The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


7. Episode #6: Leaving For Zaria.


"If you don't mind your majesty, we are running out of time, when you will get there you have to send us all the information about their Red Zones so we will strike there first." ended Uganima.

"But before I leave I want to see my Father." said Princess.

"And I go and prepare your ship and explain controls to Mec and Jaguar, Uganima will take you to Father!" said Prince Victor and start moving out of the Meeting Hall, we were following him. After some minutes we were in the 'AFBS' or Air fleet Base Station.There were countless ships, planes, war machines and fighter jets. Prince Victor just entered in the Restricted Area where no one is allowed to enter and there all the operation are manually controlled by the Prince Victor himself and we were there like NO ONE WAS STOPPING US COOL. We were examining the place that we see Prince Victor standing there in front of very weird looking ship which was very....small as compared to all the ships. Prince pointed towards it and said,"That's your ride."

"How sweet, she is so big and beautiful." said Jaguar who was seeing the biggest ship because he was definitely misjudge.

"No Jaguar this isn't our ride, look behind it, that is our ride." I said by explaining.

"She is... she is...she is ... small." he said by seeing to Prince.

"You are looking at its outer holographic structure but from the inside......" he said and used his powers. Then some fascinating moment happen, the ship was now transformed in to the biggest ship as compared to the ship that Jaguar was first looking at. "How it can be possible?" I asked to Prince. Jaguar was Looking at the ship with the open Mouth.

"I think I'm in love." exclaimed Jaguar,

"I, after the experimentation of 7 years, have introduced this ship that has stealth power and if anyone look at it, he was only seeing his outer holographic structure that is a lie and this ship is provided with our planet top Nitrogen Plasma Cannon and Laser gun technology and definitely missiles. Ship will not open until it scans you all from your eyes and most important of all it is operated by your will power, it turn away where you want to desire and change its shape according to the structure made inside by your brain." Prince ended his Lecture.

"If it is operated by our brain and will power it means we need some controller that connect us with the ship." I nodded by asking Prince.

"Yes here your controllers." said Prince and gave both of Us the controllers which Me and Jaguar take from the Prince but some surprise thing happened, the controller changes into some kind of bracelet and wrap itself around our wrist with some weird sound.

"Shit.......Take it off....Take it Off." I explode as it was end of my patience, Why all this experimentation and nerdy thing tested on us. I was trying to Break it up.

"This ship is unique as compared to all ships, it will chooses one of you as his master and most important of them all now you have the controllers and you are connected to it, the ship is now come to alive so, beware of calling him 'she' as you have spoken before." ended the Prince at this time Princess has arrived and stand aside by me by taking her controller which is now her bracelet. The Prince began again ," One of you must take all the Defense System and protect the ship and all of you from sudden attacks, the other have to fly it and one will keep it and protect it as its master. You have to be chosen for it." ended Prince

"I'll take all the defense system I'm allergic to pet thing...wait, Is this ship provided with the Weapon which I love?" I asked Prince.

"Every type of Weapon is in the ship, Your Armour, Weapons and all types of accessories." ended Prince.

"Sound Interesting......Your highness." I replied.

We stand in front of the ship, looking to it if it begin to choose Us. It seemed that ship has eyes and he was seeing us and deciding who to choose? After 2 min of decision..... it moved to Jaguar and touch his controller, the controller beeped .

"Wait.....What I'm your Master? Coooooool" Jaguar Exploded with happiness.

The ship at that time start liking him with his oily tongue.

"It seemed like Jaguar has a pet, from now on." said Prince.

"Lets go we are wasting time." when I said this, Jaguar immediately transformed the ship into its original form and Princess enter in it first after saying her goodbyes to Prince.Both the Princess and Jaguar entered the ship and start taking their controls. When I want to enter, Prince hold my arm and said, "Take care of my Sister and bring her back safely and protect her if anyone want to harm her, Now the safety of the Princess is up to you." Prince said in worrying manner.

"I will protect the princess with my life and there is nothing to be worried about She is safe with me and Jaguar." I replied to Prince by providing him reason to trust me..... that Princess called me.

Hey, dear readers I am BACK finally free from examination thingy and now at this time I totally need your support and you can help me by giving your opinion about my story and i think I didn't ask much Thank You all the Episode 8 will be published in coming weekend "The Inter-Planetary approach" Don't miss it <3 



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