Love in blood

Mimi was a witch who was half cat. She was 27 and ran a diner which was also a book store. A vampire lord walks in. He sees Mimi and wants her for himself. She's sexy thick and short and he wants her. On the bad side though another Vampire wants her too. He is going to do what ever it takes. Read and find out what happens with these amazing charters.


1. A drink of Blood, A drink of tea, and a drink of coffee

                    Chapter One

              Mimi Jones tied her apron. It was blood red with black hearts on it. She wore a black halter mini dress. It stopped at her thighs. She was five foot two but with a curvy body and nice large breasts. Mimi also wore black high heel sandals. The straps crossed and tied. She had her long dark brown hair in a bun. Her violet cat ears flicked twice. Her tail swished side to side. With a big grin she went downstairs to her cafe Rose Vines. 

             Rick sat by the medium brick fireplace. He loved Rose Vines. He loved the cherry ice tea. He loved the book of dark poetry. Most of all he loved how the waitress was half cat. Also he loved how she wore the aprons. They showed every curve. He sat and sipped his tea. His black hair was in a long tail. It hung over his left shoulder. He wore a black t shirt and black slacks.  His skin was pale white. His blue green eyes looked Mimi up and down. She walked by him to organize the books that were on shelves on the back purple wall.

          I will finish this soon.



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