New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


13. ~ 13 ~

Robbie's POV:

I woke up the next morning and felt something on my chest. I looked down and saw Sky cuddled into my chest. I smiled and thought how lucky I am to have her because everyone at school wants her. I looked around and saw everyone passed out on the floor. I pulled out my phone and checked what time it was. It was 7am. I put my phone back in my pocket and held Sky in my arms and went back to sleep.

~ 2 hours later ~

I woke up and it was already 9am. I looked down and Sky's eyes were fluttering open. She looked up at me and smiled.

" Morning beautiful," I said smiling.

" Good morning," she said yawning and closing her eyes again.

" Hey," I said and she looked up at me.

" Come on. Get up," I said and she shook her head.

" How about..." I said trailing off and kissed her lips softly. She deepened the kiss but I pulled away and she groaned.

" Up," I said getting up and pulling her with me.

" Robbie," she groaned.

" Shh," I whispered.

" Come with me," I whispered pulling her down to her basement.

" What are we doing down he-" she started to say but I cut her off by softly connecting my lips with hers. I pulled her to the couch without breaking the kiss and sat down. She sat on my lap without breaking the kiss. I placed my hands at her bum and squeezed it. She softly tugged on my hair making me moan. Then she started grinding on me making me moan a little louder.

I moved my lips to her neck and started to find her sweet spot. Once I found it, she let out a shaky breath. I sucked on it a little more and she moaned. Total turn on! I tugged on her shirt and she pushed my hands away and separated from the kiss.

" Don't worry beautiful, I won't force anything onto you," I said reassuring her. She looked at me and smiled kissing my lips before getting up.

" Where are you going?" I asked her.

" To make breakfast. Can you go wake the others?" she asked.

" Sure love," I said walking up the stairs with her.

Sky's POV:

I walked to the kitchen and started to make pancakes. I was done 20 minutes later. I set the food on the table and went to the living room where I saw everyone.

" Come on. Food's ready," I said walking back to the kitchen and grabbed a plate and quickly got 2 pancakes and sat down. Robbie got his food and sat next to me.

" So what are you guys doing today?" I asked trying to start a conversation.

" Well, me and Alexa have to go visit our dad," Toni said. Oh yeah. Did I forgot to tell you guys that they're sisters.

" Oh cool. What about you guys?" I asked the others.

" Nothing," Ale and Noe said at the same time.

" I have to go pick up my sister from the airport in 2 hours," Cal said.

" Well actually I have to go right now. Bye guys," Cal said leaving.

" I have plans," Mikey said.

" What kind of plans?" I asked being nosy.

" I have a date," he said.

" With who?" I said not believing him.

" A girl," he said.

" Oh yeah? And what's her name?" I asked cockily.

" Pizza and FIFA," he said and I rolled my eyes.

" I'm free," Ash said.

" Yeah, me to," Luke said. I looked at Robbie.

" I'm free," he said.

" Mikey cancel your plans because we're going to the beach," I said.

" No way," Mikey said. I pulled out my wallet and gave him $20.

" I'm in," he said.

" You guys wanna go to the beach?" I asked.

" Sure. It's not like we have anything better to do," they said.

" Me and Toni have to get going. See you guys on Monday," Alexa said.

" Ok. Bye girls," me and Ale said giving them both a hug.

" Ok. We're gonna go get our stuff," Ale and Noe said.

" Yeah we better go get our stuff to," Ash and Mikey said as well.

" Alright. Be back here in 30 minutes," I said as they left.

" What about you boys?" I asked Robbie and Luke.

" I live next door," Luke said.

" Point," I said.

" What about you babe?" I asked Robbie.

" Shit! I forgot to ask Noe for a ride," he said and I giggled.

" Call Adam and ask him if he wants to come. Then ask him for a ride to get your stuff," I said.

" Or you can drive me to get my stuff and I can call Adam and ask him if he wants to come," he said getting closer to me. I looked into his eyes and instantly gave up.

" Fine," I groaned.

" Go get dressed," he said.

" Ok fine. Luke you might want to go get dressed. Oh and Robbie, do the dishes," I said pecking Robbie's lips before heading up to my room.

I searched through my closet and tried to find the perfect bikini. After about 5 minutes, I found my favorite bikini. It was a white bikini with a gold zipper in the middle with black outline. I also found the matching bikini bottom.

I went to the bathroom and stripped out of my clothes and replaced it with my bikini. Then I slipped on a white cover up on top of my bikini. I went back out to my room and combed my hair out. When I was done, I put it in my California Republic tote along with my towel and sunscreen. I put on a white floppy hat, black sunglasses, slipped on my white flip flops and jogged down the stairs only to find a shirtless Luke in his swim trunks and Robbie standing there looking bored as fuck.

" Did you do the dishes?" I asked Robbie.

" I just put it in the the dishwasher," he said.

" Close enough," I said grabbing the keys to my car. I locked the door to my house after everyone was out and unlocked my car. I threw my stuff in the trunk along with Luke's stuff and got in the driver's seat. Luke got in the back and Robbie sat in the passenger's seat.

" Okay. Here we go," I said pulling out of my driveway and driving to Robbie's house.

" Robbie ask the boys if they wanna join us at the beach," I said.

" Who?" he asked.

" The boys," I repeated.

" No I know, but who?" he said.

" Oh. Just ask Juan, Cayden, Chris, Adam and Max," I said.

" Ok," he said and started to text them. Then I pulled up in his driveway.

" Ok hurry up. The others are probably already waiting for us," I said.

" Ok," Robbie said getting out of the car. Then I texted Evelyn, Mariah, Eli, Jameson, Brianna, Natalie, and Miriam asking them if they wanna come to the beach. They all said yes except for Natalie. She said "call me". I rolled my eyes and called her.


N=Natalie S=Sky M=Natalie's Mom

N: Hey.

S: Hey Nat. Do you wanna join us at the beach?

N: Convince her.

S: JESUS CHRIST. Not again. I literally have to do this every time I want you to go somewhere with us and you always come back in 1 piece and alive. Does she not trust me?

N: She's just really overprotective that's all.

S: Ugh fine! Hand her the phone.

N: Here she is.

M: Hello?

S: Hi Rebecca. It's Skylar. Do you mind if I take Natalie to the beach for a couple of hours. I'll bring her back at 4:00. Is that ok?

M: Yeah sure. Thank you for letting me know. Can you come pick her up?

S: Of course. I'm just down the street.

M: Ok. I'm going to give the phone back to Natalie now.

S: Ok. Bye Rebecca.

M: Bye Skylar.

N: So?

S: Get dressed. I'll be there in 5.

N: Yay! Ok see you later.

S: Ya ok. Bye.

End of convo


" Who was that?" Luke asked.

" Oh that was just my friend Natalie. Her mom is overprotective, so whenever I want to take her out of the house, I always have to talk to her mom," I said chuckling at the end.

" Oh," he said as Robbie got in the car.

" Geez. What took you so long?" I asked Robbie.

" I couldn't find my swim trunks," he said as I pulled out of his driveway. I drove a couple houses down and pulled into Natalie's house. Then I honked my horn. The front door opened and Natalie came out.

" Oh dear god no!" Robbie said and I glared at him.

" Be nice," I said getting out of the car.

" Hey Nat!" I yelled.

" Hey Sky!" she yelled back as she approached me. When she was close enough, I gave her a hug and took her things and put it in the trunk. Then I pushed my seat forward.

" In the back," I told her. She climbed in the back, I pushed my seat back and jumped in the car. I buckled my seatbelt, closed my door, and pulled out of her driveway. I drove to my house and saw 13 cars in front of my house. I parked in front of my Luke's house an walked next door.

" Hey guys," I said hugging Jameson, Mariah, Eli, Miriam, Evelyn, and Brianna.

" Hey girl! Thanks for giving me a reason not to go hiking with my mom. I was like Boo I have plans. Sorry not sorry," Mariah said and all of us started laughing.

" Let's go," I said as I was walking to my car. I got in and drove off with everyone following behind me.

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