The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


9. Episode #8: Half Paralyze.


Mec's POV:

We just came in emergency landing; at that crashing bout I was totally unaware not knowing a single thing or a voice it seemed to me as I was restricted to myself; half paralyzed I was seeing everything but incapable to react, I’ve never flew before and now I was going to die! Was that the End? Is that how I will die? My poisonous thoughts were killing me and I was no more than a drowning cat who didn't even know how to swim to safety just at the moment of seeing myself drowning I felt some hand on my back heading towards my shoulder naked from panoply and the instant it touched the drowning cat felt relief because it know that it will going to be rescued from the mouth of the death,” Keep it together Mec Dellino You are a warrior it’s not the time for you to give up we all need you so come on and show that damn ship what you got.” Princess shrewd at me calling me from my full name that I rushed back to my senses and found everyone were staring at me; well it was totally my obloquy, “I’ll try.” I said. That’s the best I come up with. The ship was shaking to death I almost going to fall but grabbed the voluptuous seat controls, “Mec, Now!” chorus spoke. “Okay, Okay.” I replied nervously. I saw into my screen and found three ships chasing us to death and surprisingly I got a lock on one and shoot a missile on it the missile chases but it almost got it on the it’s thrusters due to the quick flip and a fire shot at the instant from that ship my all efforts goes to a loss “Ooh.” The chorus spoke again. The ship returned the fire and hit ours, “Core hit,   recovering damage do not let that happen again.” AI says. “How in the world they see us even in stealth mode?” Jaguar asked in a depression, “Well they may have the EMP ray through which they can see our ship entirely even in stealth mode.” replied Princess, “Exactly.” said AI. The ships together don’t fired one but three missiles at once.... that was the end of my endurance, “Ahhhhh…” I cried while volleying infinite missiles on the ships busting the ones they fired and then hitting them with everything I got and surprisingly it worked, finally it worked two ships got hit and whirling down to death, “Woo, yeah take that sucker.” I cried out loud, “Yeah baby woohoo.” Jaguar exclaimed and patted me on shoulder, we all were celebrating my success that the ship shook violently and started whirling around, “Core hit... damage too great... embrace yourself for crash landing.” said AI. “Oh My King, we are bust ‘in down.” Jaguar almost cried. “Not until I finish that damn ship.” I frowned and got almost a lock on the ship that our ship shook again even more vigorously than before that I’ve got an extreme jerk accidentally the jerk provided the necessary force to push the trigger... the missile got lose, the ship’s roof flaked out as we were falling under the force of planet’s gravity and whirling, “Eject, Eject!” cried Jaguar furiously and push the Eject button. “Jaguar…” I cried while seeing him going up and striking the ship’s left wing that made him flip in the air... I could heard his bones as they creak... I could even heard the cry led out from his throat... But there... there I was alike bloody shitty helpless. I was just there astound by the scene I saw... what the heck just happened? But just answer less... damn answer less, his blood splashes through my astonished face that my eyes went closed at the instant like they won’t take it what the horrible scene I saw, seeing my best friend dying while knowing I can’t able to save him.

                                  Suddenly, I felt so alone... so lonely as if the world ended and only I survived to see the remaining left over of the destroyed world, “Mec help me, I’ve got stuck.” Princess called for help that I flashed back to the present situation and started finding my way to her, the ship’s all wings crushed and what left was just the ship’s middle part, at once we received the Mother of the jerk that I slipped and my limb stuck in the princess seat’s bottom behind where the part of crushed roof was on her only showing her arms and head, “Hell Shit, I got stuck…give me your paws princess I’ll try to pull you out.” I shouted as the sound of crashing ship and air making mine inaudible. “70 meters till crash landing.” Spoke AI. “Hurry Princess, give me your paws.” I said panicking, “I’m trying… I can’t reach you, Ahhh.” Princess cried with pain. “Princess…” I cried back and my thoughts going severe what if I can’t able to save Her? I made a promise to Prince Victor that I will take care of her by any means even if it cost me my death then, I was too helpless to even get her to safety or save her from the mouth of death I failed Prince Victor, I failed Princess, I failed my best friend I failed everyone including myself but there’s still time I don’t have to give up that soon I have to try till death No I won’t let her suffer I will save her, My thoughts were the source of vim that I clawed my limb and set it free but the seat belt was just curled around my limb preventing me to move it even farther, “40 meters remaining.” AI spoke again. “Princess…Princess…Princess give me you paws right now.” I demanded. “It’s too late, save yourself,  It’s truly an honor to have such great warriors.” said Princess weeping. “No, Princess there still time please don’t give up on me I will save you.” I replied. “Embrace for crash landing in 10,9,8…” said AI. “Ship, eject my seat.” said Princess smiling.  “No, Leonora don’t.” I screamed in terror, calling her from her name was not worse but being ejected and seeing the ship crashing in the trees below and knowing that I am too helpless to save her was the worst.

                                 My limb was still stuck and I was no more than the upside down posture, “Oh no” I said in horror. To activate the jetpack machine the controls were on the seat where I couldn't reached NOW HERE COMES THE TREES, “AHHH!!!” I cried while protecting my head with the cover of my arms, the height was interminable I was falling and striking the trees branches and falling again and striking the trees branches even more and then finally the seat got stuck in the trees branches giving me the extreme jerk in downwards but the belt save me but still there’s 20 feet left from where I was, suspended like a stop clock pendulum. The part where I clawed my limb was dripping with blood and the pain was unbearable because the shitty belt was now tightening the area where my wound was. I could feel the blood stream flowing on my limb and getting towards my neck and then dripping there. The belt started to tighten even more, “Ah, my shit King that hurts.” I whined with pain. The panoply was heavy indeed and proving a source for the tightening belt, ‘I have to get it off’ I thought to myself and struggled to unloose the panoply and after a hard struggle of limitless work I’ve succeeded and get that off from me finally but at that time my whole limb was turned purple and the blood was still dripping that I’ve got half sodden with my own blood.

                                                        Then, the thing left was to set myself free from that suspended posture it gave me headache. I started reaching and trying to clawed that belt out but in vain, the blood still dripping and I started to feel a little bit vertigo I have to hurry up because I didn't want to die like that; probably not in the state in which I was. I struggled and reached for my limb again that was completely paralyzed, I took out my claws and gripped that belt and started to razed that thing off from me and it worked, it started to unraveled; due to my paralyzed limb I clawed my limb too without noticing then the blood flow increased again and dripping. Suddenly, the strap broke and I went tumbling down and hit the ground violently, I was too helpless to even scream my pain out in air and the dizziness due to loss of blood gained dominance over me and there I was under the tree; half paralyze not able to even move not able to even blink but still alive in the heart of wilderness abandoned by all living. “This time I might die for sure.” I thought to myself. I couldn’t help opening my eyes even more and they covered all the light that filled my eyes and there’s only interminable darkness that can’t be denied.            

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