Transformation (On Hold)

Reylina was a nerdy, geeky sophomore. She was constay getting bullied. When sophomore year ended in New York, Reylina and her family moved to Sydney.

Reylina's parents felt bad for moving to a new continent, so her parents promised they would get her all new things.

How will her new school be? Will she still get bullied?

~Read to find out~


2. ~ 2 ~

Reylina's POV:

I got home 5 hours later with a lot of shopping bags. Mostly from Hollister, Forever 21, and Victoria Secret. 

" How'd it go sweetie?" my mom asked.

" Good. I got contact lenses now," I said.

" I see that," my mom giggled.

" Oh my daughter. You look different. I love it," my dad said giving me a hug. 

" I got some piercings," I said showing my ears, lip, and nose.

" You look cool," my mom said.

" Aw. Thanks mom," I smiled.

" You bought some stuff for school right?" dad said.

" Yeah I did," I said smiling.

" Well head up to your room, and get ready for bed. Did you eat before you came home?" my mom asked.

" Yeah," I said.

" Ok. Goodnight sweetie," my mom and dad said kissing my forehead before I went to my room. I dropped my bags on the floor of my room, collapsed on my bed, and fell asleep.

Hey guys. Sorry for not updating a lot though. Please understand that I'm very busy with school and all. So please don't get mad at me. Tell other people about this book and my other one called New Kid. 

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