New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


22. That's it


The next morning Jura was gone. I followed a trail of ice to the lake. She sat at the bank and stared out at the water. /Watch this./ she thought. She lifted her tail and dipped it into the water. At her touch the water instantly froze. Pulling her tail out she jumped onto the ice and skated across the lake. I joined her and soon we were dancing across the lake. Emma and Maulduen stood at the bank and watched us.

"She is a beautiful dragon." I heard Emma say nudging Maulduen. I glanced to see if Jura had hear but she seemed to be in another world. "Come on." Emma started sliding on the ice towards me. Maulduen tried to follow but the ice cracked under his weight. Jura blew onto the ice filling in the cracks and making the ice thicker. Jura skated from one end of the lake to the other and back, going between Maulduen's legs in the process.

"Try to keep up!" He slide after her, looking awkward compared to her majestic gliding. Maulduen curled around all three of us entrapping us on the ice. "Alright, Curly, watch this." Jura carved a perfect circle into the ice with her tail. Emma and I skated a figure eight pattern. Maulduen stuck out his tail to aid Emma who was about to fall. Jura crashed into his tail and fell backwards with a thud.

/I'm sorry./ Maulduen pushed Jura to her feet with his muzzle.

"It's okay, I should've been watching where I was going." She gazed into Maulduen's large eyes, silently. Emma and I watched. The silence was broken when Jura looked away. "We better unfreeze the lake, the poor fish are probably dead." We all stood on the banks as Maulduen blew fire over the lake.

The whole lake became liquid again and Maulduen and Jura went hunting. They both returned with two large elk between their teeth. Maulduen of course got his to himself but Jura shared her elk with the rest of us, not getting as much as she needs. Maulduen ripped off a leg of his elk and tossed it to her. No words were spoken, well at least I think. Jura nodded and ate the elk leg happily.

After we were all finished Emma and Maulduen left. I waved goodbye from atop of Jura's back.

"Shall we go for a fly." Jura begged.

"No, it's getting late, I'm going to go get washed up." I made my way to the lake, leaving Jura who looked lonely.

"Melanie!" I heard y name being called out . The voice was familiar. A tall boy with brown hair stood at the edge of the forest. By his expression it looked like he just saw a ghost. "Melanie! Is it really you?!" He came toward me slowly. I didn't know how to respond so I just watched him. Who is this boy? How does he know my name? Oh duh... I'm the queen everyone should know me.

"Hello, my loyal subject what brings you to this deserted place?" He didn't respond only came closer, maybe a little too close. He was about in tears.

"How are you here? Am I just seeing things?" He gently touched my arms, actually I wouldn't say gently, more like he was stabbing me with a firework. I jumped back.

"Ow! What was that for." He looked confused and reached for my arm again. I flinched and he drew back his hand. Glancing behind him I could see Brooke running towards us, she's fast for an old lady.

"Holter, may I speak with you." Brooke took him over to the lake. I could hear the conversation. "What do you mean she can't remember me!?" The boy yelled at Brooke.

"We think it's poison." Brooke tried to explain, the boy began pacing.

"Well, how cane we get her to remember?"

"We don't know." Brooke looked at the ground. the boy stormed off back into the trees.

"What was that about? Who is that boy?" I asked Brooke when she walked back to me.

"Oh, he is just someone close that you knew. His name is Holter he his an elf and his very hotheaded."

"Maybe I should talk to him, he might be able to tell me something I forgot." Brooke tried to stop me but I was already gone. I found Holter whacking at a tree with a sword. "Hi... hello..."he stopped and looked at me. "Um... Hi...I was wondering if you could help me...uh...remember." He only nodded a long awkward silence followed. "So now's the part were you're supposed to tell me what I forgot about Narnia."
"What do you know?"

"Well I know my sister and I are queens, we defeated the elves, and now I have a dragon protector." He raised his eyebrows is if expecting more. "That's it."

"Huh of course Brooke didn't tell you about me."

"What about you, she just said we were close."

"Oh, we're close alright, we're married." What he said hit me hard, literally, a strong pain in my head forced me to fall to my knees. I could hear Holter trying to comfort me but he only made it worse. He tried to pick me up but I screamed and kicked at his burning touch.

"Holter, that's enough!" Was the last thing I heard before I passed out.

~~Brooke ordered me to rest for the whole day after the incident. As I rested in bed I dreamt of Aslan again. This time I rode his back as he leaped from rooftop to rooftop in a large beautiful city. Nothing seemed to pain me here and I awoke refreshed. I avoided Holter to the best of my ability and he watched only me from a distance.
“Melanie, can I talk to you?” Holter stood by the edge of the lake were I was going to go for a swim. I closed my eyes and looked away. He tried to hold me in his arms but the burning touch caused me to jump back.
“Please, just leave me alone.” I turned away holding my arms.
“I can’t. I love you more than you know. Please you have to remember! It’s tearing me apart. Please, remember! Something! …Anything!”
“I can’t!” I screamed. “I can’t.” I tried to lower my voice, “I’ve tried and tried but nothing comes back to me, the only things I can remember are the things that pain me. And even if I don’t remember they still hurt…like you. Your touch feels like fire and when you push for me to remember things… ” I rubbed my head.  “I can’t.” Tears swelled my eyes. I wanted to remember so badly. “Maybe we just weren’t meant to be?”
“Please, don’t say that. Just give me a chance to prove how much we loved each other. Give yourself a chance to love me again.”
“Okay.” I managed to say through the tears. Holter smiled.
“You won’t regret this.” He held his head high all the way back to the cabin. As I walked into the door after him I remembered the dream of Aslan taking me into the cabin. For a brief second I could remember going in there before. I remember seeing Holter walking in then… be attacked by Emma.
“Stop!” I screamed. Every head turned in my direction. The vision was gone; I only remember bits of what happened. I looked around at the confused faces, “Excuse me.” I quickly left the room as Emma and Holter stood up. I ran and ran until I did not recognize the landscape. The trees had disappeared and I was standing in an open field.
Falling to my knees I wept. A gentle hand was placed on my shoulder. Emma had knelt beside me and I fell into her arms. Holter stood in the distance and watched. “I’m trying to remember but I just can’t.”
“Shhh, you will. Do not hurt yourself trying to remember, Holter may want you to remember but he doesn’t want to hurt you.”
“I saw something, Holter was leading me into that cabin then you came around the corner, all scarred, and attacked him. It’s Holter’s cabin isn’t it.”
“Yes, how do you…”
“Aslan showed me, in a dream. I remember him and he’s been taken me to familiar places but I don’t remember ever going there.” Holter came up behind Emma and knelt beside her. “I leave you two alone.” Emma left and Holter stared at me. I tried not to blush but he was looking at me so lovingly.

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