The Beasts On the Hunt

You have no idea who you are messing with....... The Beasts of this Universe. Furious as the Tigers, Deadly as the lions. Their War for freedom, struggle and survival for their species when Decimation erupts. The Earth will not be safe anymore from their Dreadful invasion, the peace on Earth will be haunted that played a role of the Host for their Hunger and thirst or more likely as the PREY .......... Stay tuned to see what will happen next in the series of "The Beasts On the Hunt"


4. Characters Introduction :)


Words From The Author:

In this Ongoing Episodes of my creation, I want to introduce you to my Characters which I think is better than to explain their appearance, hahaha :) Let's know about them in a Fantasy but Fantastic manner. Can I continue...... But first don't make fun of me okay; this trick is best for describing any Fantasy story. I want to give my story a touch of comic You know! :D. And Oh! the mystery behind the photos that you can't see will be revealed one after the other when a right time and place comes; I will likely to introduce you to all my character but then what will happen to the sentence if I did, THE THRILL IN THE STORY IS KILLING ME.

Intro: This is Princess Leonora, the cute and the innocent one. She has really thick and long hairs. She has sparkly Purple eyes like a sparkling Amethyst.

Specialization: She has the powers which she too don't know yet but her excellent brain gives her random visions to see in the Future. She likes knives, blades and any kind of weapon made from the relevant accessories as mentioned above.

Warning: She look innocent but don't take her much lightly! :)

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What do You think of her as heroin of the story or the bye bye Flying spirit the choice is yours to make :)

Character #2: Prince Victor.

Intro: This is Prince Victor or also known as the soul on fire. His dreadfulness is spread in all the galaxies, milky ways, around the very end and corners of the Universe. He always tries to remain calm because his powers are mostly ruled my emotions so, he better not let them explode through him.

Specialization: He as the Prince, knows everything and most importantly he is the best Warrior Beast of the known Universe. He knows foes' every move and action and always be prepare for any War conditions.

Warning: Better not make him Angry!

Character #3: Mec.

Intro: You know him as Mec but his full name is Mec Del lino. He is handsome tho, no argument in this okay I like him. He is 1900 years old but if compared to Humans on Earth his age is equal to a 19 year old boy on his Planet. He is the Prime Manager of everything and his intelligence is behind every action or step. He is selected by Prince Victor himself.

Specialization: He is damn good in Archery. He is the best of the best in the Warrior Academy along with his other Friend group. He is also excellent stealth Warrior, nobody feel his presence even if he was that close that your own shadow will never be.

Character #4: Jaguar.

Intro: The name Jaguar when flash in your mind you will think of something deadly that will be carnivorous or flesh eater; same is the case here but the problem is ...Jaguar this one is the opposite. He is the Nature Lover, and most importantly he is the talented one but can't uses his brain much tho. He is a kind of Deadly but he is very hard to pissed off, he always remains cool. He is fond of eating and eat more than a single Lion but he still is SKINNY .Can you believe it? He is 1800 years old.

Specialization: He has the specialty in speed. He can awesomely gain so much speed that's faster than the speed of sound. He has very sharp Claws and in addition to that he always wore some kind of extra accessory like a long solid steel gloves on his paws that not only protect them but also will make a furious impact if strike with the amazing speed.

Warning: You Don't want to use your nuts with him!

Character #5: Kalima.

Intro: Kalima is type of healthy and due to that he is most powerful among all his friends. He is vegetarian but eat flesh in one in million years, not much. Don't be afraid of him! He is also 1900 years old.

Specialization: Kalima has the appearance strong as the Steel but most importantly he has the powers to see some specific type of situation happening in the future. It may be a scene from what will happen next in the next 5 min or it may be the dough to the truth that he might wanna hide.

Character #6: Hurracius.

Intro: Hurracius is sweet and shy guy. He is the second thinner person after Jaguar. He is nature lover too. He also don't see anything in pain, he is very helpful and supportive. He is 1900 years old too.

Specialization: He has the specialization in the martial art of Swords. He is found to be a good Gladiator; the good Swordsman. He always have his swords with him, although he is shy but without these swords he felt himself partially naked, now you know the importance of his swords. He also know the Shadow Martial Art, he strike enemies in shadow and can open different portals/dimensions in the shadowy places only.

Warning: Caution! Don't touch his swords!

Character #7: King Aazoola.

Intro: You know that every Lion has his own Kingdom, his warriors, his Pride Land; but it also need someone special, someone that is mighty. Now you will know what I'm talking about.....Yes, The King....The ruler of the Lion Kingdom and the planet , someone that is compared to no one with his powers, someone Deadly. The King of the Universe but not completely, something has to be done, someone who is even more Far After his own thoughts.... you will now see the problems with the King. Everyone want power but could not help himself stop gaining any... until he get the whole lot of it. He will probably be want even more.

Character #8: King Tigera.

Intro: Even if you have gain so much strength that is beyond the limits,..... to the infinity, but still you are not comfortable enough because of the people who are jealous of you.......This small thing can make you stay awake all the night, destroying your inner peace and your Health.......This can murder you slowly slowly hacking your Brain and then finally the body. King Tigera is one of them. He is the Ruler of the Planet Zaria; The planet ruled by Tigers But then again his heart is always beating with fear , which the Lions have poured it into his soul. He can't stop thinking what if Lions attack us when we will be sleeping peacefully? What will they do then with Him or His cubs? What will they going to do with His People? These thoughts just give him chills leading to goosebumps even in the burning day of flames.



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