New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


17. ~ 17 ~

Sky's POV:  

We went into the x-Ray room and my aunt put a heavy black vest on me. She told me to breathe normally, but not to move.

" So how long have you and Robbie been dating?" she asked.  

" Since the first day of school which was a week ago," I said smiling.  

" How did you meet him?" she asked.  

" Well we were both in 7th grade when we met. We were in ASB and he bumped into me knocking me to the ground accidentally spilling his drink on me and he was all like 'Oh my gosh oh my gosh I'm really really sorry. Here take my jacket' and he gave it to me after helping me up. I told him it was fine and that's how we met," I said. Aunty Rachelle was laughing and so was I.  

" How did you and Luke become friends?" she asked.  

" Why so many questions?" I whined.  

" This is the last one. I promise," she said.  

" Well he's a new transfer to my school and I was his tourer. Also he's my new neighbor so yeah," I said.  

" Ok sweetie. X-rays are done. It turns out you just sprained it. I'm going to give you a brace and do not take it off for 2 weeks. You can't play any sports. Sorry honey," she said and I pouted.  

" But Aunty," I whined.  

" Don't BUT AUNTY me. You are going to wear a brace for 2 weeks and no sports. End of discussion," she said sternly.  

" Aunty Rachelle there must be another way for me to do sports. I already have the Pep Rally game this week. Aunty I have to cheer! I'm team captain. Please Aunty. I HAVE to cheer this week," I pleaded. She thought about it for a couple of minutes and then sighed.  

" Okay fine! But I'm warning you Skylar, if you land on that ankle wrong, you're gonna be going back to school the next day with a cast and crutches," she said handing me a black brace. I nodded while taking it from her and sitting on the ground to put it on. Once I was done putting it on, I got up and hugged her.  

" Oh thank you so much Aunty Rachelle. I love you so much," I said.  

" Love you too sweetheart. Now let's go back to where the boys are," she said.  

" Ok," I said. We walked back and saw Robbie make a bed out of the 2 chairs there and Luke was laying down on the bed thingy both of them on their phones. Me and Aunty Rachelle stood standing there without a word for about 4 minutes. No, never mind, 5 minutes now. They finally looked up from their phones and saw us and quickly sat up.  

" How long have you guys been standing there?" Robbie asked.  

" 5 minutes of you guys not looking up from your phones," I said giggling.  

" So what happened to your ankle Sky?" Luke asked.  

" Sprained it. Have to have a brace on for 2 weeks. It should be off before Homecoming," I said.  

" Ok," Robbie said.  

" Well thanks Doctor Rachelle. Nice meeting you. Bye," Robbie said shaking my aunt's hand.  

" Nice meeting you too Robbie. You too Luke," she said shaking their hand.  

" Ok well bye Aunty. Love you. See you soon. Thanks again," I said giving her a hug.  

" Love you too sweetheart. Bye pretty girl," she said.  

" Bye," we said as we walked back to my car.  

" So can you still cheer for the Pep Rally?" Robbie asked.  

" Yeah. She said it was fine for me to cheer but I have to be careful," I said.  

" Ok then," he said as we pulled up in front of his house.   

" Well. Bye baby girl. I love you so much. See you later and be careful with your ankle," Robbie said kissing me on my lips.  

" Byey baby. I love you too," I said and he kissed me one more time.  

" I love you more," he said before getting out of the car and getting his things out of the trunk. He waved goodbye as Luke pulled my car out of his driveway.  

" So what do you think about going to Homecoming with Jameson?" I asked Luke.  

" It's OK. She wasn't my first choice, but I'll live," he said.  

" Oh. Who was your first choice?" I asked.  

" Um....." he said scratching the back of his neck.  

" Well?" I asked.  

" It was Audrey? Yeah Audrey but she already got asked out by this dude named Cam," he said not sure.  

" Your lying aren't you. You can tell me who it really was. I won't freak out about it. I promise," I said and he sighed.  

" You," he said. Me? Me? Does he mean ME?  

" Me?" I asked dumbfounded.  

" Yeah you. I was going to ask you but Robbie beat me to it. It's fine though. You like him and he likes you," he said smiling and I giggled. Shouldn't this bother me? You may ask, but really, it doesn't. For some reason ME being his first choice isn't bothering me. I actually think it's quite flattering.  

" Aw. So you were going to ask me? Aw how cute," I said pinching his cheeks.  

" Hey now. I'm driving your car so if I were you, I wouldn't do that so I don't crash this beautiful car of yours," he said. I nodded and we both giggled. We finally pulled up in my driveway, but we stay in the car talking. We unbuckled our seat belts and face each other crisscrossing our legs.  

" Your really pretty Sky and this is going to take me a lot of balls to say this but I really like you. Ever since we first met last week. I know it's too soon and I know I don't know a lot about you, but I know enough about you. I'm sorry but I just had to say that. I understand if you don't like me that way. I'll just leave," he said. It took me a minute to process what he said in my mind and without thinking I pulled him back in the car and smashed me lips to his. He was taken back by surprise but finally relaxed and kissed me back. Our lips moved in sync and I felt his teeth tug my bottom lip. I seperated myself from the kiss and rested my forehead on his just to look at those amazing blue eyes.  

" I don't want this to affect our friendship. Ok? Promise me you won't let this affect our friendship," I said.  

" I promise," he said his hot breath tickling my lips.  

" Please don't tell anyone either. I don't want to hurt Robbie. He's a good guy and doesn't deserve to be hurt," I said sitting back in my seat.  

" I won't. I'll be waiting in the wings for you. No matter how long it takes, I'll wait for you. I really like you Sky," he said. I smiled and pecked his cheek before we both got out of the car. I went to the trunk and gave him his stuff.   

" Goodnight Luke. Sweet dreams," I said as I hugged him.  

" Goodnight Sky. Sweet dreams," he said hugging me back. I watched him as he walked into his house before getting my things out of the trunk and entering my house.  

" Hey Skylar," my mom said.  

" Hi mom," I said walking to the garage as she followed.  

" How was your day?" she asked.  

" I was fun. Me and my friends went to the beach and after that, me, Robbie, and Luke went to the Urgent Care because I hurt my ankle and Aunty Rachelle said I sprained it," I said putting my chair in the corner of the garage.  

" Oh my. I hope it's ok sweetie," my mom said hugging me.  

" It's fine mom thanks. I going to take a shower and go to bed," I said.   " Ok well goodnight. I love you," she said.  

" I love you too mom," I said walking up the stairs to my room. I took a shower and changed into a sports bra and some shorts putting my hair up in a messy bun. I turned off the lights, plugged in my phone, and fell asleep thinking about that kiss with Luke.

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