New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


16. ~ 16 ~


Robbie's POV:  

She looks so damn cute when she's asleep. Her beautiful long eyelashes making shadows underneath them. Her beautiful pink plump lips parted a bit creating small little snores. She's way out of my league. I don't deserve her. She deserves better than me. She fucking hot! Everyone in school wanna fuck her. Even the gay ones! But I'm not going to force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. I'm not a fuckboy. I'm such a lucky guy.  

" Whatcha thinking about?" I heard Luke ask from behind me.  

" How lucky I am to be with Sky," I said.  

" You ARE a lucky lad. She's really pretty, smart, athletic, flexible and so much more. She's everything a guy would want in a girl," Luke said and I smiled nodding in agreement.  

" So have you decided to join the football league this season for school?" I asked Luke.  

" Yeah. I mean I love football and soccer," he said and I smiled.  

" What about basketball?" I asked.  

" I'm pretty good at that too not to bragg, but I consider football and soccer my top two," he said and I nodded.  

" That's great because we need all the great players we can get," I said.  

" Well you got me as one," he said smiling.  

" Thanks Luke," I smiled as I pulled up in the Urgent Care parking lot. I looked at Sky and sighed. I don't wanna wake her up but I have to.  

" Sky. Sky baby wake up," I said softly while shaking her.  

" lemme sleep," she groaned with her eyes still closed. I heard Luke chuckle in the back.  

" Baby girl wake up. We're at the Urgent Care to see what's wrong with your ankle," I said and her beautiful eyes fluttered open.  

" Ok fine," she said opening her door. I got out and pulled my seat foward for Luke to get out. I went over to Sky's door and helped her out of the car. I closed her door and locked the car helping her inside. Luke held the door open for us and I was more than happy I didn't have to do that myself.  

" Hello welcome. My name is Marbella, how may I assist you today?" the lady asked.  

" Well, umm... My girlfriend here tripped and fell at the beach and the ankle is swollen really bad and we're wondering if she sprained it or fractured it or broke it," I said.  

" Ok. Dear may I have your full name and you date of birth," the lady said.  

" My name is Skylar Melissa Gray and my date of birth is September 30th, 1999," Skylar said.  

" Ok here dear. Put this on your wrist and fill out these papers and we will call you in a couple minutes. Go ahead and take a seat," the lady said and we sat down. Skylar filled out the papers and gave them to the lady. A couple minutes after, a nurse called her in and we all went with her. The nurse weighed Sky and checked how tall she was before leading us to a room and closing the door.  

" I really hope it's not broken because I won't be able to cheer, play soccer, or volleyball," Sky said sadly while sitting on the bed thingy. I walked over to her and stood in between her legs giving her a hug.  

" I know baby girl. I hope it isn't either because I play football better when I hear you cheer," I mumbled in her hair. Once I took a seat in the chair next to Luke, there was a knock on the door and a doctor came in. The doctor was a lady probably in her mid 30s wearing a blue button up, black skinny jeans, black high heels and a white lab coat.  

" Skylar darling how are you? Long time no see," the doctor said giving Sky a hug which she gladly returns. I looked at Sky confused and she must've noticed that because she just giggled.  

" Hi Aunty Rachelle," Sky said. Oh! It all makes sense now! The doctor looked at me and Luke and smiled turning to Sky again.  

" Skylar, who are these handsome young gentlemen?" Rachelle asked.  

" The brown haired cutie is my boyfriend Robert but everybody calls him Robbie, and the blonde haired flirt is my friend Lucas but everyone calls him Luke.  

" Well nice to meet you gentlemen," Rachelle said sticking out her hand for me and Luke to shake. I shook her hand first and then Luke.  

" Nice meeting you too Doctor Rachelle," me and Luke said at the same time.  

" You guys seriously need to cut that out. It's starting to creep the hell outta me," Sky said.  

" Cut out what?" me and Luke asked at the same time again and Sky gave us the "that" look.  

" Oh never mind," me and Luke said again in unison. We looked at each other, and just bursted out laughing.  

" Ok. Well Skylar, what seems to be the problem this time?" Rachelle asked Skylar while checking her blood pressure, eyes, nose, ears, and throat.  

" My ankle is swollen and it hurts so bad," Sky said. Rachelle examined Sky's ankle.  

" Well kiddo, there might be a chance you broke it or fractured it. I'll take an x-Ray just in case," she said and Sky whined.  

" No! It can't be. Aunty I have Homecoming in a couple of weeks and our Pep Rally this week! How am I supposed to cheer, play volleyball and soccer?" Sky complained.  

" Well you should've been more careful. But u might've just rolled it or sprained it. We still have to take an x-Ray Skylar," Rachelle said. Sky frowned looking down and nodded.  

" Ok follow me Sky. You boys stay here. We'll be back in 5 minutes," Rachelle said. Me and Luke nodded and watched them leave the room. Before Sky left the room, she looked at us sadly then left. I sighed and put my head in my hands.

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