The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


3. Episode #3: The surprised Trip.

After 200 years: Leonora P.O.V.

Today is the end of my Training sessions from my brother and from my Masters, they said that I'm ready. Still when there is no Training, I was in the training hall which is so peaceful as there was no one who interrupt me. Beautiful night was rising as it was the time for everyone to Rise and Shine.

I Love Meditation, and so that's why I was in the training hall I don't know why I love it so much but when I do it, a connection between me and mother was made and some how she comes in my dreams with smiling face that she hugged me and then kiss my forehead. I Loved my Mother so much, she just passed away when I was just a small cub. Meditation not only gives me peace from the inside but also clear my thoughts and give me strength to see in the future. But on this day I just missed it. My Brother was very worried about Father and now we were in an Air Drone moving to a Base station, My Brother didn't tell me about where we were going! My future speaks to me.

My Brother is sitting besides me and the Air Drone is driven by a Warrior Robot. I sees my Brother face, very depressed and worried about Father. I can't saw my Brother like that not in my entire life ; I have to light my Brother's heart. I think something and then I begin,

"Hey Vicky, I'm ....ju.....just wondering that we have the Army of the best of the best warriors in this entire Galaxy, who are ready and need you to chose them for the war and then we will be ready for taking our revenge from the King Tigera." I said like I planned everything for Future,

"The preparations for the war is not easy as your Wonder Leo, Everyone of our Warrior has some special abilities, skills and powers. What if they gone mad due to the rejection they face in the future then there will be no one stopping them not even Me and You." He answered me in worry,

"But Brother, Our Father don't have much time left maybe a few million years. We have to do something quick. I...I Don't want to lose my Father too." I said that everything goes blur, then I realize that it's the tears in my eyes which were now running through my cheeks to my neck. When my Brother sees this he quickly take my paw and by moving my face up with his other paw, he take my tears and said,

"Leo, these tears are the precious of them all but you my Love are the most valuable thing that ever happened to me, my heart shrinks when I see you in pain............. I promise ... that I will never leave you to face this cruel world alone. I'll always be here for you, okay my love now please pass me your magical smile that make me joyful." He said that I can't control myself and smile and then I hug him by circling my paws around him, he hugged me back by smiling. I feel the warmth of his chest and his strong heartbeat, he also wrapped his paws around me and start running his paws into my hairs, the hug was just last about a few seconds that he cried and smile when we both get a powerful energy shock due to interaction of both of our High energy levels,

"Look Leo, there's the Base station....." he said that his smile fade away, he was sad about something.

"What Brother? why you became so sad?" I asked from him,

"I didn't arrange any ceremony that make you joyful and enjoyable...... please forgive me the plan of visiting the Base Station was so quick that.........." He replied that I interrupt,

"It's okay Brother, I'm fine like that don't have to do all that for me. The hug cures all the wounds on my heart." I said by giving him a strong reason,

"Are you sure You are Okay?" He asked again,

"Yeah..." I replied that I see the view of Base Station, so much strong like... like an Elephant (just an expression) & even more beautiful than I thought,

"Amazing isn't it?" asked my Brother,

"It's not Amazing it's Wonderful." I replied,

"Is my dress okay Brother?, if you tell me earlier I would have changed the Armour." I said in worry,

"You are perfectly okay and looking Beautiful." He said by holding me at my shoulder part,

"Thanks, Brother you too are looking Handsome and fit." I replied that he laughed with his full potential,

"What?" I asked in surprise by seeing him laughing like that,

"You have a habit of making all the things EVEN with everyone." He said that I don't understand him what is he saying? by the way the Base station ......... we were there,

My Brother manage to get out of the Air Drone first, he wait for me at the last stair of the Drone and take my Paw when I was getting out,

"Please forgive me okay?" He apologize again from me,

"Please Brother........ can we move ? " I asked from him that he agreed,

"Yeah sure but please....." He said that I cut him off,

"Brother........ Look." I said that I start staring at him with angry eyes and by folding my Paws,

He posed back; as the scene was taking place at his back,

On the way into the Entrance gate, there was a big clear path which have to be haunted because all the things and operations in the Base Station was operated manually by ROBOS, but now there were big lines of strong Warriors dressed in their Armour along the Entrance path ; when we see them they all bowed down at us decently by placing their one knee on the Ground and one paw having sword anchored to the ground, and we were there standing in surprise. I start taking thoughts from the Future and then I found out who was the cause of these surprised preparation that I feel embarrassed,

"Oh! Mec." speaks my Brother by smiling, eyes closed and face up to the sky,

"Rise my Warriors. You all pleased me the most." said my brother that all warriors manage to stand on their limbs again, it's seemed like the Armour was too heavy for them to stand again...............

Sorry Guys, for the late update because this part was accidentally deleted and I have to re-write it back...... and I know it's not all of it and if there is a mistake please ignore and please don't forget to vote and comment cuz Feedback is really really really appreciated :)


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