New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


5. ~ 5 ~


Skylar's POV:  


Holy shit he's cute.  


" Ok so. Shall we go?" I asked. Shit. That sounded awkward.  


" Y-yeah," he said.  


" Ok so welcome to San Pascual High School. My name is Skylar and I'll be your tourer for today," I said.  


" What grade are you in?" he asked.  


" Grade 11. I'm a Junior. What about you?" I asked.  


" Same," he said.  


" Can I ask you a question?" he asked.  


" Sure," I said.  


" What's ASB?" he asked and I giggled.  


" I'll get there, but first you need to take your picture. Since you're new here, I can get you to the front of the line," I said walking to the MPR(multipurpose room).  


" Hey Lynette. He's new here and I have to tour him. Can he take his picture now?" I asked.  


" Sure. Name?" she asked.  


" Luke. Luke Hemmings," he said.  


" Here you go. You're parents already paid for your PE clothes so here you are. And here's your ticket to take you picture," Lynette said handing Luke his PE clothes and his picture ticket.  

" Ok come on," I said once he put his PE clothes I his backpack.  

" Go in there and take your picture. I'll be waiting for you right here," I said and he nodded.  


" Omg. Sky you look so hot," my friend Lilia said.  


" Thanks Lilia. So do you," I said.  


" Thanks girl. So how's it going with the new kid?" she asked.  


" Not bad. He actually knows Cal, Ash and Mike. Apparently they all were friends back in Australia," I said.  


" Cool," she said. Just then Luke comes back out.  


" I gotta go. See you later," I said.  


" Bye," Lilia said.  


" Ok. So electives. We have ASB, PLUS, Band, Art, Dance, and Weight Class," I said.  


" Care to explain what ASB and PLUS are?" Luke asked as I have him his school ID.  


" ASB is Associated Student Body. They are the leader of this school. They plan all the dances, carnivals, and other school activities. PLUS is Peer Leader United Students. They are kinda like ASBs but different. They don't plan nothing. They encourage people. They take a class on HOW to encourage people. ASBs take a class on HOW to become a leader," I explained.  


" So are you interested in any electives? You need 2 electives," I said.  


" Yeah. Um I like Band, and ASB sounds really cool. So can I take those two?" Luke asked.  


" Sure. Follow me," I said leading him to the office.  


" Mrs. Crooks, this is Luke Hemmings, the new student that I have been assisting. He chose his electives. ASB and Band. Can I ask Ms. Lieber to print out Luke's schedule?" I said.  


" Yeah sure. May I see your ID..." Mrs. Crooks said.  


" Luke. Luke Hemmings and sure," Luke said giving his school ID to Mrs. Crooks. She hole punched it and attached it to the ASB lanyard.   


" Welcome to SPHS. I'm Mrs. Crooks the principal. If you need anything, I'm always here," Mrs. Crooks said then walked away.  

" Here Skylar. Have fun," Ms. Lieber said handing me Luke's schedule.  


" Oh wow. We have the all the same classes on the same period," I said looking at Luke's schedule then handing it to him.  


" Lucky for you, your locker's right next to mine," I said.  


" Come on. Class is gonna start in 5 minutes," I said grabbing Luke's hand and dragging him to our 1st period class as the warning bell rang.

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