New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


28. We All Need Saving


No. This can't happen, every time I leave her side something bad happens, and I can't let that happen. "I am going alone." I said to the group. They all started arguing with me, except Melanie and Romnly. "I am going alone!" I yelled, my face going red. 

"You don't have a dragon to ride on! You will get there too slow." Julionna objected, and Romnly blew fire out of her nose as if to say come-at-me-and-we-will-see-who-the-real-dragon-is. 

"How will you get Emma back here, carry her? She's already in enough pain" Brooke said.

"If we all go it will be slower. Romnly and I will run there and I'll find a horse or something when I get there." everyone started arguing again, and Melanie stood up. 

"I don't like him going alone as much as the rest of you." she yelled. "But I think he needs to do this. We are too slow if we all go there together. And we all know Patten could handle an army of dragons alone if they had Emma." She said, and everyone quieted. "Now, we are taking too much time sitting here talking - go Patten." I nodded looking over at Romnly.  

"Lets do this!" She let out a deep roar, scarring the birds in the nearby area, and I smiled. I turned without another glance at the group and started to run, my stride longer, my speed faster, wanting to get to Emma quicker. Romnly was right behind me, her wings flapping in a rhythmic pattern.

"Patten!" Jura yelled flying above me. 

"I said I'm going alone!" I yelled back at her.

"Yes, you are going alone to get Emma. Maulduen is in another location I will find him." She said. Well, I couldn't argue with that, I wasn't about to carry an injured dragon back to camp.

"Go!" I yelled at her, and she veered left.

Romnly and I traveled nonstop for three days, eating while running, resting for 15 minutes at a time until I got to the prison that Jura described. There were fifteen guards at the gate, and I unsheathed my sword stepping into view. "Whats up?" I asked leaning against a tree nearby; and Romnly perched on one of the thicker branches, letting her long tail drag along the ground watching the guards with an unblinking eye.

"Whats up?" a guard asked confused, not even fearing what I might be up to, nor that there was a dragon beside me.

"Well, nothing is up per say, but you do have my wife in one of your cells, and I am going to get her out." I said straightening.

"We only have one person in our prison, and she couldn't be your wife - her husband is dead." I scoffed. I extended my mind and searched the prison; my mind brushed against hers, and I flinched at the pain covering her body. I retracted my mind and stared at the guards.

"Oh, you have her; and I'm going to get her." I said, then leaped into action, disarming all the solders before they had a chance to react, and ran into the prison without another word leaving Romnly to take care of the men. I ran down the halls, weaving my way through the prison till I found her cell. "Emma!" I yelled, cutting the lock and stepping into the cell. She didn't move, not even open her eyes. "Emma..." I knelled down, my hand shaking as I looked her over - assessing the injuries. Picking her up slowly I made my way out of the cell, checking for danger at every turn. I turned toward the door I came through, and there stood Alana. "What are you doing here?" I asked walking quickly toward her, she wore a red tunic, black pants and riding boots, and had her sword out and ready to attack, she also had a crown on her head. 

"I could ask the same about you." she said, quickly taking off the crown, I looked at her confused, but said nothing about her wardrobe.

"I am going to take Emma to safety, you stay behind and find out what was going on." I said and turned to leave, and I could hear her clearly say under her breath.

"I will do just that..." and it was in such a tone that put me off a bit, but I pushed it to the back of my mind to dwell on later as I took Emma out of the prison. 

"Oh Emma..." I whispered, kissing her scarred, bloody, forehead. She didn't move, but I could have sworn I saw her eyes twitch just a bit. Running with long, steady strides, I made my way out of that retched town and into the forest surrounding it, Romnly following close after, looking down at Emma.. 

/I found Maulduen./ Jura stated, and I completely forgot that we were still linked. 

/And how is he?/ I asked setting Emma down softly. 

/I think he is fine. He can't fly though, his wings are torn, but that is the worst of his injuries./ She said as I sat back, letting myself somewhat relax - the first time in three days, and I found that I was exhausted, and hurt everywhere. Then I looked down at Emma, and scolded myself for thinking about how much I hurt, when I clearly saw how much pain she was in.

/Hows Emma?/ Romnly asked worriedly. 

/Not good, she can't even open her eyes./ I felt for a pulse, and was glad when I felt the faint thump of her heart. /but she's living nonetheless. I wish I had brought Melanie's potion with me to heal her... I don't like seeing her this way./ As if answering what I had just said to Romnly, Emma's eyes opened slightly, and my heart jumped into my throat. "Emma?" I asked aloud, brushing poisoned black hair from her face. She looked around confused then her eyes found mine, and her mouth opened slightly in a gasp. 

"Your here!" she exclaimed trying to move her hands to hold me, my eyebrows furrowed together as I took her hand in mine and brought it to my face. She grimaced in pain as her arm moved, but smiled anyways a tear rolling down her scarred cheek. "That was a lot worse than whipping." she whispered as I kissed her forehead. 

"You always get into trouble when I leave you." I said trying to smile. "Why is that?" I ask bringing her limp body into my arms. 

"What do you mean I get into trouble? I never get into trouble!" she joked, sarcasm layering her words. Romnly curled up around us, her long head laying next to my feet. 

"Oh... never my love, never." I played along. Dropping the facade I said, "Tomorrow we will find a horse and travel back to the group - they are all expecting us soon." I kissed her forehead again and laid back against Romnly's body.     

"The group..." she said distractedly, then added "and when I'm better we will go kill Alana." I looked down at her confused, but her eyes were closed and her head nuzzled against my chest. I wanted to question her about it, but knew she needed rest. Alana is on our side right? I pushed the thought aside and closed my eyes as well, cradling Emma close to my chest as possible without hurting her more, and fell to sleep. 


I woke in the morning in a stir, and my eyes opened to a sleeping Emma in my arms. "It's about time you got up. It's almost half day, we need to get moving." Romnly said lifting her blue head to look at me and Emma. I nodded smiling up at her. 

"Hey, Emma... Wake up beautiful." I whispered, kissing her cheek, her eyes opened in a flash. 

"My weapons!" she exclaimed looking around franticly. My eyebrows furrowed together, and I prepared myself to tell her that we couldn't go get them, that we had to go find a horse and travel back to the group, but Romnly stood up, eyeing me. 

"I have them." she said and I gaped at her. /Last night./ Romnly answered my unspoken question. "Here you go Emma." she said and pushed her swords toward us. Emma smiled warmly 

"Can you help me up?" she asked me, and my eyebrows furrowed together again. "I need to word my muscles or I will go weak." Her voice left no room for argument, and I stood up with her still in my arms, then slowly set her on the ground. "Thank you Patten." she said trying to take a step forward, but started to fall, her legs turning to jello beneath her. I caught her just in time and helped steady herself. 

"Lean on me, okay?" I asked and she nodded, grasping my arm like it was her life support. "Why do you do this to yourself? I can carry you!" I said as she almost fell again. 

"You know why." she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "I need to do this for myself. It's who I am." I sighed as we made our slow process to town a mile away. "I need new clothes. Maybe we can stay the night and continue tomorrow. Romnly can stay in the forest and wait for us, if that is alright." She said looking over at Romnly who's blue sapphire eyes sparkled in the mid day sun. 

"I think that is the best idea you've had sense we've came to Narnia!" I said laughing, and Romnly snorted out fire from her nose in agreement. We continued to walk for about a hour before coming upon the large gates of the town. "Do you think they will let us in when they see it's us?" I asked, putting on a kingly smile on my face. Emma scoffed rolling her eyes. 

"As if! They probably got word from Alana to kill us on sight!" I looked at her confused. 

"What are you talking about? Alana is on our side right?" I asked. 

"Not even close! She is the one who said Melanie was killed, she sent Holter to his death facing Julionna - which ended totally opposite of what she expected, except she thinks that they are both dead, as well as Tomi. She had the pirates take her to kill her, and you, but they didn't get to you before Tomi screamed, so they took her instead of just killing her there. AND then she went to the prison to kill me personally, after having the guts to send me in the wrong direction toward a dragon, and when she heard that that didn't work, she had a witch try to kill me with poison!" I looked on everything that had happened as we came to Narnia, and it all made sense... we need to kill Alana. I stared dumbfounded at Emma. 

"Almighty then. Well, lets hope that the word hasn't traveled that fast then." I said and continued to walk toward the towns gates.

"Stop!" a guard yelled from the gate, and Emma and I froze. "Are you hurt ma'am?" he asked running toward us. I looked down at Emma, she shrugged. 

"Yes, I am injured." she said leaning on me heavier than before, putting on the act for the guard. He gasped as he got closer to us, his eyes going wide with shock. 

"Your them..." he whispered, and I set my had on my sword, ready to fight. "Are you High Queen and King Emma and Patten?" he asked, and I nodded slowly. 

"Come with me... you are wanted by queen Alana." he said in a stern voice. I inched my sword out of the scabbard, and he paused. "That's not what I meant, I don't serve her." Emma relaxed beside me. 

"Then why do you want us to come with you?" I asked. 

"Because I can get you to safety, and mend your wounds." the soldier said, his eyes ernest. I looked down at Emma, and she nodded. 

"Okay; but if you are lying, not even Aslan himself could save you." I said and started to follow the guard into the city.    

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