New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


12. ~ 12 ~

Luke's POV:  

We arrived at Sky's house. She got out of the car and we followed her to the front door of her house. She unlocked the door and let us in.


" MOM! I'M HOME! I BROUGHT SOME FRIENDS IF YOU DON'T MIND!" Sky yelled. Just then Sky's mom walked out of the kitchen.


" How was school Sky?" her mom asked.


" It was good," Sky said.


" Oh hi boys," Sky's mom said.


" Hello Ms. Grey," we all said at the same time.


" We're gonna go to the basement ok mom?" Sky said.


" Ok, but before you guys go down there.", I want to ask you boys a question," Ms. Gray said.


" Would you boys like to stay for dinner?" she asked.


" Sure," we all said.


" I'm going to invite more friends ok mom?" Sky said.


" Sure. The more the merrier," she said as we all headed down to the basement.


Sky's POV:


As we headed to the basement, I texted Robbie, Ale, Noe, Melissa, Antoinette(but we call her Toni for short), and Alexa.


I flipped on the lights in the basement and turned to look at the boys.


" Welcome to my music room," I said.


" OH MY GOD! Sky can we come over every day?!" Cal yelled.


" Whatever," I said.


" Is that a yes?" Luke asked.


" Yes," I said smiling as I saw Luke and Mike pick up one of my acoustic guitars. In my music room, I have a grand piano, 4 acoustic guitars, 3 electric guitars, a full drum set, 2 bass guitars, a clarinet, a flute, and 2 saxophones.


" You guys play?" I asked.


" Yeah," they both said. Then in the corner of my eye, I saw Cal pick up my bass and Ash pull out my drumsticks.


" Play something," I said to all of them.


" I don't know Sky," Luke said shyly while putting the guitar down. 


" Do you guys know how to play chords on the guitars?" I asked Mike, Cal and Luke. They all nodded. 


" Ok then," I said taking the acoustics away from Luke and Mike and handing them an electric guitar after I plugged them into the amps. I plugged the bass into the amp and turned it on. I grabbed 3 music stands and set them in front of Mike, Cal, and Luke.


" Do you guys know the song I Miss You by Blink 182?" I asked them and they nodded. I walked over to where I had the chord sheets for the song and placed it on the music stand.


" Play," I demanded. They sighed but started to play. When they finished the song, I was amazed.


" You guys should be in a band!!" I yelled.


" We were in a band back in Aussie,  but Ash, Cal and Mike moved here before me and I didn't think we would see each other again so we split up," Luke said.


" What was your guy's band name?" I asked.


" Bromance," Mikey said. I looked at him dumbfounded.


" You're joking," I said.


" Nope," Ash said.


" Well, I think it's time for you 4 to reunite and come up with a better name for your band," I said.


" What do you guys say?" I asked them and they looked at each other.


" I'll be your manager," I bribed.


" How about we give it another shot?" Luke gave in.


" Yay! Are you all going to join or what?" I said.


" Alright! I'm in," Ash said.


" Fine," Mike and Cal said.


" Yay!" I exclaimed.


" Ok first order of business, a new band name," I said.


" How about The Endless Now?" Ash suggested.


" Nah," we said.


" How about..." I said trailing off trying to think of something.


" 5 Seconds Of Summer. 5SOS for short," I said.


" Oh my gosh. I think we just found our band name!" Cal and Mike yelled.


" What do you think?" I asked Ash and Luke.


" I like it," Luke said.


" Yeah. It's pretty cool. Like punk cool," Ash said and I giggled.


" What's so funny?" Ash asked.


" No matter how hard you guys try, you'll never be punk rock," I laughed.


" Skylar your friends are here!" I heard my mom yell. The boys looked at me and quickly but carefully put the instruments away.


" Can you send them down please?!" I yelled back.


" Sure!" she yelled back. 2 minutes later, I saw Ale, Noe, Melissa, Alexa, Toni and Robbie.


" Hey guys," I said getting up and hugged all of them.


" Hey baby," Robbie said.


" Hey babe," I said smiling while kissing his cheek.


" Come on," I said grabbing his hand and pulling him to the couch. I sat on the couch and Robbie laid down on the couch with his head on my lap.


" So what do you guys want to do?" I asked playing with Robbie's hair.


" Truth or dare?" Ale suggested.


" We can do that after dinner. My mom won't care if we get drunk though," I said.


" Spin the bottle! Let's play spin the bottle instead of truth or dare," Ash suggested.


" Sure. And since it's Friday, we can stay up as late as we want. You guys wanna sleep over?" I asked.


" We had a feeling you were gonna say that so we brought some overnight clothes. That's why we took a long time to get here," Noe said.


" Oh wow," I said.


" What about you guys?" I asked referring to Ash, Cal, and Mike because I don't know where they live, but I do know that Luke lives next door so he can just get his clothes.


" We live down the street," they said.


" Oh cool. Do you guys want to get your clothes right now?" I asked.


" Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. We'll be back in 10 minutes," they said.


" What about you Luke? Might as well get it out of the way right?" I asked.


" Yeah. You're right. I'll be back in 5 minutes," Luke said.


" Ok so what do you guys want to do while we're waiting for them?" I asked.


" Let's go your game room and play some games," Toni said.


" Ok fine," I said trying to get up but  Robbie stopped me.


" We'll be up in a couple of minutes," he said. The others nodded and disappeared up the stairs.


" If I do something will you get mad?" he asked.


" Well it depends. I mean if it's taking our relationship to a new level than I won't but if it's something else then it depends," I said.


" Dammit ok. Please don't get mad," he said but before I got a chance to answer, I felt his soft lips on mine. I kissed back and our lips moved in sync. I moved onto his lap with both of my legs on either side of him then broke the kiss.


" Now why would I get mad over a kiss?" I asked softly giggling. He shrugged smiling and reconnected his lips with mine. I felt his teeth tug on my bottom lip for entrance. I gladly accepted and our tounges fought for dominance. Of course he won but whatever. I roamed my hands through his thick hair and gently pulled on it and I heard him moan.The kiss got heated and it turned into a full blown make out session. Minutes late, we heard someone clear their throat. We quickly separated from the kiss and I turned around to see Ash, Cal, Mikey, and Luke.


" Oh hey guys," I said getting off of Robbie blushing.


" Damn Robbie. You definitely got some," Mikey said laughing. I turned to Robbie and saw his cheeks a bright red. I softly giggled and headed to my game room. It was 5:30pm which means dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. We played FIFA 16 and I won every match.


" Kids! Time for dinner!!" we heard my mom yell.


" We're coming," I yelled.


" Come on guys. I smell spaghetti. My mom makes killer spaghetti," I said running downstairs which the others following behind me.


~ skip dinner ~ 


I changed into a sports bra, a tank top, some shorts, and some socks. It gets really hot here in Escondido. Especially in August. I put my hair in a messy bun and ran down to the  kitchen to get some beer.


" What are you kids up to?" my mom asked as I got 3 cases of beer out of the fridge.


" We're gonna play spin the bottle," I said.


" Ok. Don't do anything stupid now," she said while walking away. Man I love my mom. I ran downstairs and saw everyone in their phone.


" Alright! Phones away. Let's play spin the bottle," I said handing everyone a bottle of beer. I chugged down a bottle and set it in the middle of our circle.


" Ready?" I asked as I got another bottle and everyone nodded.


" Ok," I said spinning the bottle. It landed on Alexa.


" Truth or dare," I asked.


" Dare," she said.


" I dare you to skinny dip in my pool," I said and she shook her head.


" Ok. You know the rules," I said. She rolled her eyes and took off her shirt.


" Ok. My turn," Alexa said spinning the bottle. It landed on Noe.


" Truth or dare?" Alexa asked him.


" Truth," he said.


" Wimp," Ash coughed out and we giggled except for Ale.


" Are you a virgin?" Alexa asked.


" To be completely honest, yes," he said spinning the bottle afterward. It landed on me.


" Shit," I muttered under my breath. 


" Truth or dare?" he asked.


" Dare," I said confidently.


" I dare you to..." he said trying to think of something.


" I dare you to give Robbie a lap dance," Noe said. I looked a Robbie and he shook his head. I chugged my bottle down and got up and gave Robbie a lap dance. Then I sat down when I was done. When I sat down everyone started laughing. I looked at them and they were laughing at Robbie. I looked at him and saw that he had a boner. Not so long after, I started joining them.


" Ok, ok. My turn," I said. I spun the bottle and it landed on Luke.


" Truth or dare?" I asked.


" Dare," he said.


" I dare you to run around the neighborhood butt naked screaming RAPE," I said giggling. He shook his head no.


" Alright. You know the rules," I said. He rolled his eyes and took his shirt off. HOLY SHIT! He has an amazing body. A 6 pack too?? OMG! He's so freaking hot. Wait! What am I thinking?! I have a boyfriend. I can't like Luke at the same time. Can I?


" Are you ok babe?" Robbie asked snapping me out of my thoughts.


" Yeah sweetie. I'm fine. Just in deep thought," I said.


~ 40 minutes later ~


We finished the game and we were all sober still. Robbie was shirtless, me, Ale, Melissa, Alexa and Toni are only in our bra and underwear, and the Ash, Cal, Luke and Noe are only in their boxers, and Mikey is fully dressed because he did all his dares.


" Let's watch a movie," I said and everyone agreed.


" Let's go to my movie room," I said running upstairs to the movie room while the others trailed behind. 


" What movie do you guys wanna watch?" I asked them.


" Mean Girls!" Ale yelled.


" Ew chick flicks! How about Fast and Furious 7?" Ash suggested and we all agreed. I put on the movie and cuddled up with Robbie. About 1 hour into the movie, I felt my eyes starting to get heavy and I soon feel asleep.

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