Not Too Old For Me

Kat is a 16 year old girl, who longs for a long lasting relationship. Although, he mother already thinks she's too young, she tries online dating anyway. Will she find true love, or true disaster?


1. I Want A Relationship


    I walked into the kitchen this morning, and my mom was just sitting at the bar, with a glass of wine in one hand, and the other hand swinging by the stool.

    “What’s wrong with you?” I say as I move towards the other side of the bar.

    “I got a hangover.” She says slowly blinking.

    “If you have a hangover, why are you drinking wine?”

    “Cuz’ I’m fuckin’ classy!” She yelled as she walked up the stairs to her room, leaving her wine glass.

    My mom and my dad were never dating, they were friends with benefits. Yes, they are still friends, but I think it’s weird and awkward to me when they flirt in front of me. Lil’ Nasties. Anyways, my name is Katilaja Rene Hill, I know it’s long, but hey, what are nicknames for?! As you probably could see, I go by Kat, or Kitty, if you like.

    I know there’s some people out there who’s all like, “fuck love”, and that’s how I used to be, but for some reason I feel the desire to be in a serious, committed relationship. If I could just find that perfect guy, It would be amazing. I just moved to Ontario, Canada about a month ago, and I’m ready to start school. I just hope I get a high school romance.



    I woke this morning with both heads up, if you know what I mean, but I actually slept okay last night. I  haven’t been able to get enough sleep lately, because I’ve been kind of lonely in this mansion by myself. I already know what will satisfy me, a woman. About 22 - 23 years old, but in all honesty, I don’t think age matters when it comes to love.

    “Justin! Come get some breakfast!” My mom says.

    “Okay, okay. Stop yelling.” I yell back.

    I walked down the flight of stairs, and into the dining area, my mother sits down with me, we say grace, then eat. It was delicious.

    “Bye, take care of yourself.” My mom says while walking out of the door.

    I wave bye while shutting the door. Although, my mom feed me until I was full, I still feel empty inside. Maybe I could go to a club tonight, and she if I find a good girl to support me there.

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