harry long time no see” dad says patting him on the back “watched you on the Xfactor son, you were great, shame you didn’t win though”

Harry laughs “we still got were we want to be so I guess for the boy’s and I it was I win, win situation”

“And how are you doing with media going crazy about your exit?”

“I’m fine but I know media is not”

“Don’t worry, darl, they will get over it” my mum adds in

I stand there shocked as I watch this conversation with Harry and my parents unfold 

“Mum, Dad why do you know Harry so well and how come I never know that you knew him this well?”

All their heads turn towards me

Shocked mum asks “you don’t remember Harry?”

“no” I reply

“I told you those book were getting to her” dad tells mum

Harry just leans back on the railing standing there smiling at me with a smirk on his face “It’s okay when we ‘met’ I was kind of shocked too that she didn’t know who I was”

“Harry used to always come over and play with Eli, but I think your head was to stuck in books to remember Harry was the one that sto-“

Harry cuts in “I stole your ‘first kiss’ “ he emphasise ‘first kiss’ with his fingers, wiggling his eyebrows

I laugh “I still don’t remember you”

Harry drops his head shocked “the books literally took over you daughters brain”

Mum and dad both laugh but I just stood there confused the only first kisses I knew about where really the only the one’s in the book I read and after a while it annoyed me because I soon found out of the true meaning of cliché and I soon moved on to serious novels and often came back and read those books.

Eli and Bec soon come back with drinks in their hands Harry grabs a drink and offers me one but I decline. I move back to lean down on the railing to look at the view of the nice tree’s behind my house, I walk down the stairs and head towards the trees. I follow the grass path that had been walked on so many times by me coming out here to read. After a minutes of walking I spot the big rock that I always sat on, I smile as the memories of all the book that I have read and the tales flooded through my mind. I walk up the small dirt hill and jump on to my rock, I sit down and look up at the sky and my finger find their way to the small engraving of my favourite book Taking Chances, by Molly McAdams I jump off my rock and stand there for a minute letting he fresh air flow through my body. I walk up to one of the trees and slowly run my hands over my name that is engraved into the wood I start to walk a bit further around the tree and on the other side if were my name were engraved there is another –


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