The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


16. Episode #14: Love For Torment.


                                     Wolfferina screamed when she was so helpless to even save his brother, she wasn’t there at the spot but she was seeing all this from a spy camera and this was a painful sight to even catch. Kaya was also standing aside her, with her breaking breaths and non flickering eyes she was witnessing him who was long gone on a path that led to nothing except pain but it seemed that pain now can’t even bothered him; he was nothing but a monster that feels nothing, a heartless killer that never hesitates in making his move an emotionless body without soul a person she thinks she don’t even recognize anymore.

“Wolfferina my darling…” someone spoke behind them they at once recognize the voice; it was King’s. Wolfferina when sees her father she rushed to him and hugged him with tears that starts wetting the His front,

“No, no my darling, oh don’t cry… Kaya please rise.” King said by hugging back Wolfferina and patting her at her head but when he sees Kaya bowing he ordered her to rise.

“Wolfferina I want you to do something for me… you know the secret passage way huh? There is a ship that I hid but I can’t find it anymore… Can you help me find it?” King asked Wolfferina that she smiled instantly,

“Yes of course, Father.” she replied but then she glanced back at the screen in which she sees Manila soaked with blood,

“Let’s go…” said King that Wolfferina started leading the way,

“Kaya I can’t believe that I’m saying this… But …could you take care of Wolfferina for me?” He asked her that she at once glanced at his helpless and crinkled face, he was saying that he wants her to take Wolfferina out from there in that ship to somewhere safe,

“But your Majesty what about you?” she asked him with wondering eyes,

“I’ll go save my son and send him too as soon as you rushed away from here… quick promise me that you will take care of Wolfferina and please go to some another planet and hide there…” He was saying that she interrupted,

“I can’t believe that I’m saying this… But I totally disagree with your moral calculus… I will not show my back to my people I will fight till the bitter end… I’m going to do some unfinished business until you go my King, and find that ship… I will be rushing right away with Prince.” she said and rushed to another direction without any intention to even hear what King has to say.

                          Leonora shocked to see everyone lying senseless on the ground that in between all of them she sees her brother too that instantly she caught a glimpse of what was happening in the camera, Manila was being beaten again and again by someone she thinks she don’t know, who looks more like some monster but when she sees a lifeless body of Jaguar flooding with blood  there she came to recognized that ashy hairs,

“Oh, Mec…” she almost said and started running to somewhere leaving there her brother as she got someone more important than him to care for.

 “Tion… do you read me? Heck it Tion send Kalima as reinforcement and do it quick it’s Leonora.” Leonora said while running and speaking in to the regulator which she snatched from a slay Lion warrior, and then she done speaking aggressively she threw it away. Her destination seemed just about to be over. With her overwhelmed breath and tired limbs she reached there, at the place which was painted red with blood the walls the floor and the roof was soaked with their blood as they weren’t going to stop until both of them kill each other.

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this but Mec you need to stop.” she yelled from the same place that Manila when heard this he immediately glanced around at her; his face was flushed with panic,

“Please get away from here…” Manila was saying with his trembling voice that Mec got a chance and he at once held him from his throat and lifts him high from the ground with his single paw that Manila struggled but it was hopeless for him, Mec’s grip tightened even more that Manila’s face started turning purple, by seeing all this  Leonora instantly rushed to him pushing her speed to the greatest extend and when she gained enough, she smacked a blow at Mec’s face with so much potential that he released Manila from his life draining grip and landed on the ground faint; Leonora breathlessly glanced at Manila who was choking there lying on the ground with his both paws massaging his throat, he was breathing very heavily that in panic she run to him and held him in her arms and helped him lifting him up, he was taking deep breaths one after the other,

“You saved me… Again…Why?” he asked with his dizzy eyes that she smiles at his question,

“I was a fool to do so.” she replied her eyes dug hard on his bleeding face that by hearing this Manila also smiled back but his smile just fade away in a moment and his face changed to panic that he instantly pushed Leonora away with a great tug that she hit the ground a meter away from him, she frightfully looked her eyes wondering why he had done this, she got her answer right away that with a violent shriek she starts weeping when she sees Mec’s claws penetrated through his heart, by then it was too late...

                                 With her rage flushed face, she furiously headed towards Mec for revenge but looks like he was ready for this, he think of nothing and held her too from her throat that she led out a drastic scream as this whole incident was a surprised attack from him; slowly and steadily he was tightening his grasp that started draining her soul too, at the moment of struggling her sight caught something strange; something unusual... the controller on his wrist! was glowing radiant blue and some kind of thin hair like wires in a tuft have penetrated through his skin that were originating from his controller bracelet to his side face and probably these had also infiltrated in his hind brain...

                The controller! it was the same controller that Tion gave him and gave her too, that instantly she sees her wrist too but the controller was nowhere maybe when she was detained as prisoner ...they probably then take it off from her. She take a note of his face, with his glowing black eyes she then sees helplessness all over in them; she humbly slithered her paw on his side face that without the loss of any time his raged face switched to vulnerability and his grip started to lose, he was coming back he had started to be old Mec again it was not him but it was the controller that was making him monster, that was drawing the beast inside of him.

                                       He glanced around at her but then he lowered his eyes and let go off her that she started massaging her throat,

“It okay Mec, everything will going to be fine.” she said to him that his vulnerable eyes glanced at Jaguar’s lifeless body causing her to looked there too but then her eyes can’t able to bear his sight more longer.

“Mec… Jaguar will going to be…” she was saying that they both heard something whizzed coming to them with so much speed that Leonora immediately lied on ground with her paws wrapped around her head but then the sound just stopped, she surprisingly let out her head from her wrapped arms and see Mec, he was holding it in his paw which seems something like an arrow, it beeped and exploded immediately in his paws without giving them a moment to even throw that away and run to safety. The explosion was very violent that it sends both of them flying in the opposite direction.

Kaya was standing there with attractive flair and she was aiming again; ready to lose one more self destructing arrow and then she did, the arrow straight heads towards Mec’s conscious recovering head as he was dizzy by her earlier attack, when he sees this he directs his same paw having that controller to seek protection from her attck.  

                                  Without any further delay the arrow was so sharply slashing the air to get to him that it straight goes in to his arm in which the deep rooted controller has its branches all over. With the violent explosion, blood splashed all over the area with Mec’s sour scream that filled whole place and broke the crucial silence. His whole body was quivering with pain and dressed in blood, he was taking deep breaths and leading out squeak with his every losing breath as his wound starts healing and his arm began regenerating...

                                          Kaya was seeing him with her burning eyes that her sight caught the choking Manila who was dressed with blood all over and below him, streams of blood were flowing underneath him but he was still breathing slowly and he was not alone someone was there sitting aside him holding his paw, seeing all this Kaya face shoots off with rage she was late and it was all her mistake that she let Manila suffered.

                          She stunned to see Mec wasn’t there anymore where he was previously, just some wiry bracelet that was then composed his blood, she became conscious with her every step she takes her eyes wondering where he have gone, her ears picking every tiny sound,

“There you are.” she said quickly posing to her back with her creaking bow as she heard someone breathing slowly from behind, it was Mec who was behind her and he was then in his true form; he was bleeding from head to toe and was scratched all over, he was holding his bleeding arm that was regenerating at the moment as his tear up front that displays his nakedness , when his arm completes its regeneration he aimed his same paw towards her with abroad paw fingers that something shoots from it and headed towards Kaya; she wasn’t ready for this, she flipped at once and dodged it but not completely it was able to cut its way through his side cheek that some of blood dashed from there and starts dripped down.

                                            She wipes it as she can’t believed what had happened, and how he was able to do it? He doesn’t even move from his position so what was that? His head was continuously down as his long hairs concealed his half face. While standing he fired another one but Kaya saves herself from it by projecting bow’s periphery blade to that thing which seems something like some Garnet jewel but just glowing from inside. She became more irritated than ever and rushed to him, a conflict then erupted she was smashing one move after the other that he was like there twisting, curling, twirling and bending ruining her every move but he wasn’t attacking her,

“Okay lets have it this way, I want answers and you’re gonna give it to me got it… You had the chance to kill me then why did you save me? Why? Was that a lie? I think you were different but that person who saved me is long gone now I see a painless killer in front of me…” while saying she attacks him energetically on his face that her claws scratched their way through his left cheek; he wasn’t assuming her this move that his whole body twisted in the same direction, a hall pillar appeared out of nowhere to which his head strikes with the great thump and he lands on ground nearly senseless.

“It’s*he breathes* all your*breathe again* fault*he chokes* you said that I’m some heartless killer then why you pulled the beast inside of me… *stands while bleeding* I didn’t snatch anything… that you hold precious most in your world… then why you did?” He asked deplorably with his closing dizzy eyes and then shambled his way to her slowly that Kaya got scared and fired the shock generating arrow straight at his head...

                                 She watched his body shuddering with shock that he hit the ground collapsing, she take a deep sigh while sitting down breathlessly near his insensible body as she repents on what she had done but it was too late to cry over a split milk... she managed to stand up steadily as she had lost the energy with her will,

“You did snatch away something that I cherished most!…  YOU!!!” She said with tears in her eyes and posed away lifting a step that she heard splashing sound of some fluid hitting the ground beneath her, she began to look what it was that she found that to be some sort of dark thing, darker than the surrounding darkness that with her dizzy eyes she sees it to be flowing from her front’s bottom; her eyes opened wide with surprise that she started taking quick steps to somewhere maybe there’s something that was left undone maybe she needs to do something that was more important than her flooding wound.

                   Leonora was slithering her paw around his pallid face that was turning white and white after every losing breath,

“Go…uh, save yourself…*coughs*.” Manila said that Leonora eyes just sodden with tears,

“Nothing will going to happen to you.” she said that with his smiling face he took a last glance when his eyes got close, Leonora just bursts in to tears. ‘What I had done? It’s totally my fault… Didn’t I’m a part of this all along? I’m fighting but I’m fighting for what? What I had done? Loved someone… this heart is so strange always unknown… mysterious, never loyal… it just knows how to love but always unaware of the cost… the pain and grief it will get in return’. She was wondering all this with the tears that were streaming down from her face. Then the question was… what she can do now?

Hmm, dear readers what now? Manila's dead but don't you worry cuz the End is going to begin.

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