The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


13. Episode #12: Bad Blood.


*No One’s Point of View*:

Manila see the wave approaching that passed underneath him, he then sees his Kingdom falling in to the grasp of Dark which made him disturbed. He sniffed trouble when he sees someone breaking in his Palace’s front entrance followed by a vast group of some warriors approaching from the woods under him who were riding the Lion Beasts that this disturbed him so much, ‘Why someone that silly want to break in to the Palace?’ he wondered but he then got his answer, “Father…” he almost said in whisper and flipped through his glider and aimed for the Palace one can see his frowning brow as he quickly glides making the air whizzed past him...

                              He broke in the Palace, everything was painted black that he approached for the button in the control panel just before he heard something going on out there, he stood stunned by the window that he sees three huge ships approaching, in no time they surrounded the whole Kingdom and without any further delay they fired something that pined to the ground, they were twenty atleast and now were making the air stiffle with their projecting smoke.

                                   He could hear the shrieks of his people calling out for help and he was too helpless to even save them. A tear went down leaving a trail from his eyes to his cheeks that all shrieking suddenly stopped just as they begun …stillness everywhere… he aimed his head out in search for his people trying to glanced through the red smoke that there he see it, his people… they were all senseless…lying on the ground. He quickly approached the button on the panel aside the main hall and pressed it,

“All Warriors report… This is an invasion… protect the King.” He said seeing in to the screen displaying the different visions of the Palace, his eyes were searching for any life that steadily the camera sight started to fill with the Warriors who were thirty in numbers, dressed in the same outfit as that of Manila's... that one of them spoke,

“We are the all that’s left… others have been hibernated by the somnolent red gas.” he probably seems familiar to Manila that he exclaimed,

“Batheck… Is that you? Thank god they are not dead.” he said that Marso come after,

“Your Majesty I need your permission to reinforce Princess.” he said that Manila became disturbed,

“I grant you permission, go reinforce my sister.” Manila said that he rushed with 15 warriors, then there left the remaining 15 with Batheck who rushed them to the King’s room. Manila without any delay rushed to the King’s room too but from another route.

Wolfferina stoodd down astounded, her head aimed back to where there was her Kingdom but by then it was just settled with red smoke everywhere, her eyes went sodden. “Anyone report...*no answer* warriors are you there…” asked Kaya right away, her eyes dug deep in to controller pad on her arm but there was no reply that suddenly someone spoke,

“It’s Marso, I’m leading 15 warriors to reinforce Princess…The other 15 are rushed for the King’s safety… We are all that’s left.” Wolfferina winced at his voice and take a deep sigh of relief but her relief was however short lived,  rustle of overgrown grass at least four meters away destroys the serenity, everyone begins to look towards the extra darker portion of forest from where the red hot burning eyes ascended and the growls filled the area.

                         Out from the dark, someone approached on his Lion beast who growled at her Wolf beast making him raucous that she promptly recognize the rider, “Victor.” she hissed at him but the Victor’s face seemed unruffled,

“Wolfferina…wow what a coincidence I didn’t know I’m that popular.” he replied with his crinkling eyes and wide smile,

 “You will pay for what have you done.” she replied instantly with rage,

“Oh well, you didn’t see nothing yet my dear… you will going to love the moment when you see your dear ones dying in front of you Um… we will start with your father and then brother…” Victor was saying that she couldn't bear his sarcastic words, “Damn you…” she growls with erupting rage and throw a blade instantly at him that he held it in his first finger and thumb... this all had happened in the blink of an eye,

“So weak … so pathetic.” He was giving her compliment that Wolfferina's eye caught something behind where he was but some distance away… those were Marso and his fourteen warriors going to ambush him and his army as they have surrounded them all instantly leaving them totally unaware of their presence it seemed like on that day the dark was at their side,

                                              Marso signaled the princess by wiggling his head telling her that they had taken their position now, they need some divergence to stray all of them as they were thirty-five and they are thirty-seven by then,

“Who are we warriors?” Wolfferina asked aloud,

“We are indomitable warriors with the bodies of steel and souls of fire.” all warriors before her replied in same rhythm,

“Hmm; you got some spirit I can’t wait to break it.” Victor replied her that she frowned,

“Are you ready warriors… This is the day that will be written in the histories…so tell me who is starving to kill…” she asked aloud,

“We are born ready.” they replied in rhythm that Victor chuckled all warriors followed him and then steadily the laughter filled the area but Mec was there behind Victor with his emotionless face and cold eyes that his and Kaya sight matched,

“Now…” Wolfferina yelled that all warriors project to assault, Marso and his warriors attacked from sides and back surprising the Victor that his smile fade away,

“We are being ambushed.” he cried aloud and approached towards Wolfferina who was also heading towards him. A war then erupted, Lion beasts picking up on Tiger beasts, Tiger warriors picking on Lion warriors, Victor picking Wolfferina and Mec picking Kaya indeed that night was proven to be blood-spattered itself. Wolfferina was aggressive and hurling attacks after attacks upon Victor who was defending himself, having a grin on his face that was making Wolfferina more violent than ever that finally she manages to succeed in her intention and gave a smacking blow to Victor that he stopped dead; his burning eyes glanced at Wolfferina who was holding a blade dripping with his blood that by seeing this he directed his head down where he felt the warmth of his blood dripping from his front,

“It’s been a while, till I last scratched.” he said with the same grin on his face that his wound healed rapidly which was the disturbing sight for Wolfferina,

“I should have carved my name.” she replied instantly with a smile on her frenzy face, “No need for that…uh you see… I have carved mine.” he replied that Wolfferina instantly see her right arm’s apex from where the blood was dripping, there was carved a letter ‘V’ that she hold her arm from there… the wound healed very fast but the carve remained, “Damn you…” she growls and head towards the enchanted smiling Victor.

Half breed beast growls at his Tiger beast who returns the favor instantly, “I should have known you are one of them.” Kaya said with her burning eyes fixed at his,

“Please, get out from here as there’s still time… I don’t want to hurt you.” Mec replied with his cold eyes fixed on her,

“Yeah …I should have killed you when I had the chance.” she hissed but Mec didn’t replied he just led down his eyes as if he was thinking something very deeply that Kaya take out her bow and load it then Mec can hears the creaking sound of the it’s elastic being stretched,

“If you don’t mind asking me… why the primitive bow while you can have the advance bow gun.” Mec asked with his eyes fixed on ground as he starting to show some emotions,

“Hmm, I don’t know why you’ve asked this but I have my own philosophy about it…you see everyone have their own intention towards what they dear most, I don’t have taste for a Bow gun as there’s no fun in killing someone by pressing only the trigger… emotionless… so breakable… as the actual bow is like a friend, it senses your emotions, your rage, your patience, your effort, your warmth, your grip and carries your trust and never let you down.” she said creaking it even more aiming at his head,

“Thanks…” Mec said and take out his bow gun and aimed at her while loading it, that Kaya fired her arrow that goes straight towards his bow gun it was too late for him...

                                   The arrow sheared past his arm, his eyes went broad but not a sound of pain; just shivering breaths that he hold that arrow and pulled it right from his arm and see the bow gun… it was broken; with his bleeding arm he takes out the swords… their red hot glowing light made his appearance apparent even more, his gray hair fluttered through the opposing breeze that Kaya hurled five arrows one after the other at him, he moved like ninja and defend himself against her arrows by cutting them all making Kaya stunned at the moment that she begin to aim again that he approached riding his Tiger beast who attacked her half breed on the neck that without losing anytime he flipped through the air Kaya followed him and they both land on the ground, both of them staring at each other wondering who’s gonna make the move first.

                                       Kaya took out the bunch of arrows that filled her wrist, with her furious sight she aligned them all and fired at standing Mec that he flipped through the air twisting his whole body he succeeded in saving himself but can’t able to escape the second round fired by her that some of the arrows passed through his side arms making the blood spout from there, Mec land on his knees his both paws holding the areas where the blood was dripping that Kaya sight able to caught what was happening in the surrounding, they were losing badly their warriors were falling dead after dead Wolfferina was also losing to Victor as his Wolf beast was so badly injured that instantly it fell faint on the ground Wolfferina fell too that Kaya heart seemed to stop at the moment as if she couldn’t breathe anymore...

                                                         She hurried to aid her that a smacking sword from a foe slice through her front that she land on her knees with her pinched eyes but not a cry of pain that he approached again to kill her that she closed her eyes, at once the blood splash hit her face she almost shrieked out, her sight quickly go through herself but it seemed it wasn’t her blood that was splashed all along her; with the sound of bump someone hit the ground and some head spin hit the ground in front of her that she shrieked violently, the one who tried to kill her was being killed…but by whom? She thought and looked up where she saw Mec standing, his wounds almost healed he was holding his swords that were then dripping with blood,

“ Get out from here…” his words were emotionless that he walked away and vanished through the  blood-spattered crowd leaving Kaya sunk deep in her thoughts.

Victor was going to make his move on the defenseless Wolfferina that Marso approached and wastes his endless effort, “Princess, go … save yourself… get out from here… Now.” he said that she rushed away from there as she didn’t think of anything at the moment leaving Victor who glanced at her with his frenzy face, “Princess we have to get out from here… hurry… in to the Palace… quick.” said Kaya pulling Wolfferina from her arm and then she whistled, his half breed beast come a once that they hurried their way out from here.

They were getting away that Wolfferina looked back towards Marso and Victor, promptly her sight caught what it shouldn’t have, she see Marso felling helpless to Victor that he slashed his arm the spouted blood was the disturbing sight for her but the most was seeing him beheaded that she pinched her eyes as she weeps but then her face flushed with so much rage, “I think the time to return favor has arrived.” she mentioned to Kaya who listened to her and then sunk deep in her thoughts. They reached Palace that Wolfferina rushed to control room, “Kaya it’s time to bring in the prisoner.” she said arrogantly while stopping by and then she moves on leaving Kaya assuming what will going to happen next as it was just the beginning.


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