Genral Potter?

What happens when Harry Potter goes off to war then comes home to Ron and Hermione married. Ginny in tears. And Percy engaged. Here is how to find out


1. A bit about me

Hey guys, this is my first fan fiction, so let's no be JERKS.😺 Anyways my name is Caroline, I am 12 years old(so no hot sex scenes), I am in the sixth grade, and I am currently I a great relationship. I know, I know 12 and dating, sounds bad right. I am too young to date. Well me and my boyfriend(Ethan) don't care what everybody say. Oh and I am classified a giant. I am 6 ft. 3. You think I am lying, well I can't prove it to you, but I am telling the truth. I am currently the second tallest person in the sixth grade(first is Ethan). Yes I do play basketball, I also play soccer, and lacrosse. Me and Ethan have been dating for six months now, and we both have the same birthday. At my school we have this thing called birthday buddies. So if you have the same birthday you get an extra gift, but you have to buy a gift. The first present I got from Ethan was a basketball. Let me explain, I tutor Ethan and sometimes we play basketball. He knew I had a crap ball so he bought me another one. I felt bad beachside I got him ten dollars worth of candy. After that we hung out more then ended up in a relationship. The recent birthday buddy (we are dating at this point) I got him a water bottle filled with Hershey kisses. I wrote on the bottle " kisses for my sweetheart. Btw I call him sweetheart or big E. He calls me Rae or Carl ( that is my soccer nickname). So that is a bit about me hope you love this fan fiction.

( ps my birthday is September 11. weird I know)

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