New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


11. ~ 11 ~


Luke's POV:  

When we walked through the doors everyone stopped walking and got out of the way. I was walking behind Sky and Robbie, but someone stopped me. 


" Hey new kid!" I heard someone yell. I turned around and there stood James.


" What," I snapped.


" Did you just snap at me? Oh I know you did not just snap at me!" James said walking closer to me with his "squad". I started breathing a little faster.


" What's wrong? Are you scared?" James asked pushing me against a locker holding my collar.


" No," I gulped.


" Don't lie," James said. Just then, a fist collided with my eye. Then my jaw and cheek. Then I felt myself being dropped to the ground and felt someone kicking me in my stomach several times.


" Go back to Australia. You don't belong here," James said.


" Luke!" I heard someone yell. I looked up and saw Mike, Cal and Ash.


" Are you ok bro?" Ash asked.


" I'm fine," I said as they helped me up.


" Are you sure?" Mike asked.


" I'm sure," I said.


" Ok. Well do you need help to get to your 1st period class?" Cal asked.


" No. I'll be fine. Thanks guys. I'll see you guys in ASB class in 5th period," I said flipping up my hood and walking to my 1st period class. Once I set foot in the class, the late bell rang.


" Just in time Luke. Go sit next to..." Mrs. Peterson said scanning the class.


" Sky," Ms. Peterson said. I began walking to my seat but Mrs. Peterson stopped me.


" Oh and Luke, NO HATS IN CLASS!" she yelled. 


" It's not a hat. It's a hoodie," I said.


" Are you getting smart with me?! Back in the day when I was your age, if I'd talk to my teacher like that, I'd get slapped!" Mrs. Peterson yelled. I rolled my eyes and took my hoodie off. Everyone gasped as I took my seat.


" Luke what happened?" Sky asked.


" James," I simply said.


" Are you ok?" she asked. 


" Yeah. I'm fine," I said. She reached over and softly rubbed my bruised eye with her thumb and I flinched.


" Come over to my house after school," she whispered and started doing the algebra problem Mrs. Peterson put on the board.


~ skip to 5th period ~


" Alright class. Get in your committees and we'll talk," Mrs. James said. Me, Ash, Cal and Mike walked over to our committee.


" Alright people. Mrs. James said we have to plan the date, time and theme of our Homecoming dace. Any suggestions?" Sky asked.


" Oh I know. How about Paris?" Robbie suggested. Sky whispered something in his ear then kissed his cheek. Robbie's such a lucky guy. 


" How about you Luke? Did you come up with anything?" Sky asked.


" Um how about Falling For You Ball. Ya know. Since it's almost fall," I said.


" What do you guys think?" Sky asked.


" I love the idea," Alejandra said.


" All in favor," Sky said and all everyone in the committee raised their hands.


" Good. So when do we wanna have the Homecoming dance?" Sky asked.


" Hm. Since it's August, how about 2 Fridays from now?" Noe suggested.


" All in favor," Sky said and yet again, everyone in our committee raised their hand.


" Ok. I think the dance should start at 7:00 and end at 10:30. What do you think?" Sky asked.


" How about we have it until 11:00?" Ash asked.


" No because we have to lock up at 11:00 and we need at least 30 minutes to clean up," Sky said.


" Ok. We'll just stick to 10:30," Cal said and everyone agreed.


" Great," Sky said.


" Alright! Class meeting!" Mrs. James yelled.


" Dance committee," Mrs. James said and Sky stood up.


" Ok so the theme is Falling For You since it's already almost fall time. The dance will be 2 Fridays from now, and the time is 7:00 to 10:30," Sky annoucned.


" Great," Mrs. James said.


" Ok next is the pla-," Mrs. James said but got cut off by the bell.


" We'll continue this meeting tomorrow. Class dismissed," Mrs. James said.


~ skip to the end of school ~


" Hey Luke. Are you ready to go?" Sky asked.


" Sure just let me put my book in my locker," I said.


" Ok. Meet me by my car," she said and walked away. I put my books in my locker and started to walk out of the school. I made it to Sky's car but before I got in I heard someone calling me. I turned around and saw Ash, Mike, and Cal.


" Oh hey guys," I said waving at them.


" What's up?" Cal asked.


" Just gonna go with Sky to her house," I said. Then I heard the car window roll down.


" Hey guys," Sky said through the window.


" What's up Sky?" Mike asked.


" Nothing. Just heading to my house," she said.


" OOO, can we come?? Please??" Ash begged.


" Ugh fineeeee," Sky said annoyingly rolling her eyes.


" Yay!" Ash squealed like a 5 year old girl.


" Get in!" Sky said impatient.


" Ok! Geez! Calm down," Mike said getting in the back seats as Cal and Ash followed. When they were in, I got in, and Sky drove off to her house.

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