New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


14. ~ 14 ~

Sky's POV:

" What do you guys wanna listen to?" I asked.

" What do you have?" Luke asked.

" Well my dad gave me these and I listened to them and they were amazing. It's this album called American Idiot by Green Day. Also I have Nirvana and Blink 182," I said taking out the CDs.

" Can we listen to American Idiot by Green Day?" Robbie asked. I looked back at Natalie and Luke and they nodded.

" Put in the CD," I said to Robbie smiling. After he put in the CD, When September Ends came on. I heard Luke quietly singing. When we came to a stoplight, I whipped out my phone and took a video on snapchat. I posted it and the light turned green. Then we got to the beach. I found a parking spot and parked. I got out and pushed the seat foward so Natalie can get out. I opened the trunk, got my stuff out and locked the car.

" Omg. Ew why is Lionel here?" I asked digusted.

" I invited him," Natalie said.

" Ew," I said fake vomiting. She rolled her eyes annoyingly.

" Chill. Let's go," she said. I giggled and grabbed Robbie's hand and intertwined our fingers while following Natalie to Lionel. I looked behind me and saw Luke trailing behind.

" I'll be right back," I said to Robbie before pulling my hand away and walked to Luke.

" Hey are you ok? You seem a bit down," I said a little worried.

" Yeah I'm fine," he said giving me a small smile.

" Are you sure?" I asked.

" Positive," he chuckled.

" Oh by the way I heard you singing in the car," I said smirking.

" Oh no," he groaned putting his head down.

" Hey look at me," I said placing my finger under his chin.

" You have an amazing voice. I love your voice. This talent is gonna get you somewhere in life. You just don't know it yet. But I guarantee you that you'll be famous in the future," I said smiling.

" You have an amazing voice. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise," I said winking and walking away. I looked back and saw Luke in the same place with a huge ass smile on his face.

" Baby I want Dippin Dots," I said to Robbie while pointing to the Dippin Dots cabana.

" Ok we'll get some, but first, let's put our stuff in your cabana," Robbie said.

" Ok," I said following him to my cabana. There are cabanas on the beach, but only for people who can afford to buy it. Since I'm rich, me and my mom bought one so whenever we came to the beach, we can just go to our cabana. The cabana includes a mini refrigerator, some chairs that you can adjust to lay back, a hammock, and a TV.

When my cabana came in sight, I ran to it and unlocked it. I pulled up the shade thingy that kept it closed and set up the chairs. I put my stuff on my chair and took off my bikini cover. I grabbed my wallet and took Robbie's hand.

" Come on," I groaned.

" Ok," he said.

" You guys! Me and Robbie are gonna get some Dippin Dots if you wanna join us," I said. They all got excited and dropped their stuff in the cabana and followed me and Robbie. I got Rainbow Sherbet, Robbie got Cookies n Cream and Luke got Chocolate.

" So about Homecoming," I said.

" What color should we wear?" I asked Robbie.

" It's up to you baby girl," he said kissing my forehead then wrapping his arm around my waist.

" How about teal since it's a really nice color?" I suggested.

" That's great. It's like one of my favorite colors," Robbie said all happy and I just giggled at his cuteness.

" Ok then teal it is. Just buy a teal tie ok?" I said.

" Ok," he said pecking my lips.

" Now let's go have fun!" I screamed yanking Robbie's arm as I pulled him towards the ocean. I kept running until we got closer. Once we were ankle deep in the ocean, I leaned on Robbie's shoulder and laid my head on his chest while eating my Dippin Dots. I heard his heart beating a bit fast but then slowing down to a normal pace.

" You are the most amazingest person I've ever met. I'm so glad that I met you," Robbie said kissing the top of my head.

" First of all, amazingest isn't a word and second of all, you are too," I said finishing my Dippin Dots at the same time he did. Once I saw that he was completely done, I brought my leg behind him and gently but forcefully kicked the back of his knees and pushed him in the water. I started laughing until he came up to surface.

" You're next," Robbie said playfully but seriously. I felt my eyes widened and I screamed running towards my cabana as fast as possible. I looked behind me and saw Robbie chasing me no to far behind. I started to run faster, but next thing you know, I tripped head first into the sand. I felt my ankle throbbing with pain but I ignored it. I rolled over so I could see the sky. Then Robbie came.

" Omg babe! Are you ok??" he asked worried and I just laughed.

" That hurt," I giggled he rolled his eyes and chuckled.

" But seriously, are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?" he asked.

" Yeah, my ankle is throbbing and it hurts as hell but I'm sure it's nothing," I said sitting up. Robbie bent down at my feet and gently and softly ran his hand over my throbbing ankle.

" It sure doesn't look like nothing," he said. I looked at it and saw that my ankle was purple and was swollen really bad.

" Oh well," I shrugged.

" Probably just sprained it or something," I said.

" Come on. We need to put some ice on that," he said getting up then helping me up. I tried to walk but it hurt so much, I almost fell. So Robbie picked me up, and carried me bridal style to the cabana. Once we were in the cabana, he set me down on my chair and went to the freezer for an ice pack. He handed it to me and moved me to the side so he can sit, and placed me in his lap. I put the ice on my injured ankle, and cuddled into his chest.

" How's your ankle feeling?" he asked.

" Better but still hurts like a bitch," I said.

" I'll take you to the doctors after this. You can't drive either because it's your right. I'll drive," he said.

" You better not get us in a car crash though," I warned him.

" Ok, ok," he said.

" Good," I said. I snuggled deeper into him. I felt my eyes get a little heavy but I forced them open. Robbie must've noticed because he pecked my lips.

" Take a nap, I'll wake you up later baby girl," he whispered kissing my forehead as I closed my eyes.

~ sometime later ~

I opened my eyes and something bright shone in my eyes. I let my eyes adjust and once they did, I realized we were still at the beach. Just then Robbie jogged in and saw me awake. He smiled and walked towards me, squatting down to the height of the chair.

" Hey baby. How's your ankle feeling?" he asked.

" It's feeling a little better but still hurts," I said.

" Ok. Well I'll take you to the emergency room right now if you want," he said.

" No, no, no. It's fine. We can go later. Right now let's have fun ok baby," I said trying to get up. Robbie held my arm for support as I put pressure on the injured ankle. I winced in pain and limped my way to the ocean.

" It's so pretty," I said in awe.

" Are you sure you're ankle is ok? I mean I can take you to the Emergency Room right now. We've been here for 4 hours already," he said.

" Robbie baby, I'm fineeeee. Now can we just enjoy watching the sunset. Wait! Sunset? Already? I have to take Natalie back," I said panicking as I struggled to get out of Robbie's grip.

" Babe, chillax. I already took her back home an hour ago," he said and I sighed in relief.

" Thanks baby," I said relaxing and wrapping my arms around his neck.

" We haven't really been here for 4 hours have we?" I said cocking my head to the side as Robbie chuckled.

" No, we've been here since noon and it's around 5 or 6," he said.

" I've been out for that long?" I almost yelled and he nodded.

" You probably needed it," he said smiling.

" Maybe," I said giggling. He started leaning in and I did the same. He stopped just an inch from my lips and looked in my eyes. His breath tickled my lips as he continued to look into my eyes. I looked at his lips and softly placed my lips on his. The kiss lasted for a long time before I pulled away.

" I love you so much Sky," Robbie said smiling.

" I love you more," I said taking his hand and squeezing it.

" I love you the most," he said pecking my lips. We gathered up what was left of the crew and we watched the sunset together.

" This is so beautiful," Luke said.

" Isn't it?" I said.

" Very. Just like someone I know," he said looking at me and winking. I blushed and looked back at the sunset.

" Oh Luke, before I forget, before dropping you off at your house, we're gonna go to the Urgent Care because of my ankle," I said.

" Ok. No problem," he said focusing his attention back to the sunset.

" So homecoming huh?" Luke said.

" Yep. Homecoming. Do you have a date?" I asked him and he shook his head no.

" Maybe I can hook you up with one of my friends," I suggested.

" Really?" he looked at me.

" Really," I said.

" And I'll hook you up right now," I said getting up.

" Wait what?" he said dumbfounded. I ignored him and carefully limped over to my friend Jameson.

" Hey Jamie," I said sitting next to her a hug afterwards.

" Hey Sky. What's up?" she asked.

" Nothing much. Do you have a date for homecoming?" I asked her.

" Nope," she said popping the P at the end.

" I'm a loner for life," she said. I playfully rolled my eyes and smiled.

" What do you think about Luke?" I asked her and she blushed.

" Well...he's pretty cute and I guess he's really sweet," she said messing with her nails. I smirked at her and she looked at me suspiciously.

" Skylar Melissa Gray what are you planning?" she asked and I groaned.

" You had to use my full name?" I said pouting like a puppy now.

" Put that face away honey cause it ain't gonna work with me. Now tell me what you're thinking," she said playfully smacking my arm.

" Well I was planning on hooking you and Luke up for homecoming," I said smiling and she blushed.

" Really?" she asked excitedly.

" Really," I said.

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