The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


17. Episode #15: Trudge.

She knows some magic charm that can save him but she doesn’t know whether the charm appears to be helpful or it results in some curse but all she wanted to do was to save him. She approached for his blood drop on the ground then she clawed herself to take a drop of her blood too, she mixed it with his and then finally with her tear; with the shock wave all the three ingredients starts wobbling around each other as if they were resisting themselves to bound in same part, Leonora forced her magic even more that starts reducing their orbits of wobbling, but something strange happened the blood drop were resisting to bound just then their red color fade out and some other color appeared; blue for his and red for her surprisingly they bound and crystallization starts and while witnessing all this they appeared in to some kind of jewel that resembles Amethyst but just glowing from inside, it was floating in the air between them that it suddenly starts heading to Manila’s front where his heart was clawed, it softly lands there and by the moment it touches, his all wounds starts healing, his all bruises and cuts starts slamming their tear up skin, all his lost blood starts trailing back to him. That was the most beautiful moment one can witnessed, the jewel was granting another life to his soul; Leonora eyes were fixed on him that he starts breathing … But something strange happens; the jewel can’t bears all this that it explodes, “Noooo…” Leonora cried out.

“Noooo…please this can’t be happening” she cried out when she sees all that undoing once again, the jewel explode and his wounds start reappearing, he screeches with pain and his body start suffering by seeing this Leonora start weeping, the jewel crumbles and it’s fragments spread all over but one, the little piece that appears from its core straight goes towards his head and hit violently after generating purple light which was then absorbed by his head. His body stops suffering and becoming cold, Leonora squeaks with helplessness when the blood starts trailing down from his side head to his face, she wanted to fix everything not to make them even worse but… something peculiar happens when his wounded body slightly shake, her sodden eyes immediately fixed on his face that he starts breathing again deep relief went through her body that she sighs when he opened his eyes but those were not of the same color as they were before, his eyes were sparkly blue as if some constellation filled them. He strangely looks at her, “Oh Manila, I thought I never see you again.” Leonora said with tears in her eyes and then she holds his paw that he quickly pulled it away from her and manages himself to sit by taking the support from the wall behind him, “Who are you? And how do you know my name?” He asks her as he moan with pain with a strange face that it seemed Leonora can’t breathe she was seeing him with sodden eyes, as if her soul ripped in to thousand bits as if her heart seemed to lowered its beats; she shoved her head down breathing as if her lungs were ruptured and tears from her eyes starts drenching the floor beneath her turning to some puddle moments after moments with her snivels reverberating through the entire place as she was weeping silently.

                 She heard someone coming from behind, someone that wants to hurt her but she didn’t move from her place. How can she able to get hurt or feel pain when she was already long dead? Dead from inside, some soul less body. Kaya appeared before her and strikes her bow to her hind head that she fell faint on the ground. Manila was seeing all this with his flabbergasted face that Kaya pulled his arm right away and helped him to stand and then she starts running holding him to somewhere he didn’t know, “Kaya what is happening?” he asked while running beside her, “We are being invaded by our enemies, the Lions.” she said while running too that Manila glanced back to where he see that girl lying faint with his wondering eyes. “Oh gosh, your highness you are badly hurt.” She cried out that Manila didn’t seems to listen all that he snooped to her with his half closed eyes, “Wolfferina… take me to Wolfferina.” He said slowing down a bit. Kaya have to get him to her because she was the only who could be able to help her own brother.

 They rushed in the ship, Wolfferina was at the controls that when she sees Manila; she run to him and hugged him, “Oh God Manila, you are so badly injured…” she said and starts weeping without the delay of any second he unconsciously hit the ground and became faint that Wolfferina squeaks with terror. The ship door closed that she goes panic when she sees the King standing smiling out of the ship, “Father open the door.” Wolfferina said when she tried everything to open it up, “No my cub not this time, Father has to stay behind he can’t leave his people and planet in the hands of his enemies…” He said that Wolfferina starts weeping even more, “No Father I’m not leaving you…Please don’t do this I can’t lose you too.” she said helplessly, “Listen to me Wolfferina, the time have come that you find the chosen one tell him everything give him the powers and when he got ready to use them bring him here…he’s our only hope…But first take Manila to him because he is the only one who can help him.” He was saying that Kaya fell faint, “Oh God, I’m so helpless Father, please help me… don’t leave me be.” Wolfferina said as she was sniveling while weeping that the King’s eye turned to sodden but he gulp that all in, “Please go Wolfferina, go save everyone… go to Earth there you will find him… your another brother.” He said that Wolfferina face goes flabbergasted, “Mine another brother…?” She was saying that they both heard someone coming right that way. The king instantly wiggles his fingers that some green light orb appears between his palms that he projected it straight to her; all that green light goes straight in her that she groans by the pain, “Go… Go now Wolfferina… Love you my dear.” He said and press some button on the outer control pod, the ships shoots off from the ground and straight heads to the roof where it was split opened already. With a heavy blast the ship shoots off to sky, Wolfferina was still suffering by the power her Father gave to her as if it was changing her from the inside; with her sparkling green eyes she fell faint on the ground beside his senseless brother. The destination in that ship was already set… Earth. 

WOW, Wolfferina has another brother in Earth... the story is twisty now read more to have your answers til then byeee :D

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