The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


18. Last Episode #16: Unraveled.

                        “I repeat we’ve got the King undercover.” Simba replied that instantly Victor showed up there clapping hard, “What a weak move from a King … to save his cubs exactly your kind of move but it’s all pathetic… I will find them and I will hunt them down even if they are at the very verge of Universe.” Victor said with his glowing unusual eyes that King fell faint on the ground surprising everyone, “If I’m not wrong, your sister was one of them who made them escape especially… the Prince.” Simba said and signaled a warrior standing away that he goes and come back after few moments later with two more warriors who were holding Leonora that Victor when sees her he goes straight to her, “Why Sister, why you betrayed me?” He asks her but she didn’t replied anything and her head was continuously bowed down her strayed hairs were concealing her face ; Tion showed up quick who was with Kalima that Victor in front of everyone slams a great blow at her face that went her flying in the air crashing her to the side wall that she fell faint on the ground, “Kalima…” He growls that Kalima himself shivered at once, “Yes, my lord.” he asked humbly, “Erase my sister’s memory.” Victor said and then he left instantly leaving everyone there surprised, “Yes, my lord considers it done.” Kalima replied.

“It’s finished.” he said that everyone starts seeing her faint face that came to life at once, “You imbeciles quit staring if you like the eyes of yours… didn’t you see any girl before.”She growls when she sees everyone there staring at her smiling that when they heard her they all lands on their knees that she left, “Welcome new bird.” Kalima said smiling.

Mec was there again holding Jaguar’s lifeless body, his head was joined almost to his that Kalima rushed there at once with Tion and he placed his paw at Mec’s shoulder that he without thinking held him at his throat his grip tightening after every second, “Mec stay calm it’s Kalima, he’s here to help Jaguar.” Tion said by patting him on his front that he released him instantly, “Who are you?” Kalima cried out as soon as he caught breathe that Mec lowered his eyes. Kalima then sit beside the lifeless and flooding body of Jaguar and start mumbling something that air started wheezing and getiing intense after each second,

“Grant him… grant him his soul… grant him another life…” Kalima mumbles that whole breeze was then so intense as if it was some rushing Gale… Gale that want to uprooted them… suddenly that whole air glows out of light… light so bright that its warmth can be felt. By whirling it straight goes in to the Jaguar mouth as the blood just then starts trailing back to him followed by his healing wounds. Everyone was seeing Jaguar with hopeful eyes that he starts breathing and opens his eyes slowly and starts seeing them all one after the other as his face was surprised, “Welcome back my friend.” Kalima exclaims smiling. He pulled stand him up and hugged him that he hugged him back still surprised, when Kalima done hugging; Tion came along and pats him on the shoulder, “You know what? someone was really you know dying to want you back.” Tion spoke and get to a side as then someone start appearing from behind; his head bowed down as the ashy hairs have covered his half face, he was wounded badly from head to toe and soaked in blood that Jaguar straight goes to him and places his left paw on his right shoulder and then he slowly but softly heads it towards his neck and then to his side face and by slithering his hairs off from his side face he sees his sodden eye and coldness all over, “You were late, you know that.” Jaguar said and then he hugged him tightly that he got stunned and then slowly raised his arms up to hug him back as if he don’t know how to; when they done Jaguar holds him from his shoulders starts examining him from head to toe, “Look at those overgrown hairs of yours …” Jaguar mentioned and then approached for his ears when he sees Leonora coming, “If these are to impress Princess than I bet she will be thrilled.” Jaguar said that Leonora moves her head towards them while smiling which made Mec forgot to breathe, “Oopse…” Jaguar said it aloud as Mec was seeing him with his thrilled eyes as there was a believe reflecting through them… for him, “And if you think that yours this, half naked front will impressed her you are dreaming.” Jaguar continued aloud and then run away quickly that Princess chuckles while moving away leaving Mec just stunned at the moment, “Jaguar…” He said and take out his boot and throw it straight towards the Jaguar escaping butt …that it hit violently, “Ouch… ouch.” Jaguar cried out while running away that Mec’s another boot hit his head with the sound of thump, “Mother fucker.” Jaguar exclaimed while looking back that Mec when heard this he started running after him but Jaguar just vanished leaving the air to whizz past him, “Son of bitch.” Mec mumbles that Kalima starts laughing and then instantly stops when he sees Mec’s puckered brow, “Why even I’m laughing. “ Kalima said and posed away from him while folding his arms, certainly he was angry with Mec, “Look I’m sorry…” Mec said while placing his paw on his shoulder when he reaches him, “What I can’t hear you the silence is too loud.” Kalima said and aimed up his ear at his mouth, “I said I’m sorry… my friend” Mec said it again while smiling, “Wow, do I consider it an apology or your desperation?” Kalima said grinning, “Do whatever your nobrain tells you to.” Mec shrugged, “Hey…hey watch it.” Kalima said by poking at him, “Well I think Jaguar was right you know Princess does have some feelings for you in her heart*poking at his*, you see how she smiled and how she chuckles as if this whole thing was her shy… well I’m pretty sure that I see her blushing cheeks… and what is this you have taken out from your belt…” Kalima was saying that in end he gives Mec a wry look when he sees Mec taking out some type of rod from his belt and gripping it tight in his paws,

“Well its nothing it’s just a twine that I haven’t applied on anyone … you were saying… no, no please continue.” Mec said with his serious face, “I was saying that inside her hair concealed face I’m pretty sure I see her… Ouch… Ouch… Hey watch it… it hurts.” Kalima was saying that Mec starts beating him with his twine that Tion starts laughing while poking at both of them, Kalima instantly run away, “Blushing cheeks… he thinks I’m a fool.” Mec muttered seeing at ground as his both paws were at his back and he was breathless that Tion starts to move but he at once got in the way, his head was aimed down and covered again with hairs, “Going somewhere.” Mec spoke humbly but more like some ironic way, “Mec, I’m sorry for what I had done… I didn’t mean that to hurt you, I did this as I was told.” Tion replied respectfully that Mec close in even more and start seeing him in the eyes aiming his head a little down as he was half feet taller than him, “Who told you to do this?” He asks Tion that he can’t bear his sight more long and aims his head down, “Prince Victor asked me to do it as he was working on some project and it’s a success, thanks to you. You were great; the controller enhances your powers and revealed your true identity… the beast that resides in you- now everyone sees it…” Tion exclaimed, “Get out of my face.” Mec growls that Tion turned serious and took a step back and posed away to go as if he knows that his sweet talk didn’t bother him.

He stood froze to ground when Mec held him from the shoulder that by turning to him he got amazed to see the Mec’s raised wrist, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Tion asked him but he didn’t replied by seeing this Tion’s front split open and some kind of bracelet appeared in between his mechanism, by holding it  he softly wedged it on his wrist, promptly then some kind of hair like thin wires appeared in a tuft shaking lending a wheezing sound in air.  In an instant they penetrate his arm that with a blood splash they infiltrated his brain that his ashy eyes switched to black.

Mec’s sour scream switched the peace to an uproar that his growling breath wasn’t seemed his anymore; it seems that there’s some beast in him that wants to UNRAVEL. The place then filled with Mec’s sarcastic chuckles which starts rising in amplitude more and more that finally they turned in to selfish laughing, with his scratched face he see up aiming his head as then his arms were wide opened, “We will met again soon.” *zoom in*He mumbled while rubbing his face where Kaya left the incised marks.


Yes Guys i'm really upset too as this season have ended but please find your patience... this is not the last part just yet,

A theme Poem will be released on it as I'm still working on it...

Don't forget to check out the next part.

"Untangled Beasts"


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