New Kid

Luke Hemmings is the new kid at San
Pascual High School. He moved all the way from Austalia to Escondido. He gets bullied once he stepped through the doors of his new school.

But all that changed when Skylar, came and told them to stop bullying him.

What will happen? Will Luke and Skylar end up falling in love?

~Read to Find Out~


10. ~ 10 ~

Sky's POV:  

I woke up the next day due to my alarm clock going off. I groaned and slammed my fist on the snooze button to make it shut up. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When I was done, I went to my closet and found something to wear. After about 10 minutes of searching through my closet, I found a black crop top that says PROBLEMS 99 and black high waisted shorts.


I went back in the bathroom and changed. Then I blow dried my hair and curled it. Then I braided a little strip of it and pinned it to the back of my hair. I put on a black heart necklace and some bracelets. I grabbed my backpack and headed down stairs.


" Bye mom. See you later," I said grabbing an apple and headed to the door, but my mom stopped me.


" Don't you need shoes?" my mom said laughing. I looked down at my feet and saw that I had my socks on.


" Oops. Thanks mom," I said giggling while slipping on my high cut black converse.


" Now you're ready. Bye sweetie have a great day at school," my mom said.


" Bye mom," I said grabbing my keys and headed out the door. Before I got in my car, I looked over to Luke's house and saw him walking out the door.


" Want a ride?" I asked him.


" No it's all good I can just walk," Luke said.


" Luke don't be ridiculous. The school's 3 miles away from here," I said with a straight face.


" Fine," he said walking over.


" Great. You wanna go get some Starbucks?" I asked.


" Sure," Luke said. Before I started driving, I texted Robbie.


Me: Morning bby😘

He instantly replied.

Robbie: Morning beautiful😍

Me: You want a ride?🙃

Robbie: Yeah sure😌

Me: Gr8 I'll be there in 5

Robbie: Ok


After that I started to drive to his house.


" Um...this isn't Starbucks," Luke said confused.


" No I know. I just wanted to pick up my boyfriend," I said.


" Do you mind hopping in the back?" I said.


" Yeah ok," Luke said getting out of the car and getting in the back.


" Hold on. I'll be right back. Then I'll get you whatever you want at Starbucks," I said.


" Promise?" he asked.


" Promise," I said smiling and getting out of the car. I walked up to the front door of Robbie's house and rung the door bell. Seconds later, Robbie came out.


" Hey," he said smiling.


" Hi," I said giving him a hug.


" Come on. I wanna get Starbucks before we go to school," I said grabbing his hand and dragging him to my car.


" Oh Robbie this is my friend Luke and Luke this is my boyfriend Robbie," I said introducing Luke to Robbie and Robbie to Luke as I pulled out of the driveway and headed to Starbucks.


Luke's POV:


Robbie's her boyfriend?! Are you serious?! He doesn't look like a fuckboy which is good. He looks really nice.


" Oh hey. Aren't you that new transfer from Australia? I heard you're really good at football and soccer," he said.


" Yeah," I said.


" Do you wanna go to tryouts for football? It's this Friday," he said.


" I might," I said.


" Cool. We need a stronger team this year. I heard that Escondido High School has some pretty good players this year," he said.


" Baby, our team won the championships for 3 seasons in a row," Sky said.


" I know," Robbie said smiling at her.


" So how long have you guys been together?" I asked.


" I finally had the courage to ask her out yesterday," Robbie said.


" Yeah. We've known each other since grade 7 though," Sky said. 


" Cool," I said as Sky pulled up into the Starbucks drive through.


" What to you guys want?" she asked.


" Wait are you gonna pay?" I asked.


" Of course," she said.


" No, I got it," me and Robbie said at the same time.


" No. I got it. Now what do you guys want?" she asked.


" Vente Vanilla Bean," Robbie said.


" Grande Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe Chino," I said.


" Anything else?" she asked.


" Nope," me and Robbie said at the same time again.


" Ok," she said.


" Hi this is Starbucks. May I interest you in trying the Apple Spice Latte?" I heard the lady ask.


" No thank you. Can I have a Vente sized Vanilla bean, a Grande sized Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe Chino, a Vente sized Strawberries and Creme and a blueberry muffin please," Sky said.


" Would you like the muffin heated?" the lady asked.


" Yes please," Sky said.


" Ok that'll be $25.49 at the window," the lady said.


" Ok thank you," Sky said pulling up to the window.


" Here you go," the lady said giving Sky the drinks after Sky paid.


" Thanks," Sky said before pulling out of the drive way giving us our drinks as she drove to school.


" Thanks Sky," me and Robbie said at the same time.


" Omg can you guys not. It's creepy when you two talk at the same time," Sky said giggling while eating her muffin and drinking her Strawberries and Creme after.


" Sorry," me and Robbie said at the same time again.


" I'm serious stop. It's creeping me out," Sky said finishing her muffin as she parked her car in the student parking lot at school.


" Alright, we're here," Sky said getting out of the car. Then me and Robbie got out and walked beside Sky. Another day at school. Great.

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