The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


12. Episode #11: Masked.


“How are you feeling?” asked Tion with his cold eyes dug on me, “I’m fine I think I’m much better now.” I replied by patting him on his armored chest that his eyes start seeing the wounded portion of my chest which was then healed…no wound there just the carves remains. “The night is approaching we better get prepared for what is going to happen next.” said Tion that I almost got lost in my thoughts for a moment as if I was confirming what is going to happen… ‘So much had happened, now what is he talking about…Uh, No.’ I thought to myself that my eyes went wide and I see towards Tion, “You mean…” I paused I know what will going to happen but I want to hear it from Tion, “Yes, they are coming…Prince Victor and General Simbah is on the lead…it’s time” He said seeing me in the eyes that the Black Panther who was just sitting beside the tree past me, whines and ran away and I see him getting vanished in the trees ashy mist that Tion and mine eyes matched one more time before we both aimed our head to sky and there we see some meteor shower which was not true they are our ships that are coming as if they are tearing through the sky they were looking as if they were some constellations, surprisingly then they’ve got vanished but I know deep down that they are still there they just don’t showing their selves as if they’ve masked. We were still there when the area beneath us starts trembling and the trees were shaking as if some typhoon went over them and then there was silence everywhere which also didn’t linger more. The gate of a stealth ship opened we were standing in front of it that someone appeared with his erect posture, ‘who it can be… uh …Prince Victor’ I thought that I led down my eyes as if they can’t even bear his sight. He walks towards us the sound made by his armored boots was getting closer and closer and closer I bowed down, Tion followed. Then he got so close that in bowing I can see his limbs and feet which came to halt at the spot, “Tion would you give us a moment.” He said that Tion stands at once and went past him glancing at me for the last time then he straight goes to ship gate which were then closed then there was Me and Him alone… even the time seems slow I was still bowing because he can’t ordered me to rise. The maintained silence was just ripped, “I’ve trusted you Mec and look what have you done.” he said while roaming around me, “Your Majesty I’m responsible it’s truly my fa….” I was saying that he smacks his knee against my front while holding me from the shoulder, *slow motion* *my ribs cracked*blood spout out from my mouth that my body starts trembling with my heart pounding so fast as if it was going to rip my chest out but I still didn’t look up and remained in bowing…I’ve deserved this, “Why Mec you betrayed me.” he said and flicked his limb and stroked it at full potential against my front that I flew in air a bit and thumped against the tree stock, I choked my own blood and fought for breath but I couldn’t caught much as if my lungs were ruptured, I can’t able to walk that I crawled to his feet again, “Mec see what have you done? See what have you done.” he said and strikes his arm’s flank across my lifted back*my cord cracked*; with my eyes wide opened I exhaled my last breath that drained my life, I fainted and land on the ground hitting my front to it that there was endless dark everywhere no sound… no nothing… nothing at all.

The night had come, she sniffed through the air that her eyes went wide, “Brother…” she said in almost whisper. She take out her claws but at once she land on her knees, something was wrong with her that margin of her paw finger split open and iron claws came out she sees up to the roof and smiled, “I’m coming.”

“Hey Manila let me in…Let me see that.” Wolfferina said knocking at the door harshly but not a sound not a word nothing budged that she sniffed danger, “Manila open up…” she was saying that the regulator’s monitor on her wrist summoned the holographic view that speaks at the instant, “Your Majesty…” the voice spoke, “Yes, Kaya.” she asked. “The prisoner… she has escaped… she ripped opened the roof and even dodged the Laser machine cannons that fired on her… even the security cameras can’t able caught her glimpse but just some as she was so fast.” she finished that Wolfferina frowned, “I’m coming, prepare the forces we will hunt her down… even the God now can’t save her from my grasp.” she speaks aiming her head to Manila’s door as if she was telling him. “No.” Manila almost spoke in whisper with his wide open eyes; he was lost in his thoughts. He was definitely bothered by her Sister that he take out some devise and positioned it correctly at his back and then press the button on the regulator on his arm that the devise transformed itself in to something that looked like some armor which swathed his whole body from head to toe in to something blue black glossy outfit; he wandered to the window that was beside him and glanced out to the misty forest ahead, “There is only one place, she would go.” he said while holding a leaf of an oak tree which slipped in his back when he was with Selene when she was sitting under it. He glanced to his right seeing that misty forest again and then hold up the leaf to his left, pressed against his chest where his heart was; then he sees down after ascending to the window in almost bowing posture that there was probably the 80 feet drop from his room, he puffed by closing his eyes and jumped while opening his arms wide. With his puckered brow inside his armored head can be seen when he was seeing the ground closing, he promptly take out his swords bound to his armor and swivel them in air by holding them in his both paws that his swords instantly transformed in to two huge blades which he then fuses and press the button in the middle of both that huge flaps opened at once which made him ride the air now he know where he was heading, he glides through the air towards his right straight to the misty forest… he can see the clusters of oak trees distributed widely through a large perimeter.

Wolfferina got dressed in her armor by placing some device at her back which packs up her whole body even her head, her piercing green burning eyes can be seen through her masked armor, “We are waiting for your orders your Majesty.” said Kaya by laying down her eyes, “Start operation ‘Rabbit Chase’…” she said by posturing towards her, she then pats her shoulder, “Loose the Beasts.” she said while coming out of the equipment room to the 5 rows of Warriors 20 in number but best of the best, that Kaya passed her smile and pushed the button on the control panel aside her that the big steel door at the back of the hall opened*Silence*. A huge Wolf fully armored of the height no more than 6 foot came out of the murkiness that Wolfferina whistle, he glanced around at her and ran to her that she jumped in air and flipped sit on him. The other Beasts also followed their master’s whistles who are now riding them; all Tigers were of 5 foot. On the lead of Wolfferina, they all lined up behind her, “Who are we?” she asked aloud, “We are indomitable warriors, with the bodies of steel and souls of fire.” they all replied concurrently in same rhythm that Kaya come after her with her milky color Wolf and Tiger half breed of 6 foot, their crinkling eyes meet which passes smile, “ya…” Wolfferina yelled that all beasts rushed outside towards the open gates through which Wolfferina can see the misty forest ahead.

“No, please somebody help me.” I screamed for help in unlimited darkness as some predator dragged me to his mates his canines dug deep in my limb… But there was no one who came for my help… With my soggy eyes I take a last glance everywhere but there was only dark; I was dragged even more seeing the trials of my claws making in front of me with my shivering breaths and sodden eyes I let go struggling that all predators encircled me and start eating me alive, ripping my every organ, their claws slicing through my skin that my sore scream destroys the peace resides in the dark then there was silence everywhere, that silence that can eat your ears. I opened my eyes and see myself buried in dirt, that my eye caught the sight of Prince Victor’s boot prints, ‘It was just a dream.’ I told myself that I struggled by lifting my back but I can’t move it I frowned and swiftly lift up my back that cracked sound produced the pain was unbearable but short lived that I stood up my eyes investigating the place that I see my blood all over the area with cold and steady look, I felt some change in me as if my soul is ripped, ‘But this is not the time to feel pain… I have to move on’ I thought to myself…

“Your Majesty I need more time but for now, Mec is ready.” said Tion that his holographic view is received by Prince Victor who then smirked, “Good work, my pet.” he said that Tion’s holographic view went out. He was standing there beside a tree his eyes dug deep on the Palace that he sniffed through air slowly and then let it out, “Your Majesty what are your orders.” Simbah asked, “Prepare the troops divide them in 11 divisions, 8 will be commanded by our 8 league heads, you take one and I take the rest.” said Victor posing towards Simbah and the 8 league members standing put behind him that they all yelled, “Yeah.” Victor smiled on their will, “loose the Beasts.” he commanded that the ship gate opened, out from the dark wandered 6 feet tall ‘Lion Beasts’ infinite in numbers their eyes glowing red hot as if some burning coal mine was just ignited. Victor whistle in rhythm that three Lions come from the rest running towards his call, by seeing this Victor ran in opposite by jumping through one tree to another and then flipped through the air that full equipped and armored Lion caught him on his back, Simbah with the Crystal liege and yellow venomous heads; their division comprises of 10 warriors each followed his lead who was leading them, surrounded by two more Lions that were also running past him that I appeared from his left, flipped through air and land on the Lion’s back running past his left he sees me and I see him then we both were heading together leading the others.

When we were that close that the whole Kingdom’s glittering lights and the Palace in between them is visible, Victor raised his paw that we all 66 warriors stopped at the instant. He then starts sniffing I followed and then everyone that Victor smiled, “Looks like we have some Majestic company.” he paused for a moment and then continue, “3,4,5,6 and 7 division go for the King and the precious blood, Prince… 1,2 and 8 follow me…” He paused again and approach for his controller pad and press some button that Tion’s holographic view is summoned, “Discharge the EMP.” he spoke to him, “Discharging EMP in 3…2…1.” he ended that I aimed my head back and see a huge wave generating through the forest that the trees trembled as if some typhoon went over them as their effect was coming closer towards us that it passed through us and start approaching towards the Kingdom and then in few seconds we all see the glittering lights started fading away… Dark then born and gained dominance in every corner when this satisfies Victor he directed his paw forward and we all started heading to the fore…… there is no doubt that streams of blood will spill under our feet.


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