The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


10. Episode #9: Rift.


“Ah, no please somebody help me.”I screamed in complete terrified voice as I was dragged by big hefty predator his canines dig deep down into my limb and he was dragging me to others and I was struggling, they are about to open me apart that someone smashed them taking one after the other it was so quick that it happened in just a blink of an eye.... there’s only one who have that speed and that’s Jaguar, “hey Jaguar, wait. Where are you going, please don’t leave me alone…Jaguar.” I said that my voice echoed through the darkness. I was chasing Jaguar that I can’t keep up with his speed. Suddenly I was so alone in the interminable darkness that without any further ado I was surrounded by red hot burning eyes of Predators infinite in number closing in, closing in even more that my back hit against the blind alley I was trapped, those red hot burning eyes were then so close that I can feel their breath on my face; I know that I will going to die that someone whizzed passed me and all the darkness started to fade away I was standing terrified closing my eyes that I opened them when I felt some gentle paw on my shoulder and I was stunned to see Jaguar *everything was white washed*, “Mec, my friend you need to wake up you are in danger.” He said calmly and started walking back without breaking the eye contact.... fading in sharp light, “Jaguar wait for me.” I said heading to him with my paw that wished to touch him that he got almost vanished in light after saying, “We will meet again soon my friend.”       

The high pitched rustle of dry grass being stomped as if someone walked carelessly without any fear was heard by me and it made me rushed back to my senses right away, not near but not very far to be sure. My face and even my whole body were sweating with fear and despair, “Why Jaguar why you left me, well your sacrifice won’t go for nothing I will avenge you my friend.” I said while wiping the sweat from my face and began to look around. I felt really light headed and wanted to stood up but no use, every time I tried I end up on the ground lying like as if I always desired to sit like that with my wide open legs. There were so many pieces of branches lying beside me, probably they had fallen when I rushed pass through them; I grabbed one and used it as the staff to drag myself up. I then see that my wound didn’t heal and most likely I need some flesh or blood product to regenerate my tissues but how? I’m in no condition to hunt or even move some more. I was thinking that I picked some sound, it was the roaring of some water site that my face flushed with happiness.

                                             I was very thirsty and I need to get to that water resource quick so in this way I could have something to eat because 'where there is water there is life'; I thought to myself and struggled to my paws and start dragging myself towards the roaring bank. After pushing myself through from rocks, bushes, inclined ground and there I was standing in front of the water lake, my thirst was too great that it dehydrated my lips and mouth; seeing water resource in front of me was the source of vim that I let go off my staff and wandered to it and when finally I reached it I lost my balance and fell at its bank I think of nothing  and started gulping enough water I could get. When I’m done I grabbed my limb and placed it across the bank and start cleaning and washing my wound while seeing the water in the lake turned red and then fading away, the bank grass also gushed with my blood; ‘Water splashes’ I took out my Laser sword at once and postured my body in attack mode my back facing the water bank, I was listening to a tiny sound sniffing even a tiny scent ...completely ready to encounter anything that the shrubbery hissed straight on my right, the sound was faint and certainly came from passed the bank trees down the bank inclined area I have to know what it was of or who it was? I began crouching to that faint sound by heaving my limb but not letting it made enough drag sound that can alert my enemies.

                                            After passing through trees I was then there where the sound was originally came; I glanced behind the tree trunk and caught a site of a half drown black panther straight down the bank who was struggling out from the water but it was trodden under a big log; definitely he was trying to keep his head above the water so that it won't get drown, it's struggling paws were the cause of hissing sound of the bank shrubbery. That panther must’ve come here to drink water from the Lake but unfortunately it must’ve slipped through the greasy rocks and the water currents rushed it under the log where its paw got stuck.

‘I definitely have to help it but how? The water currents were strong too and with my injury how can I help?’ I wondered. ‘I see the Death that close too; knowing to be helpless when death is dominant, I know that feeling that suffering. We experience pain in order to sense others agony.’ All thoughts encouraged me to help that Panther and I with my Laser sword rushed to help but as I get closer and closer the Panther seems to appeared bigger and bigger. I stood there for a while thinking how to help without getting myself hurt or killed because that Panther didn’t seem happy to see me there, he kept on growling at me constantly.

                                      I put back my Laser sword and took out my Long bow gun and load it with self destructing arrows and fired one under the log ,the explosion was very violent that water spring emerge under the log lifting it through the Panther who got scared from the explosion and rushed back to bank and walk away; for instant I thought it will look back but certainly it got some attitude. My heart then felt relief ,I smiled and was about to head my own way that the piercing rustle was heard not by me but also by the Panther that made him run away, I was then there alone and looked like I’m seized in between the woods, One wrong move and I’ll be done I was still near at the site of Lake crouched in fear; holding tight my Long Bow Gun having paw on the trigger and soul ready to embrace anything that encounters me.

                                      Without the loss of anymore time, I flipped over in air that an arrow whizzed past my ear and hit the ground with violent explosion, one second late and I would be dead. I was surely ambushed and about to attain my balance that my camouflaged enemy emerged from the trees walking towards me with attracting flair. They were three teenagers but I’m a teenager as well but they look incompetent as one of them didn’t know how to hold the gun he was lifting it with it's back end-plate, the gun is not even on automatic mode, the other was holding the Bow Gun but the arrows pack on his back was too far from him to even reach, well the third have two Laser swords on his sides but they were too above from his base belt that suppose if I attack him he could not be able to take them out at the instant.

                                        I had my Long Bow gun still in my paws as in the posture in which I was its hidden from their sight. I have to strike them before they could harm me anymore that without losing anymore time I fired an arrow at the Gunner while running and tossing in the air that his Gun goes automatic and lose the fire that one of its Laser shot hit the Arrows pack of Bow-warrior ...splitting it from his back, he couldn't even noticed he was just so freaked out from the surprised fire that he ran away, then who’s left was the Sword freak standing stunned to see the happening hell around him just then the gunner gained control over his gun with his face flushed with fear but at that time I had the batteries of the Gun and the belt of the Sword warrior in which his both swords were there.

                                    They were totally unaware of this, I was then in the middle of both that Gunner aimed at me with his gun, “Who are you? Where are you from? Certainly you don’t belong in here.” he says. “You are right about that and well you know ah, …” I stopped for instant because my limb was protesting that's why... then they watched me bending down and patting my limb and get up again. “…you can’t be able to attack me with missing these.” I continued; showing them their weapons. They were so terrified to see this they ran away without looking back, “That was close, how did they even know I was here? Maybe they have found the ship or Leonora or Jaguar maybe…” I was self talking that my eyes open wide with delight I know deep down they are alive somewhere... that relief went to all my body …"I need to find the others…”, “Why not you join them and share their pain as well.” my eyes fly off in rage my whole body like ripped into thousands bits, someone was behind me and the voice was definitely seemed feminine but fierce.

                                   I posed back and see a female warrior holding a bow aiming straight right at my front and beside her there stands a hefty looking white animal not some Tiger but the scent I picked it was a half breed of Tiger and Wolf “How’s that even possible... my friends...” I spoke out, “Well, surprised this was nothing I know a place where you can find more.” she says and aimed again that I flipped back in air smashing her bow with my limb and make it fly off in air and then I gained my balance before I could even hit the ground, I could see her face rumble with anger that her pet growled at me fiercely, “Be calm my dear not this time this is my kill.” she said patting her pet on his head that it see me with the burning eyes and then she turned to me, “I’m better off without my bow.” she said and jogged towards me, I was unable to move but I’m not that defenseless I took out my claws instantly and get ready for her to attack. I pictured her coming from front and slamming her paw into my front and so I got ready for her this attack; when she reached me close enough to attack me just like I pictured, she just flipped over in the air and land behind me, I without losing any more time tucked down that her back punch just ruined but she was so fast and tried to slam me with her limb but at once I held her limb in my paw that she cuffed my face with her alternative paw so hard that I fly off in air and thumped against the stock of the tree, blood instantly dashed out off my mouth with a little squall that I felt not breathing anymore I crawled and held the tree to get support and glanced around to see her, she wasn’t anywhere that I heard someone whizzed past me...

                                                I see blood splashing off in the air... this was my blood she was able to clawed my torso that I land on my knees my one paw pressed gently on my chest but the blood was dripping across my paw fingers, there was no escape then. I was so much injured that I started feeling dizzy. She turned to me again after wiping my blood from her face, her eyes burning hot I then stood up again but she rushed to me again and stroked me hard sending me flying in the air even more that I went tumbling over to the bank, I wasn’t feeling any pain but the blood was soaking wet the ground under me that I glanced around and see her standing not very far but holding a blade, her paw and the blade both drenched with my blood that she started heading towards me gripping that blade, “Don’t worry precious you won’t feel a thing.” she said raucously while licking my blood on the blade. I was ravaged completely that I squeaked to the water ahead by dragging myself and letting water currents to took me away because I didn't want to die not that soon. She jogged to me so that she could prevent what’s happened but I was long gone. What I last saw was her pet chasing me down along the bank but then stopped, maybe she calls him; I was put to somnolent after seeing a water fall cliff and then there was nothing to see with my eyes closed.

Would Mec survive this life and death situation? Who was she and how she knows him? stay put to get all the answers in the coming episodes until then bye....                                       

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