The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


8. Episode #7: The Inter-planetary approach.


We rushed in and were amazed to see it from the inside which was totally amazing, “Wow…” exclaimed Jaguar. “Well he is Fabulous.” I called out. “This is…” said princess pointing to something that Jaguar cut her off. “Look at that plasma cannon system manually operated through our screen, by no one but you.”Jaguar said in surprised patting me on shoulder while viewing the craft the princess was standing there gripping tight her paws in aggression, I neglect her and joined Jaguar. “Well, look at that giant Nitrogen turbo core, sweet ride.” I cried out while spotting the core in the back chamber of craft, I wandered to the front chamber when Jaguar called me. I was standing in middle of frontier screen that a 3d cubic hologram appeared having spherical center. “Can you please, define the word Fabulous?” The voice asked probably he was some kind of AI. “This is Tiondex.” said princess demonstrating finally getting a chance to speak. “Hmm, maybe… Tion will be better… as it sound more like some warrior or a knight and certainly he is when he’s with us, What you say buddy? .” I asked that princess interrupted. “Don’t you ever stop giving your expert suggestions…” said princess getting mad at me probably she is just jealous from my expert suggestion thingy. “New designation accepted, Tion.” AI said. “Well sometimes my suggestions worked.” I chewed the fat. After that chit chat Princess goes for the middle seat and held it in her paws and said, “ Warriors tuck in because we are about to go Hyper jump so don’t catch Hyper jump sickness,Tion will you show them their controls?” I was staring at her for that twist that Tion spoke, “Warrior Jaguar you will take the Defense system, your seat is on you right... Warrior Mec Dellino you have the Weaponry system, your seat is on your left.” Tion ended. “Thanks buddy.” I said by winking. “It’s my pleasure Warrior Mec.” Tion replied. “Let’s do this shit.” said I and Jaguar staring hard at each other by overlapping our same paws.

We took the seats of our stations, “Warrior Jaguar what’s your status.” asked Tion. “All Defense System is online prepared for the external shield in 5,4,3,2,1 craft is up to date all system complete.” said Jaguar focused hard on her screen, taping with ease. “Warrior Mec what’s your status?” Tion asked. “Right and left Plasma cannon is coming online in 5,4,3,2,1 system complete; Laser beams are about to come online in 5 seconds all systems are good to go.” I said while updating the Plasma cannons and Laser beams. “Tion I gave you the coordinates take us there through Hyper jump.” said Princess. “No, no, bad idea totally here’s the neighborhood no need for that I think it’s a waste of both time and Energy.” I ended. “Warrior Mec is right.” Tion said by accompanying me. “Oh, Fine.” agreed Princess. “Prepared to take off.” said Tion that the Gate of AFBS opened and the Tion flew the plane straight to the sky and then to the outer space and there we all can see the rising beast, The Planet Zaria, the most advanced planets of all; The God of the universe the conqueror of the galaxies, besides with this advanced power I’ve heard that they are extremely humble too but that’s just rumors. “Engaging stealth mode.” said Jaguar and we all see him, he was probably anxious what’s coming. I sigh and prepared for the worst. We were almost in the planet’s atmosphere. Like ours planet this planet is also formed by Nizone; Nitrogen and Ozone in fixed ratios. The thing that is left undone was to find out 1-where the King palace was? 2- Where to land? 3- How to survive the planet biosphere? The question 1 is connected to 2 so if we find where the king palace was then there will be no problem in landing.  “Warriors go dress up, you have 2minutes and the countdown is begun.” said Tion that I and Jaguar stood together princess joined us. We go for the last chamber there were three quarters all with the top of small red site. It glowed and our wrist controllers beeped open our specific quarters the door opened with the slight sound and there I was standing amazed to see my Panoply; strongest to extreme that can bear any type of Laser gun shots; thin so that it resembles some sheet or paper; elastic so that it can wrapped up all body extremities; light so that one didn’t know it’s there. The metal used for it was very rare and only used by the royal guards and also used to build the armor of the Royal family I myself see one wore by Prince Victor himself. I quickly put off my old Panoply and get dressed in new one at the instant. I’m an archer so my arms have to be free from any interruption so this was really the thing I need; moreover there was archery arm cover which can help me target my prey stiffly and smoothly with ease. When I get dressed and became pleased with my panoply, I went for the button that says ‘Weapon’ I press it at the spot that my facing wall flipped and to my surprised there were some amazing weapons emerged that happened to be some rods. ‘Rods’, what kind of weapon is this? Is this really some rods or it’s the rods yet out of my ken? I wondered. I held tight one rod in my paw and started spinning it and toying it around with my paws that I hit some button on it and it transformed into some kind of laser sword; ‘Wow’ I exclaimed out. There was some Rod that is Larger than any other, so I hold it and press the same button find on every rod and it transformed it a huge Long bow gun. That’s the weapon I want to use through my entire life and here it is in my paws. Well that was totally my shame that I won’t read signs that say the specific weapon name. I hastily loaded myself with the very four weapons there, 1-Long Bow Gun, 2- Laser sword, 3- Laser Twine, 4- Arrows pack in a rod. I hustled out and see that Jaguar and Princess was there, “Well, look at you Toy boy.” bullied Jaguar. “Well, look at you… wait are those some woman claws you get there.” I replied that Princess gaped at me. “It’s not Woman claws it’s my weapon to strike in speed, you know natural weapon.” he said truthfully. “Hey, don’t you get jealous with mine!” I protested. “I’m not jealous… I got the Laser sword too.” he said well he was definitely jealous. “Mind if I interrupt your precious cub conversations because Tion found the coordinates to Tigera’s Palace.” she said annoying at us by calling the King of Zaria with his actual name. “But where?” I asked her staring into my screen by viewing the planet’s hologram. “Tion, show him.” she said that Tion produced the Planet’s hologram that fill the entire chamber. “Here, asteroids that surrounds the planet are not scattered if you think because they made some figure together, The Tiger’s Sign. Beneath that Tiger Logo is the Kingdom of King Tigera but as some tricky obstacle; an invisible shield is there that bounds all the planet and there we have some company; a stray ship is out from the Planet’s shield and to my scanning it bears something that act as some key that unlocks some part of the Planet’s shield and get in so…” Tion said that I cut him off, “That’s the target.” I said. “Exactly.” replied Tion. We grabbed our seats and controls and aimed for that strayed ship, I launched a missile for the divergence and it worked, that ship followed that missile out of it’s course and there we got it, it was the drone without any pilot. The thing that acts as a Key for the shield is located at its nose. I fired the laser beam that it split it from that drone and there Princess discharged the Electromagnet Wave that attracted it towards our ship; we got our ticket in that was easy. We headed in for the planet that our ship got hit and there we saw three ships approaching and chasing us; probably they were Drone ships too.             

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