The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


11. Episode #10: Obscure.


                    By the time I get back to my senses I found myself among the undeniable disgusting odor last but not least, I was so terrified to see that I’m in the jaws of some predator wait, it’s no predator it’s the same Black panther whose life I’ve saved now he’s taking me away to somewhere alone so he can have a mouthful of lunch, “Let me go.” I struggled but in vain, that he slams his jaws even more tightly grasping me literally his jaws pressed against my front, I struggled even more in the response that the air seemed stifle making my eyes shoots to sky leaving my body numb that I stop struggling anymore and let the darkness governs again.

I was present at the very scene that I dislike the most, “No, Jaguar, don’t.” I scream but too late, the incident repeats seeing my best friend dying by colliding with craft’s wing and I’m too helpless to even save him, then I feel that I’m drawn to same incident as well I can see the wing approaching me that will slay me too…

I woke up with loud squall, “It’s alright Mec it’s alright, you’re perfectly fine just calm down, calm down.” I heard someone patting me lightly on the shoulder. I posed to see who it was that I can’t believe what I saw, “It was just the dream.” it spoke again, a highly organized some hefty looking warrior packed in the armor from head to toe, I can’t even see the face that it make me freaked out, “Who are you? Stay away from me *coughs*” I said with my wheezing voice. “Oh, warrior Mec Dellino it’s me, Tion but don’t worry I’ll explain you everything I’ve waited 1 day for it.”  It spoke again that the instant replay of crashing craft streamed in front of my eyes but the more freaking news was that I’ve been down for one day, I glanced around quickly viewing the place we were in some cave in the hills because I can see the mountains the trees beneath and in midst of them water Lake flowing, “How’d you survived? Where’s Leonora?” I asked with questioning eyes that glanced around to catch her sight but she was nowhere, “Well, I managed to download myself within the scarps of my craft and escaped before it was too late…” He said that I cut, “So, where’s the princess Tion, are you telling me that you escaped alone while the princess was still there lying helpless because she was can’t able to move or see you abandoning her in midst the foes *coughs*, ah.” I said vigorously burning hot with anger that my health fails again. “Well, no I was about to save her but it was too late she was retrieved by the enemies as there was only 3% chance for even me to escape, they have the craft too and her and they’ve taken both to their palace… I’m sorry.” He said but I was frowning with anger and his sweat talk didn’t impress me I have to find the princess, I wondered where would she be? Or in what condition she’ll be? I want to stood up but failed that Tion hold me in his cold armored arms, “Don’t worry we will retrieve her back but first you need to eat so that you get better.” He said and jumped out from the cave, sliding down through the rocky surface, I was just coughing with my paw pressed against my chest where that bloody lady had carved me, I was receiving continuous bumps that it suddenly stopped I posed to see that I catch the amazing sight, the Black Panther is finally going to pay; He was holding a gazelle his canines smashed hard in its throat, “There’s your Lunch… you know what you wouldn’t be alive after all if this Panther don’t swim you to safety and get you to me.” Tion said that my eyes opened wide flabbergasted, that Panther saved my life.

 “Your Highness, that harebrained prisoner we retrieved… had knocked out… the third guard in 2 days time…” these are the words of the panted watch guard who entered in without the permission when the feast was going to begun, “Not again…” said Wolfferina, the Princess of the Tiger world with so much frustration as she was just arrived exhausted from the arduous training, “What’s the matter dear?” asked King calmly. “Well, it’s nothing Father… I’ll just go and deal with It.” she replied and was about to stand after glancing through her meal in front of her with the sluggish eyes, “Sister please stay, I’ll just go and have a quick visit.” Manila replied standing at once; he is only Prince of the Kingdom that will later on be the one who will govern the Planet. He was waiting for that incident for a whole day so that he could have a chance to see her again, by the moment he laid his eyes on her made him forget breathing now there’s his chance which he don’t want to relinquish. The King, Wolfferina and guards see him at once, “Thank you Manila, I owe you one.” said Wolfferina in her scoffing voice and start his meal; King followed by seeing Manila abandoning his meal and going out with quick paw steps following that guard.

“Well what happened?” Manila asked from the guard who slow down a bit to join Prince company, “The guards were sent with meal but every time they’ve opened the room, she attacked them one after the other…She hasn’t eaten for 2 days.” the guard replied that Manila glanced around at him quickly, “Oh, that’s so harsh…here lend me the meal I’ll take the chances.” He said, now they were in front of the room in which she has been installed the security was so extreme there that the whole area was been covered with the lasers everywhere and to add some more the area was under automaton, that they opened the gates of the highly restricted region then they both were in, “Your Majesty are you sure you really want to do this?” asked the guard handed him a Gazelle with the peeled skin, “Yeah I’m sure… Do you have one more of this because I’m really hungry too…” He said that guard sees him anxiously, “But your Majesty…” he was about to complete that Manila sees him in the eyes, “… sure your Majesty… Hey give me the other one.” said guard signaling the other one who rushes with the second freshly killed Gazelle and hand it over to Manila after bowing in front of him, he take it and puffed like he’s going on some war or something, “Wish me luck.” he said smiling towards the both guards that the gate for the room in which she was opened, “Well good luck your Majesty.” they both said still in bowing, “Thank you Batheck and Marso.” He replied that both guards glanced around at each other like they are questioning and confirming if they had told him their names.

Manila entered in that the gates were closed now there’s dark everywhere and place seemed spookier and spookier as he draws his steps forward and forward, the room seemed in coincidence with some mini jungle, Manila in gulp the last saliva he could find in his mouth that the greenery hissed passed him he became alert, “It’ll be nice if you don’t you know attack… I mean you no harm…” he said that he sniffed and dropped the meat from his paws and move a bit more, “Oh, shit.” he said and quickly grabbed the tree branch above him that at once someone pass beneath him with speed and then vanished, he then let go off the branch and jumped down and start viewing the place, “I give you my words that you’ll be safe, look I brought you a juicy Gazelle…” he was saying that everything goes slow motioned; a squashing sound is produced and blood start spilling from his shoulder to his chest and then to the ground below after going through his limbs, with his wide opened open mouth and flabbergasted eyes he posed to his right and see her face tucked down only her hairs were visible, she has smashed her teeth hard in to his shoulder and she is drinking his blood; that type of situation happened when some cat is cut off from his normal routine meal the hunger transformed his/her intellect in to completely other form the Beast. She at the same instant let go of him and get vanished in the dark again; he take three or four steps back and then land on his knees his blood just spout out from him in pressure with his whole body trembling he was just staring at the ground beneath breathing as if his lungs were ruptured, then struggled to his paws and grabbed the meat which he’d dropped with his one paw pressed against the wounded area but the blood was still spilling through the area between his fingers; with his tired steps he wandered in to the field of greenery his eyes just dying to get her glimpse again and then there he see her sitting with her back bang against the tree’s stock her head almost lost in her limbs he wandered almost close to her, “Get your ram out from here if you think your Majesty I’m going to apologize you’re truly foolish to think so.” her words just ripped the air before even he could hear them, “I just want you to ask if you would like to join me in meal…I’ve heard you haven’t eaten for two days…” he was saying that, “No, and why don’t you even care.” she said again literally with her burning eyes that were glowing red hot, “I care that’s why I’m here and I don’t want you to apologize me or anything…My mother used to said that starving for something only cause pain it dissolves your intellect, stales your soul and takes away peace that resides in you…” he expressed, “So, why are you telling me this?” she asked desperately, “Because I feel the same starve for you in my heart.” he said almost bursting in to smile that she glanced at him their eyes got almost locked for some moment that she led down her head in her limbs again maybe she was just hiding the tears in her eyes which Manila had sensed, “Here have this… please I can’t see your pallid face anymore.” he said and tossed the meat to her that she sighs and wiped the tears from her face and glanced around at him again and then to where she had smashed her teeth; she desperately grabbed the meat lying in front of her, “Why are you doing this?” she asked from him with the sodden eyes he can see his blood all over her mouth, “To eat by sitting beside you… what do you expect I’m starving.” he replied one can see the precious smile on his face with his eyes dug hard on her he just walk to her and sit beside her by crossing his legs that their sight match one more time than they both start eating, the munching and crunching sounds can be heard in the peaceful area. “Manila…” he spoke, “What?” she asks, “My name is Manila…” he said seeing at her with the questioning eyes, “Selene…” she said. “It’s nice to meet you Selene.” he exclaimed, “Well I don’t because you are the first mad cat I see that is so irritating.” she mentioned raucously while eating, “Well I’m glad that you have shared what you think of me.” he said humbly at that time she almost had done eating that when she heard this she stands up, “Manila listen I don’t want to hurt your feelings but the truth is always bitter I’m not that kind of cat that you think I am… we just met you don’t even know about me… and I tell you one thing for sure that I’m really bad…bad enough to kill you right where you’re standing… bad enough to rule your nightmares… so please just leave me alone.” she said while crying and wiping the tears  from her face. “You know what we both have bright and dark sides of ourselves and I think this is what makes us true being.” he said and stands seeing her remain at the same spot, her one arm folded and the other placed against her face wiping the tears this sight makes him distressing, he walks some more until he was close enough that her head will touch his chest that truly some quixotic moment happened and one can see the blushed cheeks of her; he hold her paw that everything goes slow motion she turn around surprised but then everything goes reverse she pulled her paw and ran into the bushes leaving Manila who stands there for couple of moments sunk in his thoughts that he start heading to the gate, she was staring at him going through a space in the bushes that her heart pounds so fast when he stop by the gate and glanced around to catch her sight but with his disappointed face he went through the gate who were then opened for him after when the gates were closed eating every light that come through it there she was again sitting beside a tree her back bang against its stock her eyes sunk deep in to her thoughts not a word not a tear not a movement.“Good job everyone.” exclaimed Manila to the every guard who was there staring at him as if they were confirming it’s really him not someone else under his skin. They then sees him going out, his eyes were sunk deep in to his thoughts, his fake smile was just then fade away…  

Hey dear readers don't give up yet.... Because the later has yet to come LOL :D                                                       


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