The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


6. Episode #5: The Convocation.


It was the time of meal and I was so adopted at eating it as I was so much Hungry; eating meat along with my friends that one Warrior showed up by opening the Gate of the Dinning Hall. I was seeing him as I was facing the site he was on, first he searched and as he sees me he aimed at our table,

"We've got company." I said by seeing at my meal and with my mouth stuffed. My Friends become alerted at that time the Warrior was here, He gave a heavy thug on his chest and by placing the other paw on his heart site he continued with very respect,

" Sorry, to Disturb your appetite but Sir, it's Urgent and Prince Victor had called you and your friends for important Convocation." He said seeing at me first but then stares to us all.

"When ?" nodded Jaguar.

"Now !" informed the Warrior.

I stand up and said, "We are coming." by see me standing all my friends also join me and we leave our meal and start following the Warrior out of the Dinning Hall, where he join two more Warriors.

"Why the Prince Victor have called us?" asked Hurracius.

"Well, He mentioned that .....Dumb." replied Jaguar. Hurracius just gave him a Angry Look.

"I know, he called us to discuss the matter of War because the Independence day is only 7 days, 18 hours and 25 seconds ahead." informed Kalima as he was getting thoughts from the Future.

"You are right my friend they want to discuss the preparations for the War." I said by judging the future.

At this time we have entered the royal chamber which goes straight to the Meeting Hall. At the end of the chamber there were two more Warriors standing who were probably be there for the security Purposes.

"Mec I can sense the presence of all senior members including the Princess." said Hurracius by sniffing in Air.

"Then today is the big day My Friends, Don't Over react you got me." I mentioned my terms to them. At that time we have reached at the Gate of the Meeting Hall and when those two Warriors sees us they greet with joy,

"Welcome to the Meeting Hall." and then they opened the Gate. We entered the Meeting hall without noticing that everyone was staring at us,this gives boost to my heart. I see to my Friends they were standing there in surprise with their cheeks 'Red as the Tomatoes', like someone gave them a blush on.

There we see a big flat stone in round shape which was in the center of the hall and around it there was stone seats supplied with the precious jewels, on which our new General Simba, Princess Leonora, Uganima, Prince VictorThunder Lords, Captains of Red Striker, Yellow Venomous, Kitty Claws, Dragon leader, Crystal liege, were present and we see four of the seats were looking abandoned but were on random places,..... One was empty behind the captains of Kitty Claws and Jaguar had sit on that seat and was smiling,..... One was near to the General Simba which was now occupied by Kalima, Hurracius had sit on the seat behind the Crystal Liege, I wonder where I got the seat and then I see it , it was empty near the Prince Victor. I quickly went for it and then sit on it, for some moment our eyes meet but then Uganima stands and continued in his heavy but strong voice,

"Prince, Princess, General, Captains of our best teams and our most finest warriors, welcome to this Meeting and thank you for your assistance by taking this Meeting seriously and give it your most precious time as we know it, It's the situation of the war not any kind of war but the war that is going to make history, We will attack them on their day of Independence as they will unaware of us and we avenge our victory from them and defeat them but all this I've said is easy to say but not that easy as we are seeing it will be. The question is how we're gonna defeat them? What strategies we made to set our army and gave them courage to fight? I'm afraid because Victory can be avenge but at a great price and sacrifice as well. So, we have to plan the war and We were all here to listen the plans and advice of each other." he ended.

"I've given orders to all the warriors to take their training sessions seriously and they have, they are practicing day and night. All we have to do is to give them orders and plan to fight the war that is How we're gonna start the war or end it? Or how do we catch the King Judah and his cubs? that's all I have to say." ended General.

" All the answers of your question are here in this plan which I made after seeking guidance from my ill father!" said Prince Victor in sad but energetic mood.

"How is He?" asked General in low voice .

"Never a little better than before, His health is Failing." said Prince by lowering his eyes at that moment Princess Leonora hold his Paw and sees him into his eyes as she was giving him hope and courage.

"We will fight for Our King, All hail our King!" exclaimed General,

We also repeat his statement, "All hail the King."

Then Prince Victor stood up by holding her sister's Paw, she also join him and then they see together in to each other eyes and then Princess Leonora uses her powers to make her and his brother thoughts in to a visual Display and all we see is the 3D visual of the plan of the war which was looking real but was holographic . Then he started explaining his plan and Princess making it alive. When he Explained all his plan Uganima continued in worry,

"The plan was fantastic but there was a little thing I'm worrying about!" he ended.

"What is it?" asked Prince.

"The thing I'm worrying about is that we don't even know how they are at present time or may I use the word, Powerful." said Uganima

"Make it simple Uganima." said the captain of Crystal Liege.

"We don't know how much they have gained power or what is going on in their planet. We have to send someone who is powerful, intelligent and blend in their people and give us update that what are they doing? where their Headquarters and Bases are? and most important of them all is where is the King and his cubs? How we can reach them? That is all I've have to say now it's up to you to give it some importance and sent someone who do this job seriously and can't be caught!" ended Uganima.

That is the time I realize that I have to do this job, I love that kind of job! I fits in it. I quickly stand up, at this time Princess also stand, it seemed like that Me and the Princess stand together. We both see each other and said in one voice,"I'll do it."

Prince at once stood up by seeing me and Princess,

"No, Leonora I'm not agreed by your this nonsense decision and I'm not letting you go so far away from me. We are together more powerful, and I don't even know you'll be safe there!" said Prince in worried.

"Thank You all, by giving me such importance which I can't deserve!" I said in teasing mood that everyone begin seeing me.

"Zip it, Mec." said General.

"Okay, Not a problem." I said and put my finger on my lips.

Princess Leonora continue,

"I will be safe there because I'm protected by my powers and your this warrior, who will enjoin me in this situation." said Princess Leonora by seeing towards me and I was feeling definitely great. At this time Jaguar also stands up and said,

"I also surrender myself as the protector of the princess and we will not let you down." said Jaguar by seeing me and passing me smile.

"Take care of my sister and I know you two never let me down." said Prince by giving me a light pat on my shoulder by seeing towards Jaguar.

"But how you gonna blend in!" asked Uganima.

"Easy as meat pie, just look." said Prince by seeing to Princess in smiling.

"We are ready to go but first ....My Brother would you give me your power that will be enough for the transformation." said Princess by looking to her Prince.

"Of course My Sister be prepared...." said Prince and then he used his spirit to make a super sonic vibrations in the air that slowly transformed into a giant roaring Tiger, after he do that he point his paws' index and middle finger to the Princess and that Tiger start running to her and at once fused with her spirit and she absorbed it, Her eyes turned black and then she hold his brother paw,"Together." they both said in one voice and then point their free paws towards Me and Jaguar, the energy goes from his brother into her and then that Tiger start running towards Me and Jaguar, I became Panic but controlled it but Jaguar just run in fear, I see the Tiger coming towards me, I close my eyes and then I feel the power fusing with our spirits. The mist consist of the purple smoke surround Us, Everyone in the Hall lose their seat and stood up where they were sitting at a present time and wondering what will be the sight when this mist goes off, I bet they couldn't wait for long and when they see us, they fall in deep surprise and the word that only come from their mouth was,"Incredible."

"Mec...Jaguar embrace your new look." greet Prince.

At that instant I just feel some kind of dazzling light occupying my head that I can't able to see. After a moment I heard Prince I opened my eyes and see to Jaguar but he was no where ' He must have escaped when he saw that holographic Tiger' I thought. I can't believe my eyes when I saw TIGER behind the Prince. I shout in panic,"Prince behind you.......intruder."

"Behave it Mec you are also same as me." said that Tiger in shrill voice , I quickly see my paws they were not looking familiar some Tiger's paws. Then I come to know the Tiger who was standing aside by Prince was my friend Jaguar. "How could this happened to us." I said asked in super thrill.

"Now you are invincible." said Princess Leonora.

"But Princess you are not Tiger ........" said Jaguar

The princess uses her powers and change her to the same Tiger as we were but she was probably Tigress, she does her transformation in half a second that Jaguar complete his statement,"................Yet."

"When do we leave for Zaria?" asked Princess by seeing to Prince Victor.



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