New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


24. Starting over


I stood next to the window looking outside, then back to Melanie, who was passed out on the bed. She is alive. The information Alana got was wrong. She is alive. I turned my head back to look outside. Jura was sitting there, with Julionna - my dragon. Brooke was sitting in a chair across the room, reading a book. "So... How did you and Julionna bond?" Brooke asked looking out the same window where I stood. 

"I went to go kill her - it didn't end up like I planned. Some guards-men came to kill me, I dispatched five of them, Julionna got the other six. And we bonded." I said in short - there was more to it, but I didn't want to talk about Julionna right now. I wanted to know about Melanie - why she didn't remember me, and how she could remember me again. 

/Be patient./ Julionna said through our mind link, making me take a deep breath and calm my anger. 

/I'm trying to./ I could hear her laugh. /What? I really am!/ I defended myself. 

/Sure you are. Holter, she will remember you./ I looked away from her, back to Melanie. She lay there, her hair in a messy braid going over her right shoulder. I couldn't touch her - which pained me. I wanted to hug her, kiss her, hold her hand - but that made searing pain cross her body where I would touch. I didn't like that. I don't want to bring her pain. So I stayed my distance. I kept looking at her sleeping form, not wanting to look away - and then finally... she moved. I started to breath heavy. - what would she say? /Calm... calm./ Julionna said softly. Jura's long neck slithered toward the window and she looked in it with one beautiful eye. I looked back at Melanie, her eyes were open... she was looking at me. 

"Hi." I said - stupid! 

"Hi?" she answered. She looked over at Brooke who nodded, then looked back to me. "So, you're my...?" she hesitated. 

"Yes, I am." I wanted to go sit next to her, but remembering the pain I inflicted upon her I stopped myself and stayed where I was. I could tell Melanie was scared - I would be too if I had woken up to a wife I had no clue existed, who was painful to touch, who was staring at me... Stop staring at her... Ugh... I looked away from Melanie, out the window, and to Julionna. 

/Talk to her./ She persisted.

/What do I say?/ I asked. 

/Well, you could say your sorry./ I nodded looking back to Melanie. 

"I am sorry for, uh, being like a really weird dude and hurting you..." I looked back at Julionna. /How was that?/ 

/Terrible./ Her red scales sparkled in the sunlight as she shifted position. 

/Thanks for the support./ 

"It's okay..." Melanie said, but I could tell she was lying. She avoided me the rest of the day. After a week of not talking to her I had had enough I was going to talk to her.

"Hey." I said walking up to her as she was washing clothes in the lake.

"Hi." She gave me a fake smile and continued washing.

"So um would you like to..." I rubbed my neck, "would you like to start over?"


"Hi, my name is Holter, I am 231 years old, I was a hunter but now I'm a king of Narnia." She gave me a genuine smile.

"Hello, I'm Melanie, I am 15 years old and I am a queen of Narnia?" She sounded like is was a question, I nodded smiling. 

"I think you are a little older than 15 years old, but okay." she looked confused. 

"What are you talking about? I am 15 years old!" I laughed. 

"Nothing, nothing, it's just you came here when you were 15 before, and then you left when you were like 29, and then 200 years passed before you came back here, so you technically aren't 15 here, but 229, in your world I am 17 years old." I said rambling on and on about her age. I stopped myself taking a deep breath. I think Melanie was more confused than before, I looked away up at the sky. "Sorry." I said after a while of silence looking back at Melanie.   

"No, don't be." She rubbed her arm.

"Can I show you something?" she nodded shyly. Without thinking I held out my hand. Melanie hesitated but eventually took it. I led her through the woods to an open field. At the end of the field was a small hill. At the base of the hill was a big rock. Pushing it out of the way I revealed a small hatch.

"What's down there?" Melanie asked opening the hatch.

"Climb down and see." I said as I jumped down the hole. After I was down, I reached up and helped Melanie down until we were both on solid ground. After a minuet of searching around, I found the sparks and lit a torch. The cavern lit up with the light, and I looked down at Melanie, her eyes went wide with shock. "I hope you like it. I worked hard on it... well me and Julionna, she did most of the grunt work." I said smirking a bit.

"How did she even get down here?" Melanie asked and started around the room slowly, looking up at the walls I had painted.

"You'll find out." I said smiling, without thinking I took her hand in mine and went to the start of what I made. "I made this to show you our... love? -story?" I said with a small chuckle. Melanie swung her head to look at me, a scrutinized look on her face.

"Okay?" she said looking back at the paintings. "What's going on here?" she asked pointing with her free hand to the picture above her.

"This is when we first met - the first time you were in Narnia. You had been washed away by a river and I had rescued you. You weren't so grateful" I said showing her the scar on my arm from where she threw her dagger at me. She gently touched the scar as if remembering. I took her hand and led her to the next painting. I showed her the painting of us on the roof top back at Paten's house. Painting after painting we ended up to the one with us standing in the underground prison. 

"What happened to me?" Melanie asked.

"You were whipped... I choose to forget that part of our history." I quickly moved to the next painting. "This was our first kiss!" I said excitedly. "I was swimming in the spring in the underground bunker, and you jumped in without realizing I was there. We started to play around, and... well..." I looked down at Melanie, she had a small smile on her face, her free hand touching her lips, like she was remembering. "Do you remember?" I asked.

"Maybe. I don't know." She said looking up at me. I smiled too, and drug her to the next picture. It showed her on top of a griffin, me behind her. "That can't be me! I am too afraid of heights! Only now did Jura get me to like flying!" She exclaimed, her face scrunched up in a scrutinized way. 

"Oh, believe me, you were scared, you kept clawing me, telling the griffin to land somewhere, but he had strict orders to not do anything you said." I laughed. "After a while, you got used to it. You still wanted to land somewhere, but it wasn't to the extent as before. As long as I had my arms around you that is." I said looking back up to the painting.

"Okay, what's the next part of my...our history?" Melanie asked looking around the room of paintings. We walked toward the next one, and I smiled. "What is happening here?" She asked.

"We just won the war, this was the dance we had to celebrate! This was the same dance your sister and Patten got engaged." I said laughing.

"If your paintings are true, then they had only been dating for like..."

"Four months, yes. But they made it work - and they are still happily married to this day." I looked up at the painting, it was of Melanie and I dancing together in the middle of a crowd full of Narnians and Elves.  

"That's crazy." Melanie said laughing. "When did we?" She asked looking up at me. 

"A year later. It's coming up soon." I said leading her to the picture of her being crowned. "This was one of the happiest days of your life, next to our wedding day." The painting captured her perfectly, a large smile on her face, the silver crown on her head. "Are the memories coming back?" I asked looking down at her. 

"I don't know, bits and pieces I guess... I mean, after Aslan took me to the first couple places in a dream." she said stroking my hand with her thumb. 

"Come on, our wedding day awaits!" and with that I led her to the painting of us standing at the alter. Her dress was beautiful, and I had a suit on. "This was the happiest day of my life. Being married to the most beautiful woman alive, this world or the actual world. Even if we aren't married there." I said running my free hand through my hair. 

"That does seem like my dream wedding dress." She scowled

"You had it custom made a month before the wedding, and wouldn't let me see it until that day. Not even the design Emma drew." I said laughing, looking down at Melanie.

"That also sounds me." she said laughing. "No wonder I fell for you." 

"Well, I was the one who fell for you first." I lead her to the end of the cavern where a boat awaited on a small lake, filled with a picnic and a soft blanket. "Julionna helped me with this part." I helped her onto the small boat, then got on as well, and started paddling toward an opening at the end of the cavern. Melanie looked back at all the paintings. She leaned over the side of the boat and gently touched the water. 

"How could I forget something like that? You must really hate me?" 

I jumped up "No, no, no, never. It's not your fault anyhow someone did this to you." 

"Who would do such a thing?" She asked looking at her hands. She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Are you cold?" She shook her head slowly. She leaned over the boat again but this time a little to far. Splash! The boat tipped over and Melanie and I were in the water. We both laughed. 

"Hahaha, Oops sorry." She said spitting out water. Our bodies were so close together without thinking I went in for a kiss. She backed away. "I'm sorry. I'm not ready yet." She climbed out of the water and ran back to the cabin not even looking back.

"Ugh! Stupid!" I yelled flinging myself backwards into the water. 

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