The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


1. Episode #1: The Far Land Of Wonders


DISCLAIMERS:Dear readers, some of you I think have a problem in the type of English I have used so I make it simple for you that the English content present in the story is classical and I've tried hard to master it moreover, the characters, dialogues and the story is subjected to copyright. 

"They are growing more powerful and have gained so many strength, if they are  not defeated now they will be more powerful than ever and defeat us before we  can defeat them..." these are the words of Uganima who serves the King as below than Minister post. The King was on his royal seat, down straight after the small staircase were they seated and giving different suggestions; they are known as the intelligent one and they are 2 in number, the King on the other hand, sitting as  one of his paw was on his face which had covered his half face, when he heard this he roared and said,"Give me some fresh prey I am thirsty for blood if you'll be late I'll drain you instead so, HURRY up..." pointing to one of his royal guardian, he quickly ran using his four limbs and within a minute he returned with the deer who was in his paws, he put that Deer in the feet of the King, and left the place after bowing and goes to the place where he was previously standing, the Deer was not completely dead he was just unconscious and with the passing of time it was coming to his senses right away. The King at once grasp that deer; at the neck region and by infiltrating his canines deep in to its neck he starts drinking its blood the Deer start struggling but in no time that Deer was drained completely out of blood that make it more close to the deflated balloon lying on the ground ;all of his royal guardians were shivering with fear that he roared again; the blood of Deer was dripping through the King's Mouth,

"Why are they gaining power? All the power of Universe is directed to me ONLY ME I want them at a very end that they beg their lives from me and- and then I take them......" said King with exploding rage.

"But Master the sentence you spoke is little emotional(using his intelligence but didn't said that he has spoke little wrongly) why don't they beg their death from you and then you take their life......"said the Minister sitting besides to Uganima,

"Yes my intelligent Minister ... you are right and delighted me again with your intelligence why don't I think just like you ...." said King and jumped from the place where He was previously standing; by smacking the table where Uganima and Minister were seated. He held the neck of Minister and aim him high up as he was struggling for breath but he only get chokes,

"Why not You beg your Death... but for your information I'm not in LETTING YOU GO mood." said King and start drinking his Blood too and the Minister was struggling using his paws and legs like a helpless prey but again he deserves it, who told him to splash kerosene in the blazing fire of raged King?........ a practical joke has a time and moment to say,

"Does Anybody Else want to point out a GRAMMAR mistake in between a serious issue." asked King that Everyone moves their head in ABSOLUTELY NOT manner,

"No master you are Alone the Lord of the Known Universe we are just your helpless servants." Uganima mentions in his quivering voice,

"You made me happy Uganima ! I appoint you as my Minister." King led out and smiled.

"Umm Uganima, briefed me about the things that are given so much care in their planet." asked King after thinking so deeply,

"People, self prosperity and respect." replied Uganima,

"Ok that's obvious but where is my Son and my lovely Daughter? You go and say that king wants to see them Within a minute." said king pointing to Me, yeah you may be wondering Who am I? Well then...... as you asked I am his most trusted General, having the army of the most deadliest warriors in the known Universe but I'm going to retire from my services so that's why I was so sad these days, Well it's enough for now, I have to hurry up and call the Prince and Princess at once ......!!!

Change of Person:

"If you want your enemy dead to ground, first wound their legs with a sword and then open up their hearts by tearing their chest apart without losing any minute ....." I said in my heavy voice to my warriors who are under my command, I was training the troops which consist of at least 30 warriors with four of mine best trained warriors. For their amusement I mention,

"Let's have a fight with you four; Mec, Hurracius , Kalima and Jaguar come and face me face to face, this is just for your improvement in battlefield." All the four take their weapons as they all were astound.


 ~Mec has specialization in Archery.

 ~Hurracius is good at sword fighting.

 ~Kalima is good in reading someone's mind and analyzes their moves ... he sometimes sees visions from future!

~And in last Jaguar, who is specialized in attacking with the speed of thunder and he runs so fast that in one second he vanishes from the place he is on the spot and was standing on peak of Nail hill (It is the most tall hill in that place and having appearance of nail-like, it at least have a height of 1142 m).

We start fighting; first Jaguar came to me to with his maximum speed and wants to strike me with a sword. I quickly move aside and strike his back with a great force using my leg, he was not expecting this move from me that he strike the wall and lied sprawled. I was watching him if he was okay that at a sudden moment I analyze that I am the target for Mec then at once I heard that something was coming to me with a great speed tearing the Air, the sound more close to an ARROW as I heard this i postures back and held that arrow in my bare hands as I don't have a single idea from where Mec fired it and then there i found him as he was me with surprise flushed face. I didn't waste my time and throw the arrow where it had come from that it goes with a great speed towards Mec and he was nearly safe from my attack.

Hurracius strikes me from the back with a sword that I was nearly save from his attack and start fighting him with my claws and when I got his weak point I strike him too and threw him away like a piece of paper that he too hit the wall behind him.

I was thinking that where is Kalima? he doesn't waste any time and strike me with his sword that I was nearly safe from his deadly strike, he then rushed to me and strike me again but this time he was able to wound my arm with his sword and my arm start bleeding - he was definitely reading my thoughts and my mind but I gave him a dough and I succeeded and able to defeat him . When I see all of them lying on the ground and being defeated one after the other I became so embarrassed in front of my new student Warriors,

"I am so disappointed from your performance which you have showed after when I trained you? okay let's help you out in this case. I see you have no team work so rise and gain your strength and strike me as a team by helping your teammates in any case if they endure any failure. Okay I am ready to face you! Are you ready to face me like a team?" all hum at once "Yes..." and then they together fought by helping each other and they defeat me and made me dead to the ground. I was so happy that they succeed.

"My Little sister, have you got any lesson when I was training them?" I said to my Sister Leonora . "Oh! brother please don't call me 'little' it makes me embarrass in front of your students! Look they are passing me smiles! and by the way we are twins so how'd you know I'm little" Leonora asked me in so much innocence that I take my defeat in front of her as I don't want to answer that.

"Okay I got it now, please can we go and visit Our father, he will probably be worrying for us." I said to her after seeing General Liongar standing and waiting for us, probably Father wants to see us, "Lets Go Sister." I said and then I take my sister's paw and start moving towards the chamber that will take us right to the royal room of my father. General Liongar also joined us in this occasion. When we were moving I see Mec and Jaguar were smiling when they see Leonora, they were probably teasing her and she was absolutely sensing that too and she was furious from the inside... I can say that for sure! I was staring at Mec and Jaguar and when they see me like that ;they laugh out loud then I know this will be the end of the patience of my Sister...she let go my paw and use her powers to take control of Jaguar's mind and made him to INCISE Mec's back with his deadly claws??? and then quickly let him face the situation! wow such a skill.

"Hey Jaguar what is the problem with you? why you hurt me?" said Mec,"No I didn't do that, what are you talking about?" replied Jaguar, "Well this is what I'm talking about?" he said and gave him scratches with his claws on his back, and then a war erupt between them.

"How is my Father?" I asked from General Liongar.

"He is in a bit some worry." answered G.Liongar, I know that Father is furious right now and He called us both to discuss some important issue, but where is my Sister? Then I saw her fighting those who wants to hurt her just by smiling?

Hurracius and Kalima wants to stop Mec and Jaguar to stop this stupid fight that they also got themselves into it and were fighting against each other. On the other hand , Leonora was laughing and saying "Strike him he scratch your back first!" and laughing so hard .

"Okay no more funny business, please let go each other'sssss hair, paws, and mostly ears! Are you listening to me right now?" I shout where I was standing but NO they don't even listen.

"Hey weaklings listen to my brother or I will come and you don't want a Lioness to come and stop the lions don't you?" She said to them that they sit in fear,

"Yeah totally got it." said Kalima in fear.

"Good, " by saying this she take my paw and said,

"We were going somewhere........?????"

"Yeah, Let's go." I said this and start moving but my attention was behind ; on my students .

Hey Lovely Reader, Don't end up on this part because the name of Prince is left for you as unsolved Mystery so carry on :)!


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