The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


5. Episode #4: The Contest.

This was an amazing and surprised ceremony, that that that.....I feel wonderful; all my sadness just disappear like a chameleon blend into the beauty of Nature, but I am really embarrassed.......

"Hey, Leo .........Welcome here at my place or what should I say that's really unexpected to me as well." Shrugged my Brother by passing me a smile in which his two Carnivore teeth are visible; which is one of his cutest smile(It's another issue that he can't smile much). OMK I love his this smile, but then cool.

"Well, that's surprising. Are you sure you aren't messing with me?" I said by pointing my finger to him in puzzlement.

"Yeah, I'm sure I didn't know any of this." Replied my brother by proving himself totally innocent.

"Okay, so let's discuss this matter later and moved in. Okay" He said and then we start taking equal footsteps, I'm a little taller than my brother maybe a 2.5 inches from the shoulder but from the head we are equal, we both have yellowish silver hairs; this is the only similarity in common between us. We were moving that the Warriors who were standing to welcome our arrival made two lines before us and then the Majestic Gate of the Base opens and we moved in.

We moved straight into the corridor while all the Warriors before us turned left by the Gate. I pose back to see while I was moving that I heard my Brother calling me, I turned around to see what's the issue; I feel I stepped on to somebody's foot paw, and hit my knee to his arm....

"Oh! please forgive....." I said that I paused for a moment and then continued,"". I can't imagine for Mec who fall back and then use his arm paws to lift up; was there along with his group, bowing before us.

"No Princess forgive me I was in your way." he said by smiling, while his group friends were bowing besides but a little away from him start hiding their unleash smile by seeing on the ground straight down having their swords in front of their face, OH these guys are Joker Monkeys I bet.

"Rise up you all........... and Mec give me the updates and Oh! I forgot I really appreciate of what you all had done for us." continued my Brother in straight forward action, They all at once got up ; put back their sword in the scabbard and then they all stand in front of us,

"My Lord, I'll tell you in the way but first you have to see this." said Mec and start moving; me and my Brother followed in worry because his face was enlightened by some secret and his eyes were passing unidentified strange type of shine, unusual than before.

"The warriors we trained practically needs training, but some Warriors we met and see their skills are better than any of us; they found to be born Fighters and they also told us that their whole Family serve the King as his most trusted Warriors even they are found to be the roots of General Liongar Family....." Mec said that my Brother surprisingly see him into his Eyes confused leading me,

"What do you mean to tell me Mec?" asked my Brother in surprised but excited manner; I also start seeing Mec into his Eyes which were Gray and matched exactly and perfectly to his spiked short Hairs. He also sees me into my Eyes and then Lips,

"I meant that the Warriors I told you about are 4 in number and have form a group; Thunder Lords and they all relate to the General Liongar in Family terms and relations." Ended Mec but leave us in so many Questions,

"Hey! But you didn't tell me how?" asked my Brother in holding Mec's arm who tried to go into a corner of a Big Hall where there was a Window,

"See for Yourself Your Highness." said Mec that my Brother let go of his arm then Mec used that arm to lift away the curtains, It was the view of the Dressing Hall which was loaded with tons of tons of accessories that might come in handy in War conditions. In that Big Hall there were total 32 warriors; looks like they all are the Chosen Warriors from the unbelieving army of 100,000,000 total warriors only for 1 General. OMK that's hard to believe and imagine and even hard for selecting just 32 warriors; needs a lot of work and tempo and even a great strength.

The Warriors which were visible from the Window pane were looking so much strong, healthy and dangerous and even the word dreadful as the nightmare can completely describe their appearance and I was so startle to see the 4 Female warriors; dressed in leathery pink outfit and were completely dressed and looks like they are ready for some kind of war, their face expressions told me. My Eye were fixed on them that I heard the sharpening of blade, I gazed around to see where it was coming from, I see 4 warriors standing aside from the rest; dressing for the Contest were looking a kind of familiar in faces which are related to someone. I start making their relations to G. Liongar as Mec briefed us and I was right,

"These 4 Warriors you see from this Window are belongs to G. Liongar only Family as they are the only supportive male members of his Family; The one that looks a little skinny from others is His Sister's Son, the one that stands by on his left is His Brother's Son, the right one in the middle is His Son-in-Law and the one to the left is His....." said Mec but my Brother cut him,

"Son." continued my Brother,

"I've never seen him since I left the Warriors Academy, we were both the Unbeatable and Undeniable; we were a kind of best friends." My Brother ended and leave me in surprise along with rest of us.

"Poooomp pooompein pooomp." We all heard the Royal music coming out of the powerful Bugled specific for that occasion,

"What's next brother???." I asked that he smiled again but this time there was great constriction of skin around his ending eyes, he gave me a light pat on my shoulder, and we were ready to face the crowd of 100,000,000 warriors as their eyes will be fixed on us.  (Background Effect)

'The time approaches as every second drop after the other make my heart to beat even faster and faster...... I have so many questions in my mind, but I was trying to remain calm. My Brother on the other hand, looks very curious and calm from the face and he has a some sort of strange sparkle in his eyes, or maybe a wondrous light, a hope and Light for our Father, a sparkle of Victory and Vengeance. A Patriotism for our Country and a fire of hate for Enemies.' I was thinking all that in my mind or maybe I was talking to myself that I didn't realize that we were in front of the Gate. A Gate and every thing after it, looks to me as the test, a test after which the result will be announced in favor or against But as you know this is just the beginning, What could be the end?*A voice whisper inside of me* ' The End that we will be going to make, or don't even know yet. But I can assure you, Whatever we do, we will going to make history!' I replied to the voice then there was silence a long silence...... I don't know there was some kind of strange smile on my face after this.......... *The Gate was already be opened* and I was fully prepared to embrace it!

Round #1: Team Red Strikers Vs Thunder Lords.

Me and my Brother sit side by side to each other, seeing the performance which was between the Thunder Lords and Red Strikers team........... all the crowd full of warriors were hooting and ferocious about the winner, then something great and majesty happened, which make the Thunder Lords victorious, a blast of Thunder energy from the sky hit the Red Strikers team and they were defeated...........This type of energy is very rare and present in only 1 generation, THEM!

Round #2Team Kitty Claws Vs Yellow Venomous.

The second round was started and the teams were Yellow Venomous and Kitty Claws. The match was begun and I Don't know my heart was with Kitty Claws and I'm very curious who will win. Kitty Claws; The Team of Female Warriors, have the powers to make different Portals/Dimensions and then they go in to it and through another different portal they emerge and attack the opponents, and then finally they were Victorious.

Round #3Crystal Liege Vs Dragon Leaders.

Round Three starts and it was seemed that the Dragon leaders will win the match, then as the time passes they start losing and when they were totally drained out of any power, something very interesting happened. The team Dragon Leaders 's commander when sees his teammates, he became furious; as he stands up and with the so much power he just take it in his sword and pocked it in to the ground. As he do so all of the sudden a Spirited Dragon emerges from the sword and roared with it's full potential and attacked the Crystal Liege. The Crystal Liege was not expecting this attack and were fully unaware and unprepared for all this as they were seeing the majestic Dragon with the eyes having a cold fear, fully focused on it. They finally lose passing the Victory to the Dragon Leaders. All the crowd was furious at that time as this was something that was "INCREDIBLE" I exclaimed clapping my paws as I stand. My Brother followed me after giving me the strange stare,"Well done, Dragon Leader's Commodore, you fulfilled my desire by entertaining me with something that I might wanted." He said as he sat down, the Dragon leaders bowed down before us and then left, left for another contest, another fight, the fight with US , so for them it's just a break in which they will eat, gained their strength back and prepare themselves for the fight that will going to chose the most worthy among them, the fight that will declared the most deadly Beast that will lead the armies of our planet as a whole, The General.

After A Break:(...........)

The warriors that were on the break; rose from the random paths that lead them right to Stadium Center where there will be a fight waiting for them. When they all were there my Brother sees me and I moved my head,"Let's do it" I said and whirl my hands around me and start controlling the wind, my hairs were fluttering in it as Me and My Brother start riding it and land on the contest ground after covering our face with the Armour head piece; we both also have wore the identical Armour which confuses our opponents who were from the team which wins the Contest Rounds. The fight starts and they all are really hard to beat, My Brother was fighting very strongly; He first selects his specific target and then visualizes his weak point and then gave a deadly strike on that. I on the other hand, was just enjoying and playing with my targeted warrior giving him/her a headache, that's my style *Never take your enemy much seriously as He/She will take you* the fight was awesome that my enemy was tired of me as I drained them out of their power after feeding on them, I searched for my brother then there I see him among the bunch of paralyzed warriors but I can't believe it The Thunder Lords was still fighting with him, strange! they last long enough with him*Admirable* I sat down on the pile of unconscious warriors and start seeing the show,

My brother at that time, just knocked out senseless warrior out from the remaining three after giving it a strong trick on head, the others were furious at that moment. My Brother, due to his flexibility just swung right and left, up and out from the bodies of warriors and was not staying still, that's why no one else could even touch him,

"Hey, Hold still!" said one of the frustrated warrior .

"No! You hold still." said my brother and by joining his first two paw fingers , he strike him on the site of his shoulder and then the warrior was just drop paralyze to ground. 'Now 2 more to go', I thought. My brother just knocked out another one after attacking him on the eyes but his fight was actually with General Liongar's son who seemed strong and powerful even from My Brother. The fight is still On and it seemed like there is no one else except Him other's seemed to be like Bone in a flesh. (Background Effect)

................... When another was being defeated I think 'Now what?' I stand in surprise.........Who is left?....................My brother just move his head up and start seeing the surviving one and that was OMK!............................. The survivor was Simbah, General Liongar Son........ Who was standing with his look of 'Deadly as nightmare' and unlimited courage and valor,

"Lions and Lionesses, May I present you, Your General. General Simbah the son of General Liongar."


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