New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


16. Mighty Beast


The week went by fast, Darcy ran for three days without stop. I ate and slept on him, trusting him wholeheartedly. We met no dragons on our trip, except for one high in the sky. And those moments were the scariest seconds in my life. We finally stopped the forth day to rest, and Darcy began acting weird. 

"What's the matter boy?" I asked stroking his neck. He bucked and started running. "Stop!" I yelled, trying to make him do as I said, but the mighty beast did not comply and continued to run at full speed. Which left me with nothing but the clothes I had on and the weapons I carried with me.

Walking back to where I had set up camp I looked around. I seemed to be in a battle field, a newly used one to. Blood stained the ground and bodies were everywhere, even the bodies of dragons. The ground shook and a loud rumble surrounded me. 

/They send a little girl?/ A voice pierced through my mind, making me fall to the ground in fear and pain. /A little girl, on a wild stallion./ It spoke again. A tear rolled down my cheek - there was so much pain, grief, anger, frustration, torture, and longing behind the words. /I am the only survivor!/ The earth shook again. 

"I do not wish to hurt you." I whispered, not able to bring myself to speak any louder. The voice in my head grew louder. 

/Ha! Like you could hurt me.../ Another rumble, and from behind a hill rose a giant bronze dragon bearing its teeth. Then aloud it spoke, "...a dragon." I collapsed onto the ground, not able to surpass the agony behind the words. Again in my mind it attacked with its words. /Your men already killed off my clan. So they send a puny little girl to finish me off. What are you? Some kind of warrior?/ It asked. 

"No." I whispered, more years straining down my face. 

/Then what are you?/ It demanded, and it felt like a thousand swords were being stabbed into my head at once, tearing me apart from the inside out.

"I," I started, the dragon came closer, "am only searching for a friend." I finished. The dragon tilted is massive head, closing its mouth. 

/A friend? There is no one for thousands of miles./ The words were softer, but still painful. 

"Then I have come a wrong way. I am sorry for your loss, I have also felt the sing of losing a loved one." I tried to sit up, it didn't work out very good, and I fell back to the ground. The dragon clawed down the hill to stand in front of me.

/You are like no human I have ever met./ The words were lighter still, and the pain in my head began to subside. /I am sorry I attacked you./ The dragon too another step and I realized it was limping. 

"What happened to you?" I asked, finding the strength to sit up. The pain that had subsided, came back twice as hard. The dragon growled, a low rumble in its throat. "I am sorry." I yelled, my hands flying to my head. The pain subsided again, but it was still there . "I just want to help." I whispered, my fingers clawing at my head. 

/Why do you want to help me?/ It asked. 

"Well, I don't think that dragons are all bad." I said. "Why don't you speak aloud? I heard you speak earlier, so why aren't you doing it now?" 

/Why do I need to speak aloud?/ It answered. I shrugged, I had never really thought of that. 

"Are you male or female?" I asked, sitting up. Which was a dumb question because it had a deep voice.

/Male, my name is Maulduen./ He said letting his head. /And your name is?/

"High Queen Emma." 

/A queen? I am sorry for attacking you./ The pain I was feeling diminished completely. 

"Its okay, you didn't know who I am, I don't blame you." I paused, going back to my question I asked, "Why are you limping?" 

/The battle took a tole on me. I was stabbed and shot at many times in this leg for trying to protect my wife and daughter./ As he said that his mighty head bent down and licked his left shoulder. /Sadly, I couldn't protect them as well as I should have, and now they are dead./ I bowed my head. 

"I am sorry, Maulduen. May I help mend your wounds?" Maulduen nodded his massive head. 

/You may, but you should rest first. I will make a fire for you./ And with that he bent his head low to the ground and spit a small spray of fire from his mouth. The sky darkened, and the stars took over the world, ruled by the moon. I watched as Maulduen lifted his head to the sky, his eyes sparkling. /I imagine, that my daughter lives up in the stars, flying from solar system to solar system./ the way he talked about his daughter made me think of Melanie. 

"I have a sister. The other queen of Narnia, she is far away from here - in another castle on the other side of this land." I said laying down, Maulduen lay on the other side of the fire, curled up, making a large ball of bronze, his head lay right next to mine. 

/What is her name?/ he asked

"Melanie. And your family?" 

/Roza and Aila. Roza was no more than a hatchling when they took her life./ He closed his eyes, as though re living the memory. /Enough about my family, they are now with the stars./ he paused, reopening his eyes. /What of you? What is your story?/ 

"What is there to say?" I paused thinking about where to start. "After my father died we moved in with my grandparents. My grandma is High Queen Susan, and my grandpa is King Caspian. This was over 200 years ago in Narnia time. We came here, Melanie and I. I fell in love with my husband High King Patten, and Melanie fell in love with King Holter. Together we four ruled the kingdom until Melanie and I left, then Patten and Holter left Narnia too." I said in a quick recap. Maulduen blinked again, his eyes shining like the stars Roza flew across. 

/You are brave./ He said in short. /And strong."/ 

"Thank you." I said blushing. "But, I'm guessing not as strong or as brave as you." 

/You're putting too much credit on me being a dragon. No, I think you are braver and stronger then I, I only did the things I did because I wanted to protect my sister. Now that she is gone, I am no more brave than a dog, and no stronger than a cat./ 

"Dogs are brave, and cats are pretty strong." Maulduen made a sound deep within his throat, and I realized he was laughing. "What?" I asked, he blinked again slowly. He made the sound again. "Fine, I'm going to go to sleep." I said rolling over on my side. Maulduen's tail wrapped around the fire and me, holding in the warmth, than one humongous wing spread over me, shading out the sky's light.    

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