New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


17. Stupid Rock!


I woke up by the sun shining through my window, and went to take a bath. The water was nice and warm, and I quickly cleaned myself up and got dressed. I had breakfast alone in the dinning hall and then walked around the palace. No sign of Tomi anywhere. I walked to her room slowly, taking my time - she could still be sleeping and I wanted to give her some more time.

"Tomi? Are you in there?" I asked opening up the door. No answer. "Come out kid, I'm not in the mood for games." I said sternly. No reply yet again. I walked around the room. The wine she spilt last night was dried on the floor, and her bed was made like no one had ever slept in it. I turned around feeling a draft. A window had been broken, pieces of glass was scattered around. I quickly stepped passed it to look out of the hole. A mud trail of five people came up to the window, and a trail of five people, two animals, and a bag was left at the ground below. Uh-oh.

I ran out of her room to grab my sword, and ran out of the castle. I followed the tracks, which eventually led me to a beach. The tracks disappeared into the water.

"UGH - AAAAGH - STUPID - she was yelling for help!" I yelled kicking the sand. I took out my sword and began hacking at a nearby tree. "Oh no... how will I explain this to Emma? Emma! Hey! No need to worry, but I lost you best friend! Please don't be mad at me!" I paused and hit the tree again. "Emma, I kinda, sorta, lost Tomi... but don't worry, she was only taken by assassins." I kicked the sand again, but this time hitting something hard: a blue stone. "OW STUPID!" I paused digging out the stone and picking it up. "Oh, and not to make it any worse or anything, but I think I broke my foot on this STUPID rock!" I yelled.

I aimed to throw the stone into the water but didn't. Something was strange about the rock, not just the color. The rock was smooth and warm. It almost felt alive. My thoughts were disrupted by the sound of approaching men. I dropped the rock and went to them. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out because of the fact that every man had his hand on his sword.

I glanced down at the swords. As if on cue each man unsheathed his sword. And guess what! Each sword was pointed at me! This day couldn't get any worse. "Oh! Hey dude's! What's up?" No reply - that's what I get for trying to be un-formal. My hand, which was still on my sword rose to point at the men. "Who's first?" I asked. Two men came forward, holding their swords up, and ready to attack. I sighed and got ready, the first man attacked. I dispatched his head from his shoulders easily enough, and the second dude tried to stab my leg, but I knocked his sword out of his hands and stabbed him. three more men came forward, and as I was fighting off one, the water was rising and falling in the back, making different shapes - like swords, or people - I was getting scared. Then the water flew forward, nearly missing me, and hit two of the men, dragging them into the water. I killed the last one of the three, and when I turned to face the others, I found that the water had already taken care of them too. Great. 

I stood there waiting for the water to get me too, but it didn't. There was a little squeak from behind me, I turned to see a little baby dragon looking up at me, its scales the color of the water. I jumped in surprise. "Hi!" it said aloud. 

"Hi..." I pointed my sword at the dragon, it tilted its head to the side like a dog, than a clump of water rose from the sea and took the sword from my hands. 

"What are you doing with this sword?" It asked setting it behind it. 

"Um... Protecting myself..." 

"Why? I already took care of the men trying to kill you, you don't have to worry." it's little voice was like a little girls, wanting to play a game with dolls. It turned toward the sword and took the hilt in its mouth, tried to pick it up, and fell over on its side because it was too heavy. /How can you people carry one of these things? They are so heavy!/ its voice was in my head. 

"What are you doing in my head? Get out!" I yelled at the dragon. 

"Why? I'm your protector." it said dropping the sword from its mouth, I picked it up, it was covered with slime. Ew. 

"You are not my protector, you are a little dragon, who's mother will be back in a while - so I better get going." I sheathed my sword and began walking the way I came. I could hear the pitter-patter of the dragon behind me. The dragon started singing a song in it's head, it was in some language I did not recognize. "Would you please just leave me alone, I am having a very rough day." I tried to shoe her away. 

"Nope." She sang. I could feel it's tiny claws climbing up my pants onto my shirt, than sitting on my shoulder. I shook her off. She slowly drifted to the ground. I could see a burn scar on her side, it was in the shape of waves. She landed softly on the ground. With a flap of her wings she jumped back onto my shoulder and dug her claws into my shirt. I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

I was so tired once I got back to the castle that I removed my shirt and just fell asleep on the bed. I didn't even notice the dragon curl up by my head. 

\By the way, my name is Romnly.\

"Patten." I whispered, sleepily.

The next morning as I slowly pulled on my shirt I noticed the same shape of waves on my side as Romnly had. It was a scar as if burned into my skin. Well great that must mean this little blue dragon is stuck with me. 

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