New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


4. Routine


I got up from my bed and found my phone, the screen saver was of Emma and I sparing in the backyard. I stared at it for a while, then went to my contacts and called Emma. After five rings it went to voicemail, it was from before  Narnia so her voice sounded happy. I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to tell her about the movie. I grabbed a random book from Emma's book shelf and began to read it. It was called The Present Darkness, and had and dragon on the cover. For some reason it kind of helped reading about other people adventures other than my own.

The next morning I awoke to find the book laying across the room. I don't think I will ever know how it got there or how a few of the pages ended up scattered around the bed. How will I tell Emma. I pushed the pages under the bed for no one to ever find. It was a Monday morning so I started my school day routine. Get dressed, eat breakfast, brush hair and teeth, pack school bag, go to school. 

Emma was already downstairs and ready to go. She was reading the daily newspaper. I grabbed an apple out of the fridge and bit into it. "So how did you sleep?" I asked Emma in between bites. She shook her head, "Terrible, scared the crap out of the whole family. Hey Zack said you got sick, what happened?" 

"We went to a action packed movie and I felt sick watching it." She nodded in understanding. "Well you two better be off to school." Grandma said entering the kitchen with Gracie. Emma drove us in Grandpa's car. 

The day seemed to drag on forever. When it was finally the end of the day I couldn't wait to leave. I went to the entrance to wait for Emma. I quickly turned my back to the door as Zack exited the building. I could hear him laughing. He grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. "Hey beautiful, need a ride home?" 

I backed away but he had a tight grip on my should, "No thank you, I'll just wait for Emma."

He came closer, "Aw come on it'll be fun." Grabbing his arm I spun him around and pinned his arm behind his back. He grunted as I pushed his arm harder.

"Don't ever call me beautiful, understand." I let him go and walked towards Emma who just left the building. 

"What was that about?" She glanced over my shoulder at Zack.

"Oh nothing," I smirked, "just a misunderstanding." We walked in silence to the car. 

Once we got home we spared in the backyard. During the fight Emma asked, "So, you got sick watching an action packed movie." 

"Yes, it was star wars, I know it was fake, but memories came into my mind and made it hard to think, impossible to watch the movie." 

"PTSD. I have that." She said, stepping forward, swing at my head. "It's not fun, isn't it?" She said as I blocked her swing. I nodded. We continued to fight. 

"So, you scared Tomi's family?" I asked between swings. 

"Yea, I had a nightmare about Patten dying, I screamed, Tomi thought I cut off my foot or something, the family ran into the room, I said it was just a nightmare. Then I watched as they all fell back to sleep, I, of course couldn't go back to sleep, so I polished my sword." By the time her explanation was done, she had her sword to my throat, and the sparing session was over. We were both breathing heavily. Now time for a shower and homework! I thought handing the sword back to Emma. 



The sparring session was over, Melanie was in the shower, and well, I was doing homework. Yes homework, on the first day of school, not fun. I had homework in three classes, one was a project already, and I had it with . . . you guessed it. Zack. Not very fun for the first day of school, even worse when you think about my PTSD and depression. 

After homework I took a shower, and now it is time for dinner. We are having homemade pizza, grandpa makes the best. Melanie was downstairs telling a summary of the movie she saw. She was smiling and seemed cheery. She couldn't have gotten over Holter already, Zack is in no way better. I grabbed a piece of pizza and sat at the table. After the movie summary she told how her first day went, leaving out the part about Zack.

I went to my room once supper was over. I don't know why but I felt mad at Melanie. She followed me into the room with her backpack thrown over her shoulder. Setting it on the floor she plopped on the bed. "Homework on the first day. Are the teachers crazy?"

"Are you crazy?" I snapped at her.

She gave me a confused look, "What?"

"I saw that you threw Holter's clothes in the closet, I thought you loved him, how could you try to forget him."

"Excuse me." She stood, "At least I'm trying to cope, all your doing is moping around all day."

"What do you expect me to do, forget the man I loved, the man I married." 

Her face turned red with rage, "How dare you, I loved him more than you can imagine and I think you forget but we never actually got married."

"Then why are you trying to forget him!" I screamed at her.

"So I don't have to live with this pain, I won't ever seem him again so I'm trying to move on."

"So you're planning on moving on with Zack." I don't know what urged me to say that but I did, and instantly regretted it. Melanie's face flushed as she grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs. I could hear her through the bag on the couch and run into the kitchen. I glanced at our dresser as Melanie's phone buzzed. It was from Zack asking if Melanie wanted to hang out. I ignored the phone and did the rest of my homework. But I couldn't focus. How could she try to move on? It doesn't make any sense. And the words "- never actually got married" was in my thoughts. What did she mean? 

Did it mean that sense she didn't get married in the real world that she wasn't married, or was she not even really married in Narnia? Whatever it was, was driving me crazy, so I put my homework away and tried to fall to sleep. I woke up around midnight to another nightmare, and Melanie wasn't in the room. I got down from the top bunk and walked silently out of the room in search of her. I found her in the living room, on the couch, asleep. Well, fine. We have a silly fight, and she sleeps on the couch! I sat down in the chair next to the couch, and fell to sleep there. 

I woke up freezing. Melanie was gone from the couch, so I got up and took a shower, ate breakfast, and when it was time to go, I found Melanie. "Hi." I said softly 

"Hi." She replied, not making eye contact. We took grandpas car to school again, and that was that.

That was our routine for who knows how long. Maybe for months, maybe just weeks, but it did improve some. Melanie and I would talk, spar, and do other things together, not bringing up the pushy topic of Holter and Patten. It was almost a month into school, and Tomi was trying to get me to look at other guys, I would say nothing. Not agreeing or disagreeing, just stayed silent. I would never see Patten again, Melanie had that one correct, but I couldn't get my mind around moving on. 

I still had the nightmares, mostly about Narnia, some about Zach and/or Melanie. Those were okay, but they still were hard to swallow down. One was that Zach was trying to kiss me, and when I said no, he went to Melanie and tried to kiss her too. She wasn't strong enough to say no and push him away, and his lips were on hers. I woke discussed.    

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