The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


14. Episode #13: Revealed.


It was pitch black there but his sight was clear as if the sun shines at his way but even a tiny sound made him alert, he moves on taking smooth steps towards the place that was used to be King’s room as it was just seemed haunted by some ghosts even a tiny whistle of air passing through the pore adds to the creepiness. He entered in to the room suspiciously but the place was looking as if it was abandoned for not that long; something passes swiftly making air dashed that he became more conscious than ever but he knows that someone was following him to there or more likely finding a chance to assassinate him. He walks slowly, his ears listening to even a tiny sound, his eyes scanning the area and his nose sniffing even a tiny scent. He holds a big long blade in his paw which was making him tiring to move without making noise, to the extra darker portion he moves that his mind recalled all the conversation he had with the Selene, “…we just met you don’t even know about me… I tell you one thing for sure that I’m really bad…bad enough to kill you right where you’re standing… bad enough to rule your nightmares…” the thoughts came to him as some kind of warning. He think about it again with his wondering eyes as he can’t understand what she meant by saying, “…you don’t even know about me…” he thought to himself but something was missing which he can’t able sensed as how she came to know about him when he walked in to that creepy room, ‘Well that’s obvious that she tasted my blood…” he gave this conclusion to his head, ‘ But then why she mentioned that she can kill me right where I was standing…no one on the planet is not that aggressive… Was she warning me about herself? Was she warning me about that I don’t have to be there? And why I can’t be able to see in to her mind? Does she block my access to her mind? If that so then there are only four beings in the universe that have the ability to achieve the hundred percent efficiency of their minds, no one can gain excess in their minds and no one can able to resist… If me and my sister are one of the four then there left… Oh my god.’ by the time he realized this it was too late, his back devise that was the cause he had that armor on him was being damaged by someone so badly that it bursts discharging a current to flow through his body that he fell faint on the ground, his last sight was seeing someone with the red glowing eyes. He remembered these eyes somewhere.

Your Majesty report…its Batheck…Can you hear me? Our King has not been found, Palace is going to invade too if you are listening to me please get to somewhere safe…me and my forces will try to block them… Ah, they ambushed us we are doomed they are already inside…go warriors take cover… no please…Ah…” there was then no answer, “Ba… Batheck…ah, are you listening to me? Respond to me Batheck.” Manila said in to his monitor with his trembling voice while patting his bleeding head but no answer, “Oh God.” he called out and struggled to his paws steadily and lead his paw back towards the smoking devise and take it off from him and flanged it towards the ground in front of him with his eyes investigating the area. He left the place immediately and started heading consciously, he have to find his sister and he have to do it quick. “Sister can you hear me? Please answer me… Wolfferina…” a blood splash hit the ground after him that made his heart to beat at its full potential that with the sound of thump somebody hit the ground before him that this all scared him at the moment, “Look where you’re heading… you fool.” something about that aggressive voice was familiar, that style of talking was no one’s but… “You saved my life…Why?” said Manila with his astounded voice his eyes fixed on her dripping iron claws, “I was a fool to do It, now get your ram out from here while you still can.” she said while folding her arms and posturing back, “Look towards me…” Manila said to her but she didn’t move, “I said look towards me.” He said aggressively that she turned around with her red hot glowing eyes, “I knew it, you are one of them…oh I was so stupid.” Manila said with falling voice by holding his head with his both paws, “No, I’m not one of them…” she said with less aggression, “Do you still think that you have to stay transformed… Your Majesty.” Manila interrupted her with his rising voice that she became scared, her eyes went wide and within a moment red fumes started raising from her body that was taking her Selene identity as she was losing her power to hold it much longer, “I knew it…” he said while turning away and walking from her, “I’m sorry…” she said in almost whisper but Manila heard it and stopped at the moment, he turned around to see her but she was nowhere just the blood flooding body from which she saved him that for the first time he felt he had done something wrong, with his sour heart he started heading forward. He still had the feelings for her in his heart and no one can able to take them away. (Maybe listening to White horse by Taylor swift will crisp the thoughts)

They have captured them all as prisoners and one after the other they were slaying them off that last three were then left in between the twelve dead bodies that were then flooding the area with blood, “Where’s King hiding?” Simba asked to the prisoner who was held from the hairs with his paws cuffed at his back, he was on his knees and was badly injured, “Never…” he said with his dizzy eyes and breathless voice, “Wrong answer.” Simba said that instantly a blade went through his heart. He headed towards another one in the same condition as the one who was before him, “I will ask a same question, where is the King?” Simba asked smiling towards the prisoner who seemed to be at his early stage or probably below a teenager, “And I will give you a same answer… Never.” he said furiously with his burning eyes, “Hey cub, Um I support your will… but it’s of no use by me.” he said that a sword went across his head and then his head spin hit the ground, “No…You will pay for what you have done… you will pay I swear.” the last prisoner exploded in anger that three more warriors hold him, preventing him to even move as he was so aggressive at the moment, “Hmm, why the last one is always the stubborn?” Simba said and posed towards him, “Okay…Um, I will change the question for you… have you seen a female, aggressive warrior, riding some wolf and oh have a carve at the apex of her right arm that states V.he said expressing all this by using body language and in the end making V at his right arm’s apex that everybody there bursts in to laughter even Victor himself except Mec who was thumped hard by him, “Good one.” he mentioned it by smiling that at once a gun projected out from the wall present in front of him which was only ten centimeters tall and some screen flipped out of the wall then the live video started streaming in which there was Wolfferina standing, “Surrender or die.” she said that everywhere the laughter exploded again, “Speak of the devil.” Simba said posturing towards the screen and then headed forward and touch that gun, “Oh I’m trembling with fear…” he said and moves back while shaking his paws sideways, “Oh Batheck you shouldn’t be here…I can’t believe that I’m saying this but I want to make some deal with you… Life for life.” she said pointing towards the prisoner they have caught, “It is very silly for you get replaced with this filth.” said Victor from where he was standing that Batheck at once stands and heads towards Victor with a blade gripped hard in his paw that Mec preceded quickly by covering Victor and then he smacked his blade in to his heart that he stands there with his eyes wide open until Mec take out his blade, by choking his own blood he hit the ground dead, “No…” Wolfferina screamed and start weeping, “Wow, that was close.” Victor said by patting Mec on his front carefully so that his paw don’t caught the blood, Mec’s paw with blade was dripping with blood, “You were saying…” Simba said to the weeping Wolfferina that her face switched to burning red hot with rage, “Kaya…*she wipes her tears*Kill the prisoner…Now” she said to Kaya that the live video on the screen project towards Kaya who was holding someone from his cuffed back arm his face can’t be seen as there was some cloth on it but he looks so badly injured, “Oh, Hurray you have caught a prisoner.” Simba said that Victor chuckled followed by everyone that instantly Kaya pulled off the cloth from the prisoner’s head that everyone’s smiling faces just fade away and switched to serious that Mec looked in the screen as if he knows who he was, “Jaguar…” he said that the prisoner recognized the voice promptly that he spoke, “Mec…” in his breathless voice and dizzy eyes that were then closed at the moment, his face was sodden with his own blood that Mec’s heart suffered to see him in that condition, tears filled his eyes that he can’t able to resist them remained there that they started trailing on his cheeks, his face switched to panic as he let go off the blade that he had used to kill the one who was the last chance through which he can have his friend back but then it was too late, he ran towards the screen, “Hang in there friend I will not let anything to happen to you…Please… Ka…Kaya… you have to listen to me… it was a totally a misunderstanding… please don’t do it…” he said with his trembling voice seeing towards Kaya, “I thought you were different from others but you are another heartless killer…” she said and smacked a blade in his back that he glanced to Mec last time before his eyes got closed as he exhaled his last breath, “No…” Mec said with his breaking voice that at once the gun there projected some kind of smoke that everybody start choking and hitting the ground faint in between the mist. Mec caught his dying friend’s last glimpse and then he collapse to ground too.

“Hey, can anybody hear me?” said Mec aloud but no answer just he was alone in the everlasting darkness. He started taking slow but cautious steps that something stiff underneath his step made him to lose his balance that he fell on it, promptly then the darkness fade away and light filled the area; he manages to see who made him fell that his eyes at once went abroad with shock and his heart started beating at its full potential and his face just switched to white with fear, it was Jaguar lifeless body underneath him who was cold and white that this disturbed Mec so much it seemed that his heart was ripped open. The tears then filled his eyes which started trailing, with his trembling paw he gently touched his lifeless face, “N…No…uh…Noooooooo.” Mec screamed that his voice echoed throughout the empty space.

Manila picked a scent that was familiar, her Sister she was around there somewhere that his face flushed with happiness and he started jogging and the scent becoming stronger and stronger that it made Manila to entered in some corridor where he knows that her sister will be there when he glanced through it as it’s incontestable, “Sister I was searching for you…” Manila said with overwhelming happiness which then fades away as his eyes caught the sight of someone who was not his sister, on the blood flooded ground someone was on his knees; his arm was lifting the lifeless body from its back and his head was almost joined with his motionless head that when he heard Manila’s voice he aimed his head up showing his face through his ashy hairs that Manila became terrified from his grimace, he don’t know him but he sure doesn’t seems friendly by the looks he had on his face and in his sodden burning dark eyes through which the light can’t even escape. He gently put down that body which seems to be his most dear person in the whole world that was then no more. He stands with his head down with his ashy hairs covering his half face that without any delay some kind of red fumes started rising from his body that started dissolving his fake identity and revealing his true form, Manila had witnessed this before that he remembered quickly that person was also one of the and sent here as a spy just like Selene. There was no escape for Manila then just the hand to hand combat with that fierce looking fighter. Manila heads towards him but he doesn’t move and remained at the same spot where his friend was lying sodden with blood, “Look I’m sorry about your friend…” Manila was saying that he at once takes out his claws as if he doesn’t even care now he slightly move his head to rush away the hairs which were covering his eyes that Manila also take out his claws. The deadly battle then erupted in between them both were dressing each other with blood, wounding each other and fighting each other without any reason as sensed by Manila but there was some motive for his opponent as he was getting furious and furious for revenge but he was wounded so badly that with his failing health his blood was also lost so much that Manila don’t see any cause to hurt him even more, “Look I can help you…just tell me.” Manila said but he won’t listen and approach to stroked him again that Manila knocked a high speed punch at his face that made him fly in the air and then he thumped against the wall before him that he choked his own blood and struggled to get up again but in vain that he crawled to his died friend and led down his head on his front, “He is dead, he isn’t coming back.” Manila said aloud, “Then I have to avenge him.” he said with his trembling but low voice that Manila can’t heard it, “What?” Manila asked that at once he stands and with his roaring voice he spoke, “I will avenge you my friend.” that something started happening to him he was becoming in to something; veins began raising throughout his body with the cracking sound of his twisting bones he transformed in to some other kind… the Beast. That Manila sees him with astounded face as he was then 2 feet taller than him.  


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