New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


9. The Arena


The carriage ride was nice, the soft breeze drifting through the window, the slight sway of the road, the clip clop of the horses. Everything was perfect. The birds sang, and the forest sprites danced with the wind. It was about twenty minutes into my departure that I heard a loud rumble coming from the north, followed by distant screams and more rumbling. But never the less, the journey continued with no delay. 

I stuck my head out the window and saw a glistening palace. When did they get this place? We stopped in front of the gates, and the coachmen got off and opened the carriage door. "My Lady." They said in unison, one holding out his hand so I could use it as support as I got out. The palace was white, not one speck of dust corrupted it. I walked into the grand hall, a beautiful room full of pictures and sculptures of people. I walked over to one, it was of an elf. The metal tag below it said "Holter, King of Narnia." I touched the face, wanting him to be here, with me. I walked to another sculpture, it was of me. The likeness was uncanny - then Emma, she was beautiful, as always, and then, last but not least, Patten - a Nobel sculpture, every detail in its place. 

A servant led me to my room and left me to rest from the long trip. The door creaked open and a soldier in full armor walked in.

"Your majesty, please come with me." I followed him through the corridors and out into the courtyard. A screaming crowd of my people were waiting outside. I looked at the guard, his face was hidden behind a hood.

"I'm sorry, your majesty." The soldier sounded disappointed in himself as he led me through the crowd.

They were all yelling stuff like, "You left us. You left us to die. You brought them here and left us." I was so confused by what they were saying. The people at the front of the line started throwing rocks. I threw up my hands to cover my face. The soldier held up his shield to protect me, leading me through the crowd with a supportive hand on my back. One rock caught me on the left temple. I stumbled onto the gaurd and blacked out.

When I came to I was in an arena filled with hundreds of people, a long steel sword lay beside me. They were cheering now and yelling something. 'Keiro' is all I could make out. A woman stood on a podium and hushed the crowd. 

"My people, today we will right the wrongs that were done to us many years ago. Today we have one of the wrong doers in our custody. I am here to ensure that she is brought to justice." The crowd began cheering and turned their intention on me. They shouted in unison "Keiro, keiro, keiro." It grew louder and louder.  A gate behind me screeched open and a deep rumbling came from inside. "Open the gates!" she yelled throwing her right hand up in the air, her hand making a thumbs down gesture. 

The ground shook as an angry shriek escaped the cage. I stepped back as a giant, white dragon emerged out of the gates. I scrambled for the sword and pointed it at the dragon. At first the dragon looked up at the sky longingly, that was when I realized the battleground was covered in a metal net. Archers all aimed at the dragon. The dragon turned to look at me. It's eyes narrowed as it charged towards me. I barely dodged its humongous head, swinging my sword around to hit it in the wing. I sprinted behind the beast as it turned and charged again. As I dodged it a second time, rolling across the field and I swore I heard it speak in an unkown language to me. 

Again the creature turned, but it didn't attack it only studied me. The crowd roared, yelling the strange word again and again. I gazed into the beast's big blue eyes, it looked tired and lonely. I slowly set down the sword and raised my arms up for everyone to see. The crowd held it's breath waiting for the dragon to strike.

The dragon cocked it's head then spoke in English, "Why do you drop your weapon? Do you not know that I could kill you in one bite. Why do you not fight."

I spoke in a soft, calm voice, "I do not wish to fight you or to be killed." I looked up at the woman, who was getting red, her white hair put into a bun, and on top of her head was a crown.

The dragon calmed, "It is what our captores wish, they will kill you slowly if I do not." She looked up at the people.

"Please," I begged, "please, do not kill me. We can help each other escape this place." I bowed before the great dragon.  

"Very well, I will not kill you but the does not stop them." She nodded towards the woman who looked unimused. The dragon retreated to her cage as gaurds flooded the arena. They pulled me through a small opening in the side of the wall. 

I turned back to see the dragon being surrounded by gaurds as well. "I'll come back for you, I promise." I called back. She blinked once, as if saying 'you better,' as the she fought off the gaurds who were poking her with spears. I was dragged into a dungeon, I hate dungeons, nothing good happens in dungeons. I was thrown into the locked cage for hours. 

It soon became dark and I could hear the shreiks of a dragon in pain. I covered my ears, some how it felt like I was suffering the pain too. 

"Hello there, your majesty." I jumped as I heard a quiet voice in the dungeon. "How 'bout we get you out of here." I could hear the jingling of keys and the swing of the cage door opening. Strong, old hands helped me up and led me through the halls avoiding every gaurd we saw. When we finally found our way out I could see the person clearly. She was a faun, old, short, with grey-ish silvery curly long hair. 

"Here." She shoved my bow, quiver, and belt in my hands, "You'll need these." Before I could do anything, she grabbed my arm and began pulling me. The gaurds had just realised I was missing. 

"Wait, where do they keep the dragon?" I pulled my arm away but continued to run, "I promised I would free her." The old woman stopped and looked at me in disbelief.

"Why would you want to free a dragon?" she asked. 

"She didn't kill me, when she could have done it many ways. We made a pact, and I will not go against it." I said with as much authority I could. 

"Fine, follow me." As I followed her down the streets, I strapped on my belt and quiver and swung my bow over my shoulder. 

We arrived at the arena and she led me to a trap door. We climbed up and ladder that led us into a dark room that smelled of blood. A low growl came from the corner of the room. 

"I came back for you, just as I promised." The moon light flooded through a barred window. I could see the bloody and scarred dragon clearly. "Please come with me." She stood slowly and I could see the shackles on her feet. 

The old woman pulled out a sword and cut the chains. All three of us proceeded out of the arena. Gaurds were waiting for us outside. I pulled out my bow and took a few down but there were too many. Archers began to shoot at us. 

"Get on my back!" the dragon shouted. The old woman and I climbed onto the dragons back. Her smooth, white scales sparkled in the moonlight like snow. She opened her wings and flapped them causing the gaurds to be nocked off their feet. She then took off into the sky and flew out of the city. My shirt grew wet and my vision blurred. I looked at my right shoulder where an arrow had made its mark and still stuck. 

"Oh no!" the old woman gasped. She pulled me back and laid my head in her lap. "Hold on we'll get you help." She wiped my forehead with her shirt as I blacked out again. 



"Patten, I have to know if she is alright." I pleaded. 

"She is fine! Just send a letter or something, just don't leave me again." He said throwing his hands up in the air, frustrated. 

"How could Brooke still be alive after so many years?" I asked. Patten only shrugged. "I'm going to go find her. Alana said she knows where she's at." I walked over to Patten and hugged him from behind, laying my head on his shoulder blade. He was silent for a while, playing with my hands. 

"And you have to go alone?" He asked. I nodded. He sighed. "Fine. But if you aren't back in three months, I'm coming to get you, and I don't care if 200 dragons stood in my way, I would kill every one of them." He said maneuvering around to face me. His eyes were a soft blue, and were filled with tears. 

"Please don't cry." I whispered, rubbing away a drop from his cheek. 

"I can't help it Emma. I just got you back two days ago, and now you are wanting me to let you go? I'm having a very hard time with this." He said, giving his best fake smile. I got on my tippy toes and kissed him. Between kisses he asked, "When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow." I replied, pressing myself closer to him. 

"Fine." He said then added, "at least we have tonight before you go." And with that he picked me up and walked us to our room. We slept snuggled together, our bodies intertwined. But the night couldn't last, and I woke at dawn, not wanting to leave, but knowing I must. 

"Patten," He stirred, "good morning." I said kissing him. I got out of the bed and went to the closet to change out of sleep wear, which consisted of cotton shorts, and a sports bra. I changed into trousers and a white cotton long sleeved shirt which looked sorta like something a pirate would wear, and then knee high brown leather boots. I walked back out of the closet to find Patten sitting on the bed facing away from me, his back muscles flexing. I walked around the bed to face him. 

"I don't want you to leave."

"I know, but I must." He stood up and wrapped his arms around me. "Now, take care of Tomi, don't let her out of your sights, she in new here. And Holter, make sure he is under control. Don't get yourself killed while I'm gone, and don't do anything stupid." 

"How could I? Your taking all the stupid with you." A lump stuck in my throat, but I laughed it off looking up into his eyes. "I love you Emma." 

"I love you too Patten." I kissed him, then we walked down the stairs and into the thrown room, where Tomi and Holter were sitting talking about something. 

"Emma!" Tomi yelled. I smiled as she got up and twirled around, she was wearing a blue dress, it was simple, which fit her. 

"I like the dress." I complimented. 

"Thank you, my queen." She handed me my crown, which I put on my head. 

"Holter, can you go get Darcy?" I asked, he nodded and walked out of the room. 

"Where are you going?" Tomi asked.

"I'm going to go find an old friend." I said. 

"And let me guess... Patten is mad... because... your... going alone. Am I correct?" I nodded and laughed. 

"You know me so well!" I said walking over to the thrown and picked up my white sword and hooked it to my belt, then picked up my two other swords and strapped them onto my back, and then my shield over them. 

"Wow, you don't mess around with your weapons do you?" Tomi said laughing. 

"Nope." Holter came back with Darcy, who was saddled up, and brought him to me. 

"There you go. Hope you have a fun trip. We'll tell Melanie where you are when we get to the summer house. And I'll be sure to keep an eye out for Patten, make sure he doesn't do anything rash while your gone." we laughed, I hugged him, then went to Tomi and hugged her, and then to Patten. 

"Don't say anything." I whispered in his ear, hugging him, he nodded. 

"Okay." He whispered back. I looked at him, got up on my tippy toes, and kissed him softly. 

"I'll come back in one peace, I promise." I said walking toward Darcy. 

"Goodbye my queen!" Alana yelled from the doorway, I nodded toward her. Looked back at Patten and mouthed the words 'I love you'. And then I was off, Darcy running out of the castle gates, and into the forest heading west.  

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