Not Too Old For Me

Kat is a 16 year old girl, who longs for a long lasting relationship. Although, he mother already thinks she's too young, she tries online dating anyway. Will she find true love, or true disaster?


2. First Online Encounter


    “I need a boyfriend, I’m tired of the single life.”

I said to my friend Amy as we walked down the hallway.

    “Maybe you should try dating online, my mom uses this real good website that’s for teens, too.” Amy suggested.

    I thought about it, then nodded my head showing her that I want to try the website. We walked to our 4th period class, algebra, and sat far away from each other, thanks to the teacher.

            -A Few Moments Later-

    We got home a few hours ago, and Amy is over my house. We’re going to sign up for the dating site, while my mom is at work.

    “So go here, set your age to be 21, but put in your profile thingy that you’re 16. They website won’t let you on if you’re not 21 and older, but teens use it anyways.” Amy explained.

    “Okay, let’s do this. But if I end up getting kidnapped or something it’s all your fault.” I say jokingly.

    Amy didn’t think my joke was all that funny, she told me I needed to be careful, and ask people to facetime and stuff. I just nod my head in agreement to everything, but in reality, I’m gonna do whatever I want.


    I went to the club last night to find someone to take on a date, but all there was in the club was thirsty bitches. I can’t deal with people anymore, so I found this dating website and I’m trying it out.

    “My name is Justin Bieber, I live Ontario, Canada, I’m interested in a real relationship with someone who lives in my area, and I’m 23 years old.” I thought in my head while making my profile. (I made Justin to be older just because, I don’t know)

_A Few Moments Later-

    I got a message on my phone saying they’ve found a match for me in my area. She lives right around the block from me, she’s beautiful. With her big green eyes, dirty blonde-ish curly hair, and mixed color skin. I start to read her profile.

    “Hi, my name is Katilaja Renee Hill. I live in Ontario, Canada with my mom, and sometimes my dad. I’m actually only 16, sorry if you thought I was older, but hey, I’m willing to date someone older than me.”

    Damn, I would really date her, but I don’t want to get arrested. But, nobody needs to know if I date a 16 year old girl, and plus we’re only 7 years apart. ( I made Justin older to fit the story) I’m gonna send her a message…


ME: Hey, my name is Justin, as you can see from my name thing.

KATILAJA: Hi, I guess that means you already know my name. How old are you?

JUSTIN: I’m 23, and you’re 16

KATILAJA: I know, do you have a problem with that?

JUSTIN: Not really.

KATILAJA: When you say not really, that implies that you have a little problem, and I want to know why’d you message me.

JUSTIN: I don’t have a problem.


    After that the conversation continued and I felt myself opening up to her, which is weird because I just meet her online. We planned to facetime tomorrow. I can’t believe I may have found the girl I want to spend my life with.

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