New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


9. ~ 9 ~

Sky's POV:

I was surprised to see Luke when he opened the door.

" Oh um you must be Carmela, right?" he said.

" Yes. And you must be Liz's youngest son. Luke, right?" she said.

" Yes I am. Nice to meet you Carmela. Here, lemme take this," Luke said taking the brownies from my mom.

" Come in," he said opening the door wider for us to enter.

" I'll go tell my mum that you guys are here already," Luke said walking into the kitchen with the brownies. Moments later, a lady that looks about the same age as my mom came out of the kitchen.

" Hello Carmela," the lady said hugging my mom. She looks a lot like Luke. They both have blonde hair and blue eyes.

" Oh this must be your daughter," the lady said.

" Hi. I'm Skylar," I said extending my arm out so she can shake my hand.

" I'm Liz," the lady said shaking my hand.

" Come on. Let's go I'm dinning room. Dinner's ready. Luke dear, go get your father," Liz said guiding me and my mom to the dinning are as Luke disappeared up the stairs.

" So what's for dinner?" my mom asked.

" Chicken and rice," Liz replied.

" There's some dinks in the counter if you wanna get some," Liz said. I walked over to the counter and grabbed a paper cup that was by the bottle of soda, opened the soda, poured some in the cup and drank it. 

" Dinner!!" Liz yelled.

" Coming!" Luke and some guy yelled. Just then Luke came in the kitchen with an older looking man.

" Hi I'm Andrew, and you are?" the guy asked my mom extending his hand so she can shake it.

" Nice to meet you Andrew. I'm Carmela and this is my daughter Skylar. We're your neighbors," my mom said shaking Andrew's hand and I waved awkwardly. I sat next to my mom, Luke sat next to me, Andrew sat next to Luke and Liz served the food and we all ate.

" So Skylar, what school do you go to?" Liz asked me.

" I go to San Pascual High School. I actually met Luke this morning. I was his tourer," I said smiling as I took a bite of the chicken.

" Oh really? So you're the girl that Luke wouldn't shut up about since he came home from school," Andrew said chuckling. I felt heat rise up to my cheeks and I instantly knew I was blushing.

" Dad," Luke wined giving him the 'stop embarrassing me' look.

" So how long have you guys been living here?" Liz asked my mom.

" A long time actually. We've been living in that house since Skylar was 3. So about 14 years," my mom said.

" Wow," Andrew and Liz said in unison.

" Yeah," my mom said.

" Is the neighborhood good? Or....?" Liz asked trailing off at the end.

" The neighborhood is very good. Nice people too. Very nice," my mom said.

" Well that's really good to know," Liz said smiling. We ate the rest of our food and mine and Luke's parents did all the talking while me and Luke stayed quiet. When we finished eating, it was 7 almost 8 at night.

" Well, we better get going. Skylar has school tomorrow. So I'll see you at work tomorrow Liz," my mom said hugging Liz.

" Bye," I said awkwardly waving. Me and my mom walked back to the house. Once we got in, I immediately ran to my room and texted Robbie.

Me-Gn baby. Ilysm😘💖😴

Robbie-Gn sweets💖 Luvs ya😘😘

I shut off my phone, plugged it in, changed my clothes, set my alarm clock, and fell asleep.

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