Transformation (On Hold)

Reylina was a nerdy, geeky sophomore. She was constay getting bullied. When sophomore year ended in New York, Reylina and her family moved to Sydney.

Reylina's parents felt bad for moving to a new continent, so her parents promised they would get her all new things.

How will her new school be? Will she still get bullied?

~Read to find out~


1. ~ 1 ~

Reylina's POV:

" Why did we have to move?" I asked as we entered our new house in Australia.  

" Your dad's work transferred us here," my mom said. My dad is in the military so we had to move to Australia.   

" Great. Another place to get bullied at," I mumbled and sighed putting my bags down.  

" Cheer up sweetie. Your dad and I decided that you can go shopping and buy whatever you want. You can even get eye contacts," mom said.  

" Are you serious. Oh my god thank you mom," I said hugging her.  

" Here. Use at least $400," she said handing me a credit card.  

" Are you serious?" I asked happily.  

" Yup. Now go," mom said and I took the card and my keys and drove my Jeep to the mall.      

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