The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


2. Episode #2: The Dialogue.

"My king you had called Us" said me and Leonora stares, Father was standing near his royal seat but before that he was walking here and there it seemed alike as if he was upset or depressed about something. I've definitely see the bodies of Deer and Minister who were now taken away by the Royal Guardians,

"Yes, I called you both to discuss a very important matter with you both and I want your opinion in this... the matter is that, Are you agree that we should attack On the planet Zaria before they become even more powerful?" said Father by seeing us both in our eyes,

"How do we serve to please you?," I asked.

"Ready your warriors, we will attacked them on the Defense day when they are fully unaware of us, and the day in which they enabled to defeat us but they don't know that we will attacked them on that day and get what is once ours from them." said Father in his deadly but sick voice,

"Be Please! my King we'll ready the warriors, we will sharpen our blades, we will enhance the meat intake, we practice the use of our inner power, ready our War machines and we both trained the warriors,choose the most powerful among them and bring them to you and you choose them as your Armed Warriors in the Oath Ceremony." I said.

"Very well, I just assume that whatever the warriors you'll choose will be the best of them all, best of luck my ... my... my...ah "said Father in so painful manner that Leonora scream with terror when she sees that Father is going to fall as he was partially senseless when I see that I run with the maximum speed I got and held Father in my both paws and then I shout for help that G.Liongar quickly came and offered me assistance through which we were able to take Father to his room. I start worrying about Leonora and there I saw her standing there in shock and was crying,

"Sister put yourself together and come see Father." I said to her and then I hold her from the both shoulders by putting my one arm around her and start taking her to the Father's room because I was afraid to think that sooner or later she will going to fall in unconscious state! She is the darling of Father, the jewel of his heart and love of his spirit... she is priceless to father and dears her most than any other thing in the world. When we reached there at Father's room G. Liongar is there standing by lowering his eyes,

"My....beloved General give us some time...... I need to talk to my cubs." said Father by seeing towards us, when G. Liongar heard this he just put his right paw on his heart site of chest and left after bowing before to Father. Leonora hugged Father,

"I'll be fine soon my darling after this lovely hug you just have gave me." said Father by hugging back Leonora,

"And my son don't worry about me or should be because the situation is not that simple as I expected." said Father and gave me more tension.

Father continued in his painful voice,"I did not tell you about a thing, a thing that I've serving innerly for many years ...I know you two always have wondered that why I so deeply tried, tries and trying to defeat the planet Zaria?......... the answer is that I am dying from the inside and the superb remedy for this is that I have to take powers from King Tigera, his son Manila and his Daughter Wolferina so I'll become healthy again which is not that easy and not possible without them being living. The powers they have not only cure my disease that was in me feeding on my blood since I was born but also make me well and God of the all other planets, when I was a child my mother 'The Queen' called everybody and searched every remedy to cure this curse ... after all, in a great Book of Legendary she was able to see the reflection of someone who is so much powerful that can cure my disease which is why I want to get powers from the only known our enemy......... King Tigera himself. I want to convince King Tigera that I really need his powers along with his soul so I'll be healthy again but he hadn't agreed to my terms and that's why I want to defeat Planet Zaria and then finally we have to kill all the royal family so the powers automatically goes to the most worthy one after them...... ."

"Which is you of course my father." said Leonora by kissing Father's head.

"No, my cubs not me alone.... but to you too." Father replied.

"Why we have to kill them why not possible with them being living?" Leonora asked from Father as she always scared of the killing thing, 

"Because the special power in them ......they don't know about it of course..... is fused with their souls or may be spirits." replied Father, when we both heard this we obtain silence. Silence for a moment, not a sound but the wheezing breathing of Father then after it Father continued to hide his Wheezing breath from us,

"The bad news is that, there is a tradition that royal family give out the powers when they are going to die maybe to their cubs or offspring I will do to both of you but there on Planet Zaria is a slight change in this tradition since last time when we embraced defeat from them they have a fright in their hearts that we will going to attack sooner or later so they planned that in any of this case they will going to transfer their powers to the Prime King." ended Father,

"But Father I get it but who is this Prime King." I asked as I smelled Creepiness about that WORD,

"Prime King is the Chosen One and is the Prime Lord of this whole universe..... who is unknown I'm afraid or maybe He didn't know that who He is or will become, if he gets powers he will be invincible and will become the proper Lord of the known Universe." said Father in worry,

"They won't be able to transfer their powers to the Chosen One, we will not let them do so ..." said Leonora in his roaring voice.

"Any sign to identify the Chosen One, we will go and kill him before the powers transferred to him." I asked,

"Yes, there are all the Answers in the book of Legendary but I'm afraid I didn't know where it can be." Father said slowly in his depressed voice,

"And where is that? ..."asked Me and my sister in one voice.

"In the Planet Zaria, in the royal chamber of King Tigera... if you'll get to it you will be able to find any answer related to every problem ... the book will read your mind and told you the answer of any question you want." said Father,

"We will find it for you and we will kill everyone who tried to stop us." I said by seeing towards Leonora, she also agreed.

"That's the rising spirit, I am proud to be your Father.."said King with tears in his eyes,

"No, Father we are proud to be your cubs." I said this and together we kissed our Father on His Paw and after bowing we left.

 I was so furious from the inside about everything that Father had reveal after all... hiding it from both of us for so long!!! and so I was trying to hold my anger in front of my sister but my eyes were so furious and cold at the moment and Leonora have definitely sensed all this.




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