Your enjoying a good sleep and something start's tickling your nose when you wake up your met with a handsome boy that has brown curly hair and wild green eyes.

“I’m Harry Styles” “Wow. That great and I’m Destiny Hamilton but I believe we have already done introductions but now I would like to introduce you to my door and if that doesn’t work, maybe my fist” He looks at me shocked “I know, I don’t look like the type of girl that would punch you and that can come as a surprise but I liv-“ “His Harry Styles, you know a part of that boy band that the girl are crazy for, he dated Taylor swift, has had over one million fan fiction's written about him and he worked in a bakery with good ole Barba ”

What is he doing in your apartment ?
well his hiding....


11. 11. Bec

Harry seated beside me stifles a laugh, I turn to him and shoot him a glare

“Just remember Harry I can easily black mail you”

“With what? You have no proof?”

I fold my arms over my chest and huff leaning back in the seat and pouting my lips, Harry smiles and pokes my cheek

“Look my two favourite people are talking again and now we all can ship Hestiny”

“Yea, Harry and I can ship you and your new girlfriend”

“What?” Eli fakes his best confused look

“There is no fooling us idiot. We figured it out ages ago, we haven’t seen you in weeks and there was obviously a girl behind it all”

He shrugs “well it had to come out on way or another”

Harry look at Eli confused “meaning?”

“I want her to meet mum and dad but this will be the first proper girl I will be bringing home and I don’t want to be alone with them so I was thinking that you or Destiny could come with me?”

“Of course we will come but I want to meet her first” Harry says

“Did you tell Mum and Dad about Harry, Eli?”

“uh…well…I haven’t really spoken to them for a while. A while being since Harry was reported missing”

“Nice going, bro” Harry reaches over me and pats Eli on the back

“yea, yea can we just watch the movie now” Eli complains

Harry and I both laugh and turn towards the tv, his knee leaning on mine.


“She is really shy, but once she get used to being with you guys she will open up and yes Harry she knows you’re here and no she is not a fan I don’t need you stealing another one of my girls” Eli’s eyes flicker to me “my sister is bad enough”

I quickly look down at the floor to cover up my slightly burning cheeks from Harry and my brother, not soon after this … pep talk the doorbell rings and Eli races to get it.

“I still can’t believe my brother has a girlfriend” I whisper to Harry, who is standing rather close to me

“It’s okay Tiny, neither can I”

Tiny?” I look up at him confused

“See you just having to look up at me proves that it is a perfect nickname for you”

“My height is not something to tease me about, so you know I could take you any day or time”

“I wouldn’t doubt myself if I were you, your almost as small as me” I turn my head to see a ‘almost a small as me’ figure under my brother arm that is wrapped around her shoulder. She has light sandy blonde hair that reaches down to her waist and I nose piercing in the left side of her nose, she really is beautiful. I move away from Harry and walk towards her

“Hi, I’m Destiny, Eli’s lovely sister”

Eli chuckles “don’t let her fool you, babe” Eli put his lips on top of her head 

She smiles and walks out of Eli’s embrace towards me and gives me a quick hug “I’m Rebecca, but you can call me Bec for short” she steps back into Eli’s embrace

I look towards Harry and give him a look, he takes the hint

“I’m Harry, Eli’s lad” he takes her hand and shakes it

“Enjoying your holiday?”

Harry turns his head towards me and smiles “very much”

“Eli do you want to show Bec around my apartment”

“You can show her around, Harry and I will start making sandwiches or something for us all to eat”

“Okay, this way Bec” I point towards the lounge room, we walk into the lounge room “you probably already walked through here when you came in but this is the lounge and over there is my room, beside that the toilet and bathroom and in there is the laundry. There isn’t much it’s a small apartment but its cosy for one-two people and holding small gatherings like this”

“wow, it really is nice and the bookshelf covering your main wall, have you read all those?’

I smile, because her question reminds me of that time Harry asked me about the books on my shelf “yep, I have been reading since a young age really, I guess it was addictive for me since I had started but up until now I always have a book in my face”

“Do you ever get bored reading books all the time?”

“No, never because there always different there is never two book the I have read that have been similar”

“Spoken like a true book nerd”

I laugh “Eli said your shy?”

“I am, it’s just I know Eli is serious about our relationship and I know that he wants me to meet his parents soon so I guess I will have to come out of my shell sooner or later”

I nod my head “youse two really are cute for each other”

She laughs “so are you and Harry”

Shocked “what?” is the only word that comes out of my mouth

“It’s obvious you and Harry are meant for each other, I mean you look at each other with… not love but adoration”

Harry and adoration don’t mix 

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